Yannis Aparthotel

Accommodation in Ipsos

Michael K          10/10

click to enlarge been going to the yannis for years such a fantastic hotel & great family who own it

Michael J          10/10

click to enlargeA very clean and tidy aparthotel. Very helpful staff nothing to much trouble for them. The pool was really clean and tidy nice sunbeds and garden. The bar menu had a good selection of snacks/dinners and breakfasts at very good prices. 

Sheree A          10/10

We are getting ready to go back to the Yiannis for the third time, fantastic place.

Lovely people,can,t wait to see george, but all the staff are so friendly and will do everything to make your holiday one to remember
Sheree and Nick

Claudia S          10/10

lovely hotel with friendly staff and very very quiet cos out of the way from the party scene for peace and quiet but still close enough to stumble back at 8 in the morning...i barely slept in my bed and never had breakfast but i'd go back and recommend it to everyone...spiros...missin ya already...and thanx r my 'special offer drinks' lol


Cath S          9/10

This was our second trip to the Yannis Hotel in Ipsos - the first being back in 2004.  It thankfully was just how we had remembered it - basic but clean rooms; friendly staff; great pool and good location.  Would definately recommend to others.....

Daryl V           

click to enlarge

loved it! deffo going back! cant wait love spiros(barstaff) didnt want to leave

<<<<<<spiros! love ya xoxox

Nita V           

Hi All!

Me and my fiance are off to Yiannis on 3rd Oct and I've never been to Ipsos before. Just wondering how it is and whether anyone has been at this time, will it be quite? Also if anyone has any pic's of Yiannis that would be great as I'm abit worried about this hill!  Please email me at nita_v2000@hotmail.com any comments (good ones I hope) are much appreciated!


Where are you flying from? I'm going on the 5th and really can't wait as never been to Ipsos before!!!!

Me and my bf are flying from Gatwick at 05:40am, we are also flying with Olympic!!
We got it for so cheap - not gonna complain!
Really can't wait.

Colin W           

Going to Ipsos in a party of 4 people and staying at the Yiannis on the 5th September 05 with Olympic Holidays.  We have been to Ipsos 3 times before but we have not stayed at Yiannis before.  Can highly recommend Hairy Lemon Kostas and Adele make you feel really welcome, good for food followed by a few drinks at Dirty Nellies.  3 weeks to go see you there

Stepahnie B           

It was pretty quiet there!!  There were alot of Spanish and Italian but most of the bars were not busy at all!  We met a good crowd and still managed to enjoy ourselves!  It's not completely dead and you will enjoy yourself!  As soon as the alcohol is flowing it seems alot busier than it is ha ha! The Yiannis was not quiet there was always a good crowd around the pool and also at the Greek night and the Karaoke was fairly busy as well!


What was it like there, i've been on other Ipsos websites and apparently it's really quiet at the moment!!

Did you find it quiet or was it ok and busy!?

Stepahnie B           

Hey All i'm just back from the Yannis Apartments,  We had a great time.  We didnt spend much time there at night but were there all day every day.  The staff are all really friendly and the pool is really nice.  The Greek night was ok but i wasnt drunk enough for the dancing round the tables ha ha!!  I had read about it before we went and lots of people complained that the cleaners never tidied their rooms or emptied the bins. I can assure you not to worry our room was cleaned every day except on a sunday(Well we all need a day off!) Overall the Yannis was a good hotel and i would happily return.  The only downfall is that hill!!! Lots of people said it wasnt and i believed them for the first week of the holiday - untill i actually walked up it sober!! Then it was alot harder!!!


I have pics of Yiannis if anyone needs them! Its really hard to find them but i eventually got some!!


Hi All,

I have just booked to stay at the Yiannis Aparthotel on the 5th Sept, i have read loads of reviews and noticed a few of you are also going on the same day. Im going with my bf for 2 weeks and we are really looking forward to it, finally found some pics, really difficult, but it looks really nice!! i have printed off and read over 50 reviews and am really impressed as there is only about 5 that were bad the rest said it was lovely and have been going there for years!!
Let me know if you are going on that day - it would be good to kow the face of who is writing the reviews!! Looks like Yiannis is going to be busy as there seems to be so many people going on the 5th Sept 05. We are going with Olympic and have heard some bad things about them - is anyone else going with them? What do you think if you've travelled with them before?!
I can't wait to get there

Caroline D           

I have been to the Yiannis two times now in September 2004 and in May this year. The first time i went for 1 week i coulnt wait to go back again i loved it. George and Mario were brilliant with the service on the pool bar. My mum has been 5 times now and is very good friends of george and Mario. They made us so welcome when we went in May.  i was so sad to leave but will be back next year. The best place to go is the Paradise about four bars down from the Spar. Its ran by John and Geraldine very good friends of ours they are very friendly and welcome everyone into their bar. I loved the food there and John's karaoke nights which is almost every night. Im missing Yannis so much and cant wait to go back next year.

Christine M           

Been goin to ipsos for 9 yrs this will be my 1st time at yiannis my sis and family stayed a couple of times though goin 5 sep  for 2 weeks, theres about 15 goin this year all family

Benny P           

Oh sorry I forgot to mention I'm 23 and Stephanie's 22........XXX

Benny P           

I am heading to Yiannis Apartments on 25th July 2005 with my girlfriend Stephaniefor two weeks. Anyone else going there during that time? Give me a wee buzz by e-mail and I hope to see you there. My e-mail is brendanp@oceanfree.net. Cheers all!

Rebecca B           


Going to Yiannis on the 29 August 05, anyone going then????
Anyone got any good tips where to go etc?

Emma H

Can anyone tell me where i can find some pictures of the yiannis apartments in ipsos? Am looking for pictures of the rooms - have found some of the pool and the outside. Thanks

Amy F

Hey ho peeps, me and two of my girlie friends (all twenty one) are off to the Yannis hotel in Ipsos on the 27th of june for a week. Just wondering if anyone our age is going there too? be cool to make some friends out there. Aimz x x x my email address is rabbitpie3@yahoo.co.uk

Rachel H           

It was a fantastic hotel and all the staff there are very friendly. The pool is a decent size and if you're looking for a quiet holiday there were'nt many children. Very clean and I would definitely stay there again.

Daniel A           

Anyone goin to ipsos in July 2005? Me n my mates r gona b dere dis summer n we r gona stay at yiannis.Any tips or things we shud know?

Mona T           

We had a great time staying at Yiannis, after moving from Solomou. We made so many friends there. Staff were great, specially George and Mario they really looked after us. The hotel has greek night on wednesdays and kareoke on sundays, we had such a blast on both evenings. The rep Holly, did try and sell us excursions, but we were adviced from other holiday makers to go down into Ipsos and book directly, which we did and saved money. The only downfall for me was walking up that hill. If anyone was there between 30 Aug - 06 Sept. Please email me. It will be great to hear from you again. mona1368@hotmail.com.

Mark J           

do u use the net a lot? u got MSN? (beth that is)