Corfu Village Apartments

Accommodation in Acharavi

Pete A           

I can't comment on the appartments but can tell you about Acharavi. It is quite a large developing resort, not crowded. It has good facilites, supermarket, gift shops etc. Plenty of good bars and restaurants, not as lively as some resorts, but has one night club and most bars stay open til very late. For a livelier night out try the neighbouring Roda a nice 20 minute walk along the beach. The beach is about 2 miles long, sandy at one end, shingle at the other, there are a number of bars with free swimming pools as well. Trips are available to various parts of the island, including Corfu's Aqualand water park. Very good for a relaxing holiday.

Laura B

I am visiting Acharavi shortly and will be staying in the Corifo Village apartments and was wondering what are they like? Are they clean and nice to stay in? Also what is Acharavi like? Thanks