Ostria Apartments

Accommodation in Sidari

Karen R          10/10

We are returning for our third year in 2008 and can't wait.  Our son, is now 18 and was planning his own holiday with his friends in 2008, however, he decided to return to see George again and his madness.  He's a lovely person and makes you feel welcome.  The apartments are spotless, the service is excellent and you feel so relaxed.  We always book a car, but you could relax by the pool all day.  The pool is one of the biggest in Sidari and is always clean.  The maid service is fantastic and nothing is a problem.  My husband and I thought we would be getting our first holiday ourselves in 18 years, but I'm glad my son wants to come with us.  I don't think it's our company that he enjoys, it's probably George's.  What a fab guy he is!  Poolside snacks are great, all made by our George and he runs around like a headless chicken at your beck and call.  Such a wonderful place, but I'm glad everyone doesn't go there, as there would be no room for us!!  George's place wins everytime.

Andy           10/10

what a fantastic holidays. apartments are great...clean, spacious, tidy. swimming pool is honestly the nicest i've ever seen and plenty big for such a small complex but without doubt the holiday was made by george. what a legend! great cocktails (ostrias are fantastic btw) in the evening and some rather dubious shots as well (drambuie and benedictine???? hope everyone else got such rough treatment!!!!) but be warned, if u seriously intend on going out for dinner before a night on the tiles then DON'T go to george beforehand, otherwise you won't get to eat!!!! but what a great holiday with great memories-a giant pink cat, killer (bordering on illegal) vodka and introducing george to the the legendary student friendly jackabu! (or jackaBOOM as george has re-christened it!)

whenever we return to corfu again, sidari will be the place for us, and the ostria apartments are the only place to be! give them a try...you shan't be disappointed!


The best pool in sidari.Very good location.Very clean and an awsome barman.George is one of the best and will make you feel very welcome.

Andrew N           

Alan ! Glad you enjoyed your birthday (what you can remember about it !). The cake was tasty and washed down well with Georges legendary shots !
Once again George made our holiday ! What can I say that hasn't already been mentioned. Just got back on Tuesday morning, went to travel agent Tuesday afternoon and booked to go again June next year. We did exactly the same last year as well !!
Can't fault this place at all. As for Sidari itself, there are so many different bars / restaurants you could go back year after year and try somewhere different every night. Only had one meal below par in the 4 wks we've spent there (and that was a breakfast baguette).
Already looking forward to seeing George and the family again next year !
Yamos !

Jo C           

Arrived back home on tuesday morning after having the best holiday ever.  Today (saturday) we booked up for next year. I'm glad we booked today as there are very few appartments left for July 2006.

Where do we start.  The studio appartment we stayed in was spotless, we could not believe we actually had a shower and a jacuzzi bath, aircon, colour tv and mozzie screens on the balcony doors and windows. There are safety deposit boxes located at the bar.
The first choice rep was really nice and helpful. She told us of the record of keeping the bar open till 05.20 in the morning.  We assured her we would try to beat that record, and did we ever!  Read the comments book on the bar.
As everybody says George the barman (PROFESSIONAL) was just brilliant.  He always had a smile on his face - even after getting just over an hours sleep one night - check out the book - his cocktails and shots are legendery with everyone who has stayed at Ostria.  Leo the owner was very friendly and has done a brillinat job with both the appartments and the pool site and especially for employing George.
Heres to next year - "To The Club" speak to George about that one.

Dawn W           

Superb.  Very new, very clean, very safe apartments for toddlers also.  We had downstairs apt so no stairs and our 2yr old could wander in and out around the garden/apartment in safety.  Fantastic huge pool and super views.  Just far enough away from centre, so very quiet at night (and daytime actually) but not too far for a nice walk into the town.  Never busy around the pool as there are so few apartments.Would highly recommend.

Jenna C           

Lynn B           

We have not actually stayed at the Ostria, but have been going to Sidari for a number of years and have  walked passed this place as it was being built year after year. Last year we walked past and it looked gorgeous. We used to stop for a drink in a morning and lay by the pool often ordering lunch. So you don't have to pay for your sunbeds at the apartments. In fact most hotels and apartments in Sidari offer free sunbeds/parasols as long as you don't bring your own food and drink. George was ever so obliging and has remembered us each time we have gone back even though we don't stay there. He showed us the apartments last year which look lovely and we wouldn't hesitate in staying there although it is a bit of a walk into Sidari Centre. The pool is brilliant and everything is so clean.

Donna P

i am going to ostria in a few weeks and when i have looked at the web site it says u need to pay for sunbeds and parasols aroung the pool however does not say that in the broucher. do you need to pay ?

Sam J           

This place Rocks.......  The apartment was like staying in a new hotel it was lovely and the pool was gorgeous ...  Always somewhere to sit in the sun and lots of constant fun provided by the Barman George !!!  I would reccomend this to any one without a doubt and am deffinately going back next year.....  I actually aquired a liking for Ouzo by the end of the holiday....

Caroline R           

For several years now I have been compiling a map of apartments in Sidari and would be grateful if anyone could give me an idea of where these apartments are in relation to e.g. High Street, BP Station, Canal d'Amour. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


Andy N           

Just come back from Ostria Apartments this morning. Absolutely spot on ! Excellent accomodation, pool fantastic and as for George , he's an absolute scream. In fact we liked it so much we've already been to the travel agent this afternoon and booked up for June next year.
Apparently the weather is best between June & September. We've just been for 2 weeks, the second week was bout 30 degrees. George tells me May & October have CRAZY weather, raining one minute and hot sunshine the next.
There are now safety deposit boxes in the pool bar area. The studio apartments have a jacuzzi bath (7 Euros per day). Worth treating yourself now & again ! For Excursions I can reccomend Value Plus on the main street.

Adam R           

Hi there Edward,

Me and my family went to the ostria apartments in july 2004 and i would have to say that you will not regret going.
The apartments are brand new and really clean, the Pool is the biggest in Sidari and the Barman George is amazing friendly...
The shops are 2 minutes walk down the hill so you dont have to worry about walking too far.
We loved the place so much my brother is going back. I hope you enjoy it.
Regards Adam
Oh and no there are no Germans there just Brits and the Sun beds were always free when we stayed.

Edward M

Hi there, I am considering going to the Ostria in Aug 2005, has anyone been at this time of year, is it busy, can you get a sunbed easily, and are there lots of Germans stopping there or is it all Brits?

Deborah L

We are visiting Ostria Apartments in Sidari on 1/8/05 one thing that is not mentioned in the First Choice brochure is safety deposit boxes. Can anyone out there confirm if there are any, if not where would you obtain one from.

Allegra G           

HeY..Ostria apartments site is http://www.ostriaapts.gr Good luck

Damon & lisa W

does anyone now the website or were i can get some pics up on the net of ostria i brought a card back with me and i have www.ostriaapts.com and i cant find it anywere.
cheers damon and lisa


Damon & lisa W           

george oh george oh george , had a fantastic holiday im booked back up for next year, we only went for a week back in june 04 as thats normally enough for me , but this time weve booked up for 2 and were bringing some friends to meet the master of cocktails (george). just 1 more before you go everyone whos been will understand that sentance. had so much fun , the cleanest place and the best pool ive been to .
a night life for everyone , great food and entertainment , met some great people.
just a few wise words if your thinking of going.
1, do not go and see george in the bar by the pool in the daytime ,
2, do not go to see george on your way back from a night out,( and dont think you can creep past him hes got exeray vision )
3, do not fall asleep by the pool you will be awoken by a bucket of water and then a rather large cocktail by the side of you.
4, oh yes and watch out for those free cocktails or pure shots of super strength alcohol.

we will see you soon george doctor williams and lisa

Laura M           

I had the most fantastic time on my holiday, especially staying up late and having georges shots,beautiful! The location of the studios is brilliant and the night life is great! plenty of tours to do and had an amazing time parasailing down at the beach!!! Definately recommend this place for a relaxing holiday or even if u want fun too!!

Adam R           

There are saftey deposit boxes but not at the apartments. The saftey deposit boxes are located at the car-a-car places and they are free (i think they are only for customers though) we used the Boxes at the rent-a-car place at the end of the road of the ostria apartments, on the corner of the main road.

Deborah L

We have just booked the Ostria Studios in Sidari. In the brochure is does not mention safety deposit boxes. Could anyone let me know if there are any.

Adam R           

We got back from corfu at the end on july so this in kinda late.
What can i say, the ostria apartments was just the best place i have ever stayed in my life. The apartmets were brand new and really modern. The pool was the biggest in Sidari and the best. We will always remember GEORGE the barman. over the holiday we became best freinds and have kept in contact with him over the phone. he's coming to our house in surrey at christmas time so i cant wait to see him then. George made my holiday complete with his great sense of humor and his fantastic smile. every time we played pool he made the loser drink a shot of ouzo, it was never me ;). I would recomend any person to come here if they were going to corfu. BRILLIANT!

Heather S           

We loved the Ostria apartments. They are so clean, fresh and perfect with a large viranda downstairs and balcony upstairs in the studios. The mosquito net came in very handy and the holiday was perfect. The pool is massive and the kids swam all day long. It is so relaxing and peaceful. George, the bar man is excellent hes always up for a laugh and is great to have a drink with! We loved it here so much we're coming back next year and are already counting the days! thanks ostria!

Barbara S           

Perfect setting for relaxing holiday with entertainment within easy reach. Be prepared for being evicted from your apartment at 12noon which in our case meant 18-19 hours gap before flight home with only the offer of the cold poolside shower,however, this was not unique to Ostria Apartments.

Emily W           

Fantastic swimming pool, apartments clean and well equipped. Location is quiet but convenient for shops & restaurants and George the manager is friendly and helpful. We would definitely go back to the Ostria in future.

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