Matoula Apartments - (Accommodation in Acharavi)

Tom B

I am staying this year at Matoula appts. have read so many good comments am greatly reassured, we have a son of 6yrs. so looking forward to the pool area can you recommend any particular block as he likes to sleep quite early ,so away from the noise?

Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Tom B          3/10

we went recently on the BBQ/boat trip, we were 2ad & 1 ch.the trip on the boat is lovely and stopping off for a swim is great, on the way back you stop at Kalamaki beach which is also great, however at this point it starts to seriously decline, you are expected to pay 7 euros for 2 beds & 1 umbrella bearing in mind you have already paid more than 60 euros for a family of 3.When lunch is served you have to queue up in the blazing sun for about 10 mins by a seating area at the back of the beach which is filthy and covered in dead flies and wasps with only a few tables with shade the rest are in the open which means you are fighting a losing battle against insects to eat your food,however they are welcome to it as the food is atrocious and inedible, in retrospect I'm glad we did'nt eat it, especially our son ,as god knows what we would have caught!By the time you return to your resort you are starving ,especially if you have kids ,and you need to go to the nearest restaurant to feed yourselves.

All in all vastly over-priced as the food is an integral part of trip and price and it is disgusting!
the agents who sell this trip should pay an unannounced visit when they're serving the food I bet they would'nt eat it or sit in that area for a second.
What I would recommend is ,hire a boat and pack a cool bag with food and cool drinks, it probably would'nt work out that much more and eat you food on board where there is a good breeze and no can book this trip at NSP in roda or Castaways but pass my comments on as I think they are blissfully unaware of the rubbish they are selling.

Matoula Apartments - (Accommodation in Acharavi)

Tom B          8/10

Matuola appts. were excellent ,always cleaned except sundays, the pool area is also great always enough loungers and umbrellas a bit disappointing is their was no entertainment and absolutely none for the kids the rep. for this hotel was basically non-existant did not inter-act with kids and was just their for a few minutes and gone.Thankfully met up with some lovely people,Sandra and George, and our son made some friends.

Was expecting some great evening stuff from the "legendary" Spiros this did'nt happen maybe he had burn himself out at the beginning of the season,opposite Tassos apts. seemed to be having a great time every night.