Terezas Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Susan G          10/10

I agree with the last two postings on the Tereza Apartments.  Brilliant place to stay (beds a bit hard but, hey, we are on holiday!!).  The room was great with a balcony facing the pool, sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon, just perfect.  Room was clean and well kept.  Staff very friendly.  The food was divine!! and the cocktails excellent (thanks Angelo).  Our last day was spoiled and has influenced our decision not to visit Corfu again, although this was the fault of Olympic Holidays and NOT the hotel Tereza.  Our booking ended at 12 noon on the day before we were due to fly out and the reps were not very sympathetic to the fact that we had to spend 13 hours in searing heat on the island with no facilities (we actually got changed for the flight in the hotel toilets before the coach pick up).  In fact, I am so disappointed with the way the holiday ended that I am going to be writing to Olympic to highlight the farce that we were forced to be part of on the final day/night/early morning before we could get onto our flight.  I am just going to seek out a feedback forum for Olympic Holidays and judging by the others we spoke to at the airport, they will be doing the same.

So, for Tereza Pool Apartments 10/10  just continue what you are doing, you are brilliant.
for Olympic Holidays    a big thumbs down!!