Memories Restaurant - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Claire B          10/10

I can't understand some of the comments on the board about Memories - we had great food (but we stuck to greek, if you want British then maybe this is not for you?) the service was the best we had the whole holiday and the entertainment (free) was excellent - dancing, plate smashing etc..and the prices were average.

If I went to Sidari again i would definately go back!

Three Little Pigs - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Claire B          8/10

This place does the best greek salad - amazing value, and the kalamari pretty good too.

Kanali Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Claire B          10/10

Very warm and welcoming staff and a lovely setting overlooking the sea. The apartments themselves are basic but clean and have all you need. Also - nice touches like a small library of books and free safety deposit boxes.

If you are going to Sidari - I would recommend the Kanali Apartments.

Corfu Town by Night - (Corfu Excursions)

Claire B          10/10

Corfu town is well worth visiting - whether to eat, drink, shop. If you head straight up to the old fortress (closes at 7.30pm) and climb to the top you can get a lovely view of the city - maybe have a look aroung the shops (we didn't buy anything!), find a nice restaurant (have a wonder away from the main stretch as they are cheaper) or have drink - lots of nice bars along the esplanade.

If you are booking from Sidari its only 5euros through SB travel + free map of town (recommended for all trips as low in price and honest) - avoid Vlaseros travel, they tried to add on extras including trying to charge 3euros for a 2euro map because he'd scribbled a few things on it with a black marker pen! cheek.