Bernies Grill - (Restaurants in Roda)

Zoe H          6/10

 We went to bernies grill twice in our holiday to Roda, once for breakfast then another time for dinner.The people are fantastic andthe food was good.I think they should get a new bathroom door though. click to enlarge

Pangalos Taverna - (Restaurants in Roda)

Zoe H          10/10

George if you read this HI it is zoe ...Phillips daughter i just wanted to comment that the lamb you cooked for us was brilliant and we ate it all up! Next time we come to Roda we will deffinetly come again.x

Maggies Place - (Restaurants in Roda)

Zoe H  (01 September 2007)        5/10

Hi Maggie..eventhough we only came for breakfast i did'nt really like the food.sorry. I bet next time will be miles better.

Roda Park Restaurant - (Restaurants in Roda)

Zoe H          10/10

Hi Yamy,Costa,click to enlarge Voula and Albert. The service was great, the food was fantastic (especailly the brushetta) and you 4 were the best still. Voula thankyou ever so much for the photo frame.Enjoy the seasons to come and i will see you in 2 years

Roda - (Resorts on Corfu)

Zoe H          10/10

I love Roda it's the 1 place to go i will be deffinetly be going again in the future. I would like to reccommend Makis Stu/App hes a generous man who always has a smile on his face. Mrs.Maki is a hard working lady who gardens and cleans everday. The cleaner Pamla does all she can and would do anything to help make you the happiest you could ever be.Give all three of them respect and the will give back. that is how the chain goes...-dont break it!

Pegasus Hotel - (Accommodation in Roda)

Zoe H          9/10

I went to pegasus hotel 2 years ago it was great.i had a fun time, they make you feel comftable and welcomed as soon as you walk through the doors.The star rating for pegasus should not be a 7 it should be a 9.

Tropicana Restaurant - (Restaurants in Roda)

Zoe H          10/10

Hey it's my 1st day back and i'm missing the tropicana crew already-Tele,Nico,Vasilly,Camilla,Debz and Tim Sorry if i forgot any1.The star rating for tropicana should be a 10. it is the best bar-resteraunt i know in Roda. The people are so great that there is no word i can think of to describe them, i love them all.haha.GO TO THE TROPICANA!!If you dont go then you'll just miss out on the fun!click to enlarge

Big Ben Pub - (Bars in Roda)

Zoe H          10/10

Every time i have been to Roda i have had chance to visit BigBen and have one of their delicious ice-creams but this year unluckily we didnt have chance to go to the Big Ben but we did get chance just to say hi to Dimitris every now and then so it was'nt so bad after all. for me Big Ben gets a 10!!