Edelweiss Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Stacey E           

What can i say?- Absoutly AMAZING!  Went to this Bar at some point nearly every night with my boyfriend during our 2weeks stay. Cocktails were out of this world and i was out of my head! Near to our apartment (the blue sea)- easy acess! TOP BAR !*

The Face Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Stacey E           

Okay- But a bit freaky like!

Future Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Stacey E           

WICKED had an AMAZING time everytime we visited will b goin back next year.

Sammys Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Stacey E           


Best karaoke

Tasty Cocktails

Great Ametphesire

Will Be goin back nxt year.  HAD AN AMAZING TIME!!  

Blue Sea Studios - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Stacey E           

 Me and my fella stayed in BLUE SEA studios in kavos.

Altough it was in a good location (near to nightlife/resturants) we were extremely dissapointed!
     our room was basic, stained sheets /pillowcases were not changed throughout the duration of our stay.
Swimming pool was too small you couldnt swim in it.
     Staff were rude and spoke about you in Greek, they would also come into your room without notice.
     In my opinion this place is an eyesore and i wouldnt reccomend it to anyone!

Kavos Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Stacey E           

The beach was okay like; went there most days of our hols as its a good suntrap.

A few water sports going on and it was fairly safe as the water wasnt too deep too quick.
But, it was a bit dirty litter everywhere and alot of condom wrappers!
The sea wasnt none too clean either and you are constantly harassed by people trying to sell you fruit/drinks/CDs/boat trips Etc...

Buzz Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Stacey E           

 This was our favourite bar in Kavos. We went there almost every night.

Music was BRILL     Drinks were cheap, atmosphere was out of this world.
I loved swinging round the poles and dancing by the smoke machiene.
We met this PR Rep/Doorman named Cookie he was ace bought me n my fella drinks and had a rite laff!
Would reccomend this bar espically if you like ya dance tunes!

Rockys Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Stacey E           

This bar was BOSS! We loved it

Music was great, atmosphere lively and the drinks were cheap.
Went there most nights.