Boat trip to Erikoussa Island

Corfu Excursions

Vivib53 B          10/10

Recently did this trip. Great boat ride. Small island with walks and beach. There were 2 beach tavernas and one just off beach with a mini market. Had a beer here in the shade. Beach was very hot which we loved. Sea was clear and warm. There were shades and beds to hire. We didn't bother. Lay in beach with legs in water. Had lovely mussels and tarama and cheese in nearby taverna. Would have liked another 2 hours to laze about. Total chill out. If you like walks or just laying on a beach its for you. We loved it

Ellie W          10/10

It is the most serene place on earth. This is not a place to party it is a place to relax. You can walk the entire island in 2 hours. The land is breathtaking and the view will def take your breath away. To my surprise, We found million dollar villas occupied by retired New Yorker, British, and German, and Italian residence. It is not advertised because they do not want it to be. It is paradise, aways from the world. I m so glad I discovered this place.. ew. usa/Uk

Monty M          5/10

Mixed feelings about this trip.  Took almost 2 hours to sail there, just over 3 hours on the island, then 2 hours back again.  Nice beach and good food and drink at the hotel but not worth 4 hours travel time.  However, take the trouble to walk up the hill to the church and helicopter pad for stunning views that probably made the trip worthwhile - just. 

Lou N

Went to erikoussa island last year on a boat trip  Fair enough the weather was not brill but how BORING!. There is nothing there exept the grubby cafe and the helecopther landing station there were no sun loungers out on the beach and we couldnt wait to get bck on the boat. We thought we would c dolphins but we didnt It was a long long day but we had a laugh watching the giant ants

David M

.    As regular visitors to Acharavi I would thouroughly recommend any of the cruises run by Castaway Travel who are to be found at the eastern end of the village.  It is regretted that the famous (or infamous or incorrigible) Captain Aris is no longer with us but the tradition of great value and enjoyable company has been ably taken over by his brother Theo, another fully qualified Captain.  My wife and I have been on many of their trips including the Beach Bar B Q and had great times.  We will be in Acharavi in early June this year and our first port of call will be to Castaway.  We also use their site " Travel with Friends" to arrange our holiday accomodation, as we are independant travellers.  Try it!  Its a wonderful service.

Andrew S           

went again rgis holiday booked through value-plus. Great place, good price. No BBQ but the price reflects this and when you first arrive you will find a small cafe and the food is great - and cheap!!!! Dont go at the beginning of your holiday use it to top up the tan when you are already quite brown - you will then go ebony!!

Erica W           

Lovely little Island, nice beach, beautiful crystal (but cold!) waters, nice walk over with great views and a nice taverna just round the corner from the beach

Robin U           

The boat trip to Erikoussa Island is brilliant. I have visited Corfu many times and always go to Erikoussa. I usually book via Castaway Travel.


when we went the sand was BOILING!!!!!!
but everything else was good.
look out for adonie the boat driver!!!

Michael H           

The taverna's seats were covered in grease which was the only problem with this trip. Beach was excellent but on trying to walk into village very little to see.

Travel W           

I think the site administrators may mean Erikoussa Island! This is a tiny island off Corfu's north coast with a lovely soft sand beach and one beach side taverna. It is south facing so the sand does get hot so take beach shoes, and being south facing doesnt get the offshore sea breezes which the north coast of Corfu does. The water is fantastic , very clear. It is a real get away from it all place.(you can do it and stay overnight in the beach taverna rooms, very simple rooms but fab location right on the beach and the place is a haven of peace once all the boat trps have gone). Captain Aris does a great beach barbecue to this island. and a two island cruise including Manthraki, another tinier island also with a lovely sandy beach.