Places to Visit on Corfu

Nicola B           

We stayed at the new Aqualand resort. It really is 5 star and we would definitly recommend it.(not a budget holiday though!) On the down side, we didn't get free entry into the park as expected, but the pool was really quiet and we had use of the wave pool too. The park is excellent for all ages and lots to do even if you don't want to do the black hole! Compared to parks in the UK it's much better value for money, take your own picnic though as the foods expensive and rubbish. ENJOY!

Sylvia C           

went to aqualand through value plus in sidari (do trips and car hire) worked out cheaper through them on the coach than through travel agent or indeed if you made own way. Coach trip and entrance only 19 euros for adult and 13 euros for child - small child free!!! Great day out!

Hayley W           




Mya L           

Me and my friend thoft aquland was brilliant, definatly a place to go if your staying in Corfu. we went there twice during the 2 weeks there, the second time we went on our own becoz the rep changed too much!!!

Lauren M           

LOVED aqualand. the journey is quite long but its worth it.
all the rides were great would be here all day if i was to go into a deep depscription about everything.
got there as soon as it opened (10 am i think) and it was empty but it filled up pretty quick
recommend it to anyone of any age (Good place for toddlers/babies too)

Laura P           

this place was great ther was some fellas thir they got talkin to me and my friend jaymi the greek lads were nice to talk to aswell but we didnt have enough time to spend thir becouse we had such a good laugh everyone should go its wicked love laura xxxxx

Alice R

me and my family are going 2 sidari this year in september and we just need 2 know a few things. How much is it 4 adults and kids?is it worth the money. and of course is it good fun!

Glistening S

I am going to corfu next year and am staying in Roda. My family want to go to Aqua Land in Ag. Ioannis. My only query would be how long would it take to get there?

John R           

One of the Highlights of the holiday. A great day out for the family. The guys had a ball on the best Waterslides and Wave machine in Corfu. The park was relatively quiet compared to the likes of Disney parks etc, and no long waits for any of the rides. Park opens at 10am and closes at 7pm. There is plenty for the active and those who would rather just laze by the poolside, or float down the lazy river. Nice grassy areas to sit on, with sunbeds and parasols included. Word of caution if going with Tour operators as their buses leave rather early. Only a couple of downsides : It costs 72 Euros for 4 adults, I'm afraid adult prices start at 12yrs old. My boys were 13 and 14, so no luck. (For people hiring a car from Yannis at Value Plus in Sadari, he can do it for 15 Euros per head). The park is a bit costly for buying food so pack some lunch and lots of juice before you go. That said I wouldn't have missed it. Anyone under 60yrs (or of sound Heart), and brave enough, has to go on the "Hurricane". This is a bottle crasher of a ride. Enjoy

Kathy W           

hi all just got back from kavos last week it was fantastic i'm deffinatly goin back next year, BUT i've got one complaint to make do not stay at the lefkimmi appartments if u want aloud holiday, fair enuff if u just want a quiet hol go there but i dont see how you would if u r goin 2 kavos... i went with 6 roudy lasses and all we did was get told off for making too much noise all we were doing was having a good drink before we set off on a bar crawl ha ha.
a couple of days before we were flying home we went to aqua land, i'm not into the slides i've got a phobia of them but all my friends thought they were great, i totally recommend the crazy wave pool its mint! beware!!! take a high factor sun block i've bin back a week and i've still got sun burn on my legs :( it's really hot there.

i hope you all have a good time in corfu i did...

Julie H           

Aqualand is at Agios Ioannis on the main road on the livades Ropa and not far from corfu town. Cheaper to go under your own steam. This year it is about 18 euros per adult/12 euros for kids for all day from 10am to 18.00 (19.00 July/Aug) Admission is reduced after 3pm (12 Euros/9 Euros)which is what we did as it is easy to burn up whilst you are out on the various slides and wave pool etc. We still managed to do everything in three hours. But if you have the stamina all day would be great.
They have a web site


It was great at aqualand. I stayed in kavos and to get there and back and the price of the ticket it cost us each 30 euros. It's well worth going. You can have a chill out swim, go on scary big slides ( ladies keep hold of ya bikini tops as i found out :S)and sunbathe whcih was great. There's loads for the kids to do especially they looked ded good infact i wanted to go on em and im 17 lol they even got a bungeee thing where ya can go on it for 7 euros 50 cent and u go ded high and can do flips and stuff on it, it looked wicked. Theres a lazy pool thign aswelll and ya can sit on the ring and it takes ya round but it went dodgy on me and i just kept floating back to the shore so i gave up lol but it's ace and i'd recomend it to anyone! Oh and the food is a bit rank all the burgers are like veggie and the chicken nuggets are like kfc, it wasn't too deer but i bet ya own food tastes nicer oh and the salad is always mouldy!!

Michael D           

we are staying at the san george apartments sidari, how long does it take to get to aqualand if by taxi how much roughly, how much does it cost for admission to aqualand. Thanks

Sally H           

I am going for the first time to Corfu, could anyone tell me how long it would take to get to Aqualand, we are stying in Golden Sands St George, please could you also tell me how much it costs, thanks

Greek G           

My husband, 9 year-old nephew and me visited Aqualand last June and had a blast! It's fun for kids and adults. We paid direct and not thru a rep and it was cheaper. On the negative side, the food is expensive and not all that great. You're best to bring your own food. You can easily spend the whole day there!


i been to cofu loads of times im going 1 week today actually,i loved aqua land i went every times its facilities are great its perfect.this year we are hoping to visit albania!!!

by holly rooney
17 may 2004

Jenny P           

Have now been to aqualand twice, once when I was younger, then as an adult. If anything I enjoyed it 2nd time round! Have been extensively upgraded, which makes it even better. Are rides suitable for everyone. Food a little expensive, but not a huge problem. We went in a group of seven and thouroughly enjoyed it, would recommend to anyone! We went by ourselves, works out cheaper and is easy enough to find (well signposted.)One thing I would say is slap on the suncream, very exposed and the fun of it does make you forget!!

Angel W

hey guys can any1 tell me where Aqua land is? We're staying at Kavos and we need to know how long it takes to get to Aqua land!:0

Stephanie S           

hi jan and nigel , thanks for your help :) ill see the rep when we get there :) hope u both have a lovely time too :)

Jan+nigel C           

Hi Stephanie, we've been to Aqualand a few times. It's cheaper to go with your rep. If you buy your own ticket and pay for your own transport it works out more expensive. I wouldn't recomend trying to get there buy bus, it's too far.Take your own food and drink because it's quite expensive inside.
We're going to Roda for the 3rd time in August, hope you have a great time.

Stephanie S

im going on holiday to corfu roda it will b my 3rd time but ive never been to aqualand any know the prices ? also roda is far north anyone have an idea on how much the buses or taxis are???? is booking with the rep more expensive??? thank u

Lee M           

Hey there me and my gf r visiting kavos in june and was just wandering how far the waterpark is from kavos?

Rheanne K           

cant wait to go to kavos with my boyfriend scott in June. im 18, he's 22. Anyone recomend any must-sees?

Stacey C           

It was a great day, good slides, clean etc. the only downside was the wasps, they were bloody everywhere when we went in august.

Sarah P           

Went here on the hottest day of the year but the water cooled us down. Food terribly overpriced but the rides are great. Definately worth a visit!

Lisa M           

Certainly worth a visit
Fun for all the family what ever your age
plenty of free sunbeds, food not that badly priced, lockers and shower rooms available.
Don't book through your reps go to the travel agents in your town
16 Euros adults and 11 Euros children under 13

D W           

We went to Aqualand August 16th 2003 It was very good, plenty of Sunbeds, something for all ages, didnt really queue for anything. Food was pricey though for what it was and not very good. DONT book through your holiday Rep, ours was charging 12 euros more EACH ! than the local travel business.

Ed and jamie H           

Good, but our rep said there are about 34 big slides - 10 is more like it! A good day out in all though - take and REAPPLY suncream!!!

John S           

ok, I got back from corfu on 12 august and while there my family went twice to Aqua land!!
Excellent, ,the place was heaving, Greek, Italian ,German< English , alll havin it large. All gettin on , babes and dudes everywhere. Excellent rides quick q's, bloody sorted.
Prices were fare 45 euros for 4 of us per day, but the youngest got in free, Hire a jeep and go on your own rather than book a trip. In peak season it cost me 50 euro per day for asuzuki jimmny from the local hire guy (george in st george south) , it would of cost 85 from my hotel ( palm beach ) . ENJOY.

Samantha S

Which is better Aqualand or Hydropolis, looking for the one with faster rides, better value for money.

Ray S           

Had a great time here although it was very crowded the wave machine was great kids loved it go there you will have a great time

R P           

My kids loved this place... my 3 year old went with me on some big slides as well. Parents of young ones beware - you will be carrying a tubes up lots of stairs/hills all day long!

Nick F           

i havent yet been to corfu and aqualand but i hav read all of these reports on da island and da facilities and they all sound absolutely FABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!! so itf u agree them put a report on and but i agree wit nick ford at da bottom and ur email adress and one more thing i cant bloody wait 2 go to AQUALAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail B           

I went to Aqualand with my husband and nine year old daughter and had a fab time. We were there mid July and I have to say that what really made it for us was that the q's, if any, weren't that big. It was very clean and there were loads of sunbeds and umberellas available - free!! I've been to other waterparks where you had to fight for a space to lie down - let alone get an actual bed!! The rubber rings needed for some of the rides are in plentiful supply, and are also free. The only negative I'd say was the cafe/restaurant -food wasn't that great so take a picnic. The shop is very expensive so bring plenty of cash if you want a souvenir. There are lockers for all your valuables. There was a bungy/trampoline thing there which my daughter loved. Loads for kids. Even little electric cars for them to rida around the park. Well worth a visit.

Paul F           


Natalie L           

I never bothered because i'm not one for waterparks, but my friends went along... They did have a good day, however they were disappointed on first impressions because it's not as big as they'd hoped. Oh! And when you're told to keep your arms crossed in front of you for certain waterslides- listen because my friend burned her elbows and arms going down one slide because she DID NOT LISTEN AND DO AS SHE WAS TOLD :-) Avoid being hasty and booking up with your rep... you will probably get a cheaper deal :-)

Maria I

I would like to know about more about st peters, how far it is from kavos, how good or bad is the place?? thanks

Karen J           

Not the best water park I've ever been to - wave pool wasn't open and some of the smaller slides closed because they didn't have any water! Food was great if you like McDonalds but was overpriced - exactly what happens when you have a captive audience!


Going to Acharavi in July. I believe a new waterpark,Hydropolis, opened recently nearby. Does anybody know the exact location? Unlikely to be as good as Aqualand but is it worth a visit?

Alison M           

It was a really good day out.It wasnt really hot to start but eventually got quite hot as the day went on.We went with Vlasseros Travel,really good price and he is very funny:)Always see's you off on a trip which is really nice.

Nicola B           

This is great place to spend the day unfortunatley for us it rained but if it hadnt we would have loved it loads of slides and very clean food a bit naff but otherwise fantastic- Dont book it through you tour operator cheaper to catch a bus I think it was 17 euros for a full day we paid 32 each with JMC

Jacky I           

we have just returned from corfu and had a fantastic day at aqualand .crazy river was our favourite.the food was good a bit like mcdonalds and was not were taken during the day which were 4 euros each or 2 for 7 euros

Rachel W           

I'm not quite sure what it is like as we arived in october so make sure you go in september if you are a family.

Bob W           

Brilliant and well worth the money. The free fall slides are the best, although you need a head for heights to get to the top of the tower. The fast foods a bit naff. If you go after 3 pm its half price to get in. There are lockers to put your stuff in and plenty of places to sunbathe.