Elea Beach Hotel

Accommodation in Dassia

Elizabeth H           

First went to the Elea Beach in 1984 with my family when I was 10.  My mum and auntie used the hotel often from 1997 as their parents are buried in the British Cemetry (which I recommend visiting as it is so peaceful).

I have been to the hotel myself as most the staff know me as I have been 5 times.  I recommend the hotel to anyone

Elizabeth H           

First went to the Elea Beach in 1984 when I was 10.  My mum and sister went every year from 1997 as their parents are buried in British Cemetry in Corfu Town.  I now go myself as it is like my second home and most the staff know me.

I recommend this hotel to anyone.

Shaun C           

When we arrived at the Elea Beach Hotel at 2.00 am, the only welcome we got was a grut from the man at the deck as he pointed to the lift. Unfortunately this was the standard of customer service at the hotel. In fact the only day the staff showed any service was on the last day in an attempt to get a tip.

The Hotel is in a good location but that is lost because of the attention required to the property. The beach front of the hotel looked like it had been painted in the last couple of years but there are cracks around the edge of the swimming pool and the gardens are unattended.

The bedroom was very basic. The beds looked more like short wooden boxes than a real bed. The Thomas Cook rep informed us that the grading system in Corfu is not up to normal standards and that our hotel was one of the better ones.

Dassia is supposed to have a good night life but surely this depends on your age.

We upgraded at the hotel to all inclusive but this is a real mistake because the hotel will only allow you to drink one type of beer, house cocktail, brandy and house wine.

In summary: This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in and I would recommend anywhere else in the world. On the last day I asked several other couples and they were all in agreement with my comments and just like them we will never return.

Loretta M           

Hi ,
I have been to dassia and stayed at the Elea Beach Hotel, it was lovely , it is set back slightly from the beach and
close by you have plenty of water sports,tavernas and bars to suit the whole family.
I am going back next week

Gwen M

What is the e.mail address for the Elea Beach Hotel in Dassia! Please - david-moon@msn.com

Gwen M

would like to book a twin room - from 20th June 2003 for 14 nights, room to be on the third floor (preferabley) over the restaurant WITH A SEA VIEW
Travelling with Mr. & Mrs. Crowe (already booked for that week.Is there any availabe rooms WITH a sea view please? (Elea Beach Hotel)