Symposia - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Peter D          1/10

Just returned from a week in Sidari staying in the Alkion. As we arrived late on the first night we ate in the first place that you find when you walk out of the Alkion, Symposia.
I love Greek food and always try to eat only that when holidaying in Greece, I like to think I can taste the difference between good and bad, that said this restaurant is the worst Greek restaurant serving the worst Greek food that I have ever tasted, the Stifado was dreadful, the Kleftiko was awful, the veg was frozen veg, the potatoes were burned, the wine was warm and we are kicking ourselves that if we had turned left instead of right we could have ate at The Family or better still Sailors.

Sailors - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Peter D          10/10

Sailors, we ate there 3 nights out of a seven night stay. We never usually visit a restaurant twice as we like to experience new things and it is easy to just visit the same place over and over, but there may be better out there. There isnít better out there, certainly not in Sidari.

First of all the price, the price is as expected in September 08 you are paying 7-8 euro for a main, this is in line with other restaurants. Wine again is as expected reasonably priced and available in half and full carafs.

Sailors isnít fast food, and it is better for it, do not expect to come in and it be all over in 30 minutes, take your time, drink some wine and be patient, the night will go at the pace that it goes, if you want a quick bland meal, go elsewhere.†

The staff are attentive and you feel welcomed into their restaurant, you will be served by the brother or sister and the standard of service is exemplary from both.

Part of the reason for time it takes to eat is their dishes arenít just knocked together, they are of a very good quality and absolutely delicious, you will not experience food of this standard in Sidari. Cooked I am told by the mother of the waiting staff, itís a family affair.†

In summary I have eaten at a few Greek resorts but the quality of food, service and the night in general are hard to beat, Sailors is perfect. It is located at the far end of town a little past the Alkion Hotel. Prior to eating here I suggest trying one of the bar restaurants in Sidari and then the following night try Sailors, you will see the contrast.