Damias Yard - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Andy B          10/10

the food at damias yard is quite simply the best the meze dishes are superb the service friendly and the surroundings relaxing children are welcome with their own area to play

give it a try you wont be disapointed

Angelinas Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Andy B          6/10

we stayed at angelinas three years ago and found the place good with clean rooms and the maid service great.

the food left a lot to be desired but with lots of good tavernas close by it was not a problem .
my only complaint is that they seem to have an obsession with karaoke which if you dont enjoy it is a bit of a pain but again there are lots of bars nearby
all in all angelinas is a good base for a visit to sidari but eat out and you will have a good holiday 

Zafiris Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Andy B          10/10

we stayed at zafiris two years ago and had a great time the apartments were clean and comfortable the food in the poolside bar is good quality, i must admit that i had to smile when i noticed that they deliver food ordered at the saxaphone bar in a van as its about 75metres away (greek version of meals on wheels )

the waiters around the pool are very attentive without being a pain which is a hard thing to do but they do it emptying ashtrays and collecting drinks from the bar for you so you dont have to get off your sunbed superbly.
the views over the canal D amour are superb and a great setting for a wedding while we were there.
overall zafiris is a great place to stay with good food good acomodation and good entertainment at the saxaphone bar
a great place to stay

Blondys - (Bars in Sidari)

Andy B          9/10

we have been to sidari three times and each time we end up in blondys in the evening the service is great the food good quality and all in all a good place to either have a break from the sun during the day or to round the night off

if you get fed up you can watch the big telly !!!!

Saxaphone Bar - (Bars in Sidari)

Andy B          9/10

we stayed at zafiris so spent a bit of time in the saxaphone bar and enjoyed it very much the service is good the food great and the atmosphere superb

the entertainment was varied and good
all in all a godd night out try it if you get the chance

Yiannis Village - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Andy B          8/10

we went to sidari for the fifth time but it was our first time at yannis, it was the first week of the season and we had three days of cloud and rain but it was nice to go to corfu town and it was not very hot but pleasant to walk around
the standard of the accomodation at yannis was basic but one of the great parts of a holliday in corfu is eating out at one of the many taverna,s around sidari
try mythos for a great meal ( head towards the three little pigs and then keep going up the road for about 50 yards it is on the left. Spiros George and the rest will look after you very well)
overall yannis was comfortable and very friendly nice and quiet which we wanted and would return without hesitation

Bed Bar - (Bars in Sidari)

Andy B

we went early evening early in the season and enjoyed it there was a quiz early on then an act of some type the hypnotist was not too bad but the robbie williams act didnt look like him sound like him and speny most of the time doing queen songs !
all in all not very good for an INTERNATIONAL act who is in great demand
we left before the music got too loud

Three Brothers Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Andy B

we didnt stay at the three brothers but ate there while we were there
the food was superb the service first class and we were there for their greek night it was fantastic
we will definatly stay there next time we visit sidari
say hello to Maria the waitress we meet every year for us and give her a big tip

Mythos - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Andy B          10/10

we went to mythos again this year for the fifth time and as we expected we got a very warm reception as usual the food was great the portions huge and the service to match
Spiros and the boys will look after you
you wont want to eat anywhere else
the best food in sidari by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cosmos - (Tour Operators on Corfu)

Andy B          1/10

we stayed at yannis and as we travelled independantly so didnt have a rep but neither did the people who should have had one
we didnt see her more than twice and drove her car like penelope pitstop (didnt use brakes ever ) when we did see her she was miserable