Theodoros Apartments - (Accommodation in Roda)

Kerri H          10/10

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Hi Everyone

Thanks for the best holiday yet, totally amazing.
Theo, Roberto, Janine, Lauren and everyone else, love you all, just like family. Missing everyone 2 bits
booked up 4 10th August 2009, cant wait this Scottish weathers doing ma head in already.
Ill be expecting 6 passoa's and orange when we get there
See you all next year for the 20th birthday celebration of my dear friend Cara
Another birthday in Roda chick.....u know what that means,
Theo give her a fishbowl full of alcohol this time
Love Kerri x x x x x x x x x x x
HERE I GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. for all you boring people that does nothing but complains about noise, get a grip!!!! when Theo plays the music loud he shuts the doors to keep the noise in and we tried being considerate (even taking our shoes off at night) but it still wasn't good enough, yeah you paid your money but so did we, bit of advice if you want quiet dont go on the 10th - 24th Aug because guess what?? your not gonna get it.

Roda - (Resorts on Corfu)

Kerri H          10/10

love this place,

a lot of people say its for families and young people wouldnt really enjoy it but im only 19 and i love it, it can be quiet at times but there pleanty clubs go to...

my faves
ice bar in sadari - does foam parties, wet teeshirt competitions, popcorn parties, 15 euors there in a taxi
versus in achiravi - very crowded but good outside seeting if it gets too much
drunken sailor - classic, great music and friendly staff (shame bout the one that called us scottish b*****ds, eh david)
harbour bar - amazing cocktails and great banter with the owners
and obviously 
theodoros apartments - the place to stay, the staff are like family, love them to bits
good places to eat,
the italians at the crossroads
chinese garden
niko and lucys
cant remember its name but its right next door to the harbour bar but dont go there, the foods minging.
love roda, cant wait to be there next year