Scorpios I Apartments

Accommodation in Sidari

Melanie C

i am going to scorpio apts in may please could anyone send me photos so i know what to expect please i am very worried its only our second holiday thanx

Julie A           

went to scorpio 1 apartments in July and hated every minute of it. Rep was useless and owners very arrogant. Linen and towels changed only once a week and there is hell to pay if you get any dirty marks on those! Apartment should have been for three people yet only two of everything such as knives, forks etc. Still waiting for reply from tour operator about our complaints.

Kate B           

help me can any one send me any picturesof the scorpios studios as in going over there in september and im worried about what it is like after reading everyones comments.thanks

Lyndsay D           

Scorpios appartments was an absolute hell hole. We hasd a nine month old
son with us and could not even consider staying in such an unhygenic place
even without a nipper. If anyone is still considering this place I have many
photos to make your toes curl - literally. DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU VALUE

Roger R           

I have been going to Sidari for the past 12 years but i have never been to any appts as bad as these I actually refused to stay there. so I would not recommend these appts to my worst enemy.

Carly B           

Just back from staying at Scorpio I for 2 weeks. The studios were basic and not the cleanest I have seen but if you are only after some where to put your head down they are fine. Angel and Phillip the people who own the place are very nice and will keep the bar open as long as you are drinking. Sidari its self was nice best place for breakfast is the Baze bar just 5 mins walk from scorpios and Shakers bar was very good for meals which is down the very bottom. Hi to Steve, Tracy and cameron who we met on hol hope the rest of you holiday was good. If anyone wants anymore info you can email me on

Julie P           

Apartments were a little to far out of the centre of Sidari approx 10/15 mins walk. However apartments were situated on main road which you could hear in our apartment. Pool was small but very clean, with ample sunbeds for guests. If anyone wants any info e-mail me on

Carly B           

I am going to Sidari this month to stay in the Scorpio I apartments. Can anyone tell me what the apartments are really like as I am getting a bit worried with all the complaints about the cleanliness.

Jake N           

get your looked at 1st thanx

Stacey T           

we were very happy with what we got there was 7 of us me (stacey),dawn,sophie,lisa,pam,holly and Aaron and we had a fantastic time there. we enjoyed hanging out by the pool !! the bar staff were very friendly and very helpfull we went on lots of nice trips one of the trips was to a water park and we had great fun there. we went in october and the weather was lovely and hot the swimming pool was very clean and was cleaned every night. the cleaners came to clean and change the beds every 2 days . it wasn't exspensive there. the town was only up the road so you could let the kids go up town tegether on there own. we found that the hotel was a place you didn't have to worry about where your kids were !!! we met alot of people who were also very happy with the hotel. we met some people from liverpool the who were Alan, Craige, Matty, Liam, Debbie and Steve and we stayed in touch with. we were very happy with what we got !! and for all you people that thought it was the worst holiday ever you are wrong and you need your heads looking at we are planning on going again very soon. and a big thank you for all of you help at the hotel THANK YOU!! see you soon Stacey xxxx 07/03/04

Andy W           

We stayed at Scorpios II and it was basic but clean.
And sorry to anyone staying there at the same time, I bet you couldnt sleep for the sound of my two room mates chucking up most nights or me trying to make a silent return at 3am. Shhhhhhh!

Mike & andy H           

Any more info needed contact or give us a bell 07986 212237

Mike & andy H           

We stayed at Scorpios II for a week from 3rd October 2003. The studios were basic but what do you want for 85 each inc. flights. The cleaners came every day but we still hungover in bed when they knocked. It's only 1 min walk to Scorpios 1 where the beers are only 2 Euro for pints or bottles. Spirits a bit dear though. The bar staff are a good laugh esp. SPIROS who was chucked in the pool b4 we left on friday night. Even though my brother was on cruthches it still only took us 5-10 mins to walk to Sidari centre. Best bar for food and Corrie / Eastenders is "Buddies Bar" also top Karaoke nights at "Theo & Bills".
We enjoyed ourselves so much we are going again next weeek

Katie P           

Hi we have just got back from a two week stay at Scorpios II apartments and anyone thinking of going DON'T!!! They were filthy, we stayed in a three bed studio and only had one of everything forks,knives etc. The bathrooms especially were disgusting and we had to sweep our own floors on several occasions, the towels and bedding were changed only once while we were there when we complained to the rep she was arrogant and did'nt want to know!! The pool was covered in a layer of scum and could not be used. I would never go back there even if someone paid me!!

J C           

thank you for not telling me about the holiday !
i went on monday 29th of sep there was 6 of us we had 3 rooms.we had a good time but i think they could do much better on cleanliness.They should do something about the cleaner he was useless. they only cleaned the pool once a week but the pool next door was nice which you can use if you buy drinks in there.The bar men were a laugh as they love the word "YAMAS" but over all we had a great holiday.(but if you are going to book day trips dont do it through the rep as they rip you off .

Jo C           

please can u write something on here when u get back cos im goin on monday thanx

Kate L

Going to stay in scorpio studios in sidari next week. Comments not good so far. Is it really awful or does the surrounding area make up or it??
Please e-mail asap


o thanx u nick we love u

Nick t           

just for all you people out there who cant find the scorpios 1 or 2 in a brochure......its in the 'AIRGLOBE' brochure, which you should be able to pick up from any independent travel agent, if you go to the bigger ones like lunn poly and thomas cook they probably wont have it.
Dont worry tho, they are a good tour operator, they are greece and cyprus specialists.
details should also be on their website which is:
if you need any further help, please email me.

Bill B           

I have just booked through teletext and like others was unable to find the apartments in any brochure. I am going to Scorpios II and the information on this site is confusing and conflicting . If anyone has a definitive position on the above location let me know please. I do not expect paradise when I arrive but clean and tidy will suffice.

Jan W           

We've just returned from a week in the Scorpios I studios and they are the worst I've ever stayed in. There were 8 of us and we had 4 studios. Out of the 4 only 1 fridge worked, the bathrooms were dirty and the pool was cloudy. We had to ask for clean towels and bedding but were told they don't change them at all. We insisted and got towels but no bedding. People who had been there for 2 weeks hadn't had theirs changed either. We also had to ask for our floor sweeping.
We enjoyed the holiday but it was no thanks to Scorpios I. The Golden Sun rep wasn't much use - more interested in selling trips than telling us anything of interest (where to get safety deposit boxes, how to hire fans etc.)

If anyone wants more info on Scorpios I or Sidari please feel free to ask.

Kelly B

I am going to the Scorpios II apartments on 8th August and would like to know what they're like. Has anyone been ? What are they like ? Is it far to Scorpios I to use the pool ? Are they clean ?

I would be most grateful if someone could give me an idea of what to expect as I haven't been able to find the apartments in a brochure.


i havent been there yet, im going in september, but i cant dying to s**g my g/f in the pool and hopefully other places aswell. do any of you know of any good places where me and my g/f can try it?
email me if you do.

Samantha H           

it was really good i went on the 10 of july i really thought it was one of the best hoildays i have had
if u are thinking about going there i would say book it cos i had a really great time so did the rest of my family.

Jo J           

it was gr8 gr8 gr8

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