Angelinas Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Jo S           

Just got back on the 19th from a week in Sidari.  We stayed at Angelinas and had a fantastic time.  Angelina is wonderful and so kind and George is great and not as grumpy as he pretends to be.  He is great for giving answers to the quiz as well!!

The whole place was so clean and the pool was imacculate.  The food was great and it was a fantastic holiday for all ages.  I went with my mum and my little boy (5) (me 32) so it really does cover the whole age range.  I would love to go back again!!  (Just watch out for the mozis when you go as they seem very hungery!!)

The Roof Garden - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Jo S           

The meal started ok with a mixed starter of potatoe skins, onion rings etc but that was the highlight of the meal!!

My mum ordered salmon which must have been cooked for hours (and it smelt strange) it was really tough and dry.  I ordered Musaka which was again really disappointing - it was like a school dinner - a big wedge cut out of a huge tray full which must have been made days ago - really dry and tasteless. 
Even my little boy refused to eat his chicken kebabs which for a mini human duspin tells you how bad it was. 
They knocked the price of the salmon off and the bill was still over 30 euros so not only is it horrid food but it is damned expensive into the bargin - there are far better restaurants than this!!!!!

Aqualand - (Places to Visit on Corfu)

Jo S           

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When we arrived at 12.15pm the coach driver said that he would pick us up at 7pm.  Our hearts sank - what on earth will we do for nearly 7 hours!!! 

Little did we know........ what a fantastic place for any age.  I have not had so much fun for years.  Me and my little one (aged 5) spent all day splashing and being splashed in the various and fantasticly designed pools, we watched the braver (or more stupid!?!) on the huge slides and we bobbed gently around a stream in a big rubber ring.  Best of all was the wave pool which was huge and had brilliant waves.
We thought it looked a bit expensive for the trip but it was really worth it - a stunningly clean place with loads of food and drink outlets (all fast food but you can't have it all)  The food that we had was lovely and piping hot.
I would recommend this to anyone going to Corfu!!