Sea Scape Apartments

Accommodation in Ipsos

Angela F          10/10

To book Seascape email: sjdanai "at" 

Tracey C          9/10

Seascape is BRILL!!!  I love these apartments, in an excellent location.  Love waking up and

looking at the sea view early in the morning at the little fishing boats!!!  Could someone please
give their email address so i can book for next year as i have lost it.........really desparate!!!!

Angela F          10/10

Best palce to stay


Angela F          10/10

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Back last week from Seascape, about my 15th visit. There has been some bad comments and some justified, some over the top. There is a new cleaner this year, last years was a little lack lustre but if you bear in mind that the Tour Operator only has 2 days for change overs and that cuts down on the amount of deep cleaning that can be done during the season, these appartments are good, they are deep cleaned at the end and beginning of the season, which more than most.
Not flushing toilet paper, this is correct and this is the case through out Corfu, mainly down to the Brits that actually put in the origanal plumbing, so we can't really moan. There is a covered bin and you do not get the smells back from it. As for pictures of the toilets, no chance, better things to do with my time. 
But is one of the pool, from previous years. Also they have a guard dog, not that she is needed and she is ALL bark.
Seascape is my favourite place, but it is not for all. It is not for those that actually spend their holidays looking for faults, it is for those that are frindly, chatty and just want a lovely holiday and Micky will try and help that happen, along with his mum and brother.

Richard B


Booked to go to the Sea Scape Apartments in September and good and bad reports about the place.
Toilets, I hear your not allow to flush toilet paper, this this true? I have also heard that the rooms and more so the bathrooms aren't very clean. Could anyone shed some light on the above, photos of the rooms and pool area would help a lot.

Val B          10/10

 What can i say, we have been to the seascape aparts nearly since it openend, only a year where we missed. The family are very good friends or ours.

Micky is there in the day and will look after you in the beach bar as well as the aparts, he his helped by biacnca (his dog) She loves the chews from the shop. George is there throughout the day, so you will all still him. Kiki Micky and George's mum is there in the day so please say hello to her she is lovely.
Seascape is set down in Pirgi at the end of the straight going towards kassiopi. There are only 10 aparts so that is nice and it is a family run place. The rooms are spacious and to wake up to the beautiful views and the sea right in front of you is just amazing !!! A real treat. You will not find another place like this on the resort.
They do snack food throughout the day (the lamb chops are a must). We will certainly be back year after year.
Thank you guys so much and we miss you.

Jeanette C          6/10

We have just returned from our stay at Sea Scape and Ipsos.
Michael and his daughter are fab people, as well as Mama and George of course.  Very helpful  and friendly people.  We was made very welcome, my neice and nephew was well taken by them all, they knew there names and really did look after us which makes such a change.  The "closeness" of knowing them instead of being someone behind a reception desk was a nice change.
The italians spoit our first week (never go during August as know as Italian month - your warned !!!!)
Unfortunately our stay and the stay of other guests was not brilliant -
Apartments very dirty and in need of some major mainanence (we had moled and electric wires in kitchen, bathroom filthy, couldnt use shower as was held up with cellotape !!! and no waredrobe space for one never mind 6 people etc).  The pool was dirty when we arrived and was the same for the first four days.  Lost all sorts in the pool as couldnt see bottom, though this was fixed eventually.
We was under the impression that the area was suitable for children, but there was very very little for them to do.  Saying that though we was never bored.
The location is pretty good, just the road straight outside is very busy - due to the italians though
There is a resaurant called the drop in up the hill but well worth the small trek - fantastic food and service.
We had wonderful company there at the same time as us who had been going since it opened and they really made our holiday - brilliant company and a really good laugh.

Angela F           

Just returned 30th September from another wonderfull holiday at Seascape, weather was lousey most of the time but everything else was great, so great I will be back there next Saturday!!!!

Jill B           

Returned 20th August after 2 weeks at Seascape. Absolutely fantastic, even though we were on the road side. Room was very spacious for 2 adults and a 12 year old. The maid was very friendly and the rooms were cleaned regularly. George and Mike were great hosts, the weekly barbecue was exceptional, with the best home made burgers ever tasted!

What a great position for the pool and bar, some wonderful photos to show everyone how lovely it is.
We paid an extra 20 Euros do extend our stay in the room until 12.30 (midnight), George actually left at 1.45am, with his Mum and the maid still there when we left at 2, and they were still just as charming as they had been all fortnight.
Would highly recommend Seascape. Try the website Angela has suggested, unfortunately everytime I now try to get my daily dose of it, my computer crashes!
By the way, try The Viceroy Indian restaurant if you want a fantastic curry for a change, Chrissy and Bryn will give you a very warm welcome!

Angela F           

Hi Julie,
We go out on the night of 15th, cant wait. Cj is 6 now I think, crap with birthdays and ages and Dania is 8 or 9. We are just waiting for our lottery win so we can move out there, got to have a dream!!!! We will probabley be back out again late May or early June next year.
You should check out, great site, seems us Seascapers are growing in numbers, which is good and bad, good for business but bad for us that want to return!!!We try and get out there twice a year, so far so good, may try and go in July next year as the weather in June this year was abismall.

Angela F           

Hi Julie,

Yes back out next month for 2 weeks, cant wait, we try and go twice a year and then have a poor christmas, LOL. I love to take bits out for George and Rhonda's children, they like to give a list bless, but next month will be empty handed unless I spot something. Its Bianca's turn, sent some toys in the post, squeaky noisy ones, but she is scared if the squeak so Micky has taken them out, got her a rubber chicken. You may have seen Bianca and I lizard hunting, its her favourite pastime.
We usually go to Moby Dicks if George is not inventing in the kitchen. Maybe one day we will meet up.

Julie R           

Rachel,  i can only add to what Angela said,  we was a party of 10 staying at the seascape apartments for the first time last year, (12 years of age to 67 years),  but our 2nd time to Ipsos, and believe me the standard of accommodation is a lot lot better than a lot of greek apartments/hotels,  you are lucky if you get a shower cubicle, let alone a shower tray in some apartments it is grills in the bathroom floor!!!!! whilst we were there the owners were extremely curtious and i am sure if you had mentioned to george or mike they would have got you a bath mat,  unfortunately for us my mum was poorly whilst away & george and his wife rhonda did all they could to make sure mum was comfortable and that the rest of us had a good time.   These are very popular apartments and they are fully booked for the whole of  2006,  i used to work in travel and what Angela said is true the amount the hotel/apartment owners receive from the tour operators is approx 10% of your total holiday bill. 

Angela F           


sorry to hear your holiday was ruined by not having a bath mat!!!! But if that was the only bad thing then it can't have been all bad.
The accomodation, package holiday companys use is soooo basic, this is due to the crap price that the tour operators pay, it averages about 8-9 Euros, per bed per night, so a 2 week holiday for us can costs us anywhere between 300-700, out of that the accomadation owners get roughly 70, for 2 weeks!!!! They do not get an increased rate in the peak of the season like we get charged. So please do not expect the Ritz. SEASCAPE are the best that Olympic have to offer and in my view they are way above the standard of most othe accomadations in the area, for what you pay.

Rachel P           

We stayed here for one week in may, as party of seven varying in age.

We only saw the maid once, and that was on the first day. 
There was no bath mats in the bathroom.  location of the apartments is good
When we went the resort was only just opening after the winter months, so there was not too much going on at night.  Although we did have some good meals out at night especially at the Stathis restuarant and ripped off at the old tree pub.

Diane W           

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We had a great time, George and his family are the nicest of people. They made our holiday great.

We are hoping to go again next year as the apartments and the location are great. The food everywhere is very good to the point i gained nearly a stone in two weeks.
The view from our room was great as you can see.

Can't wait to go back!
Diane and Matt

Val B           

What can i say. We have been going to the seacape since it openend, The appartments are funtastic, very claen in a great position to all of Pirgi and Ipsos. The view is outstanding and believe me you couldn't wish to stop in a better place in corfu.

Yes they do have kettles, but if there isn't anything you reqire in the rooms then just ask George or micky cause they'll only be happy to help.
The family that run it have become very good friends of ours, we have been going since 1993, and Rhonda, George's wife as become my best friend. It is a very family run and they all such very special people to us.
You will have a fab hol in Ipsos but if you stay at the seascape i know you will want to come back year after year.
Thanks guys yet again your hospialilty is above waht anyone could wish for.
Love ya guys
Val xxxx

Sue B

I am staying at Seascape Apartments Ipsos for a week from 16th June and I wonder if you could tell me if there are kettles in the apartments. I know this sounds crazy but it would spoil my holiday without it,and I can take my own if necessary. The telephone number would be good if you dont have this info, Thanks

Grahame T           

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BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, KIND, HELPFUL,  Just a few words to describe The Sea Scape Apartments and the family that run it George, Mike , Keekee, & Bianca the dog.

Thanks for such a wonderful holiday see you again

Nikki S           

Great location but why no wardrobes? Just hooks and three coathangers between us. So , as the cooking facilities were in the same room we all smelt of fry-ups for two weeks.

Sheila M           

Smile  We have been to the Sea Scape for the last 2 years. The complex is fantastic and you could not ask for a better view.

George and his family are so freindly and make you feel welcome.
It's just a shame i have not booked this year as they are fully booked!!!
Hope to be going back in 2007

Julie R           

   Got back on 10th October,  after two brilliant weeks, fell in love with Ipsos 5 years ago, but it was even better this time.  George & his family are wonderful.   We had a great holiday,  would throroughly recommend eating at moby dicks and then partying in dirty nellies.  Really really want to go back next year. 


Sharon S           

well  what can i say we got back in july had a fantastic time once again hoping to go back in september been twice in three years and always had a great time everything is 4 star thanks to george and all is family  will see you all soon 

Lin & andy H           


Claire B           

 I was the rep at the seascape last year for olympic for about 4 months and i loved it here. No complaints what so ever the owners are lovely and george owns mamas kitchen which is a restaurant just across the road and the food is amazing and very cheap!!! You will find that nearly all of the guests here are repeat ones. The rooms are clean and spacious try and ask for a sea view room- you dont get the traffic noise here and the view is fantastic. If your travelling here this year your very lucky and if your a repeat guest going back have a good time and hello!!! if you remember me-especially the slark party and kath and val!!!I know you lot will be there take care cya soon. Unfortunately iam repping in majorca this year with thomsons so i wont be going back!!! Enjoy it-


Stephen P           

Havent been yet but after reading the reviews on this site, I have booked a week at Seascape in may 05. I shall return and leave my review which I am sure with be EXCELLENT !!