Arillas - (Resorts on Corfu)

Dj M           

Hi to Costas & Perry. If you read this meessage please say hi to them!. I used to work in Coconut bar in the 1990's. It is an excellent Bar with a very friendly atmosphere! Great music (especially when I worked there (he'he). Lots of love, Mike, Trudy & (new) baby Ryan.

Coconut Bar - (Bars in Arillas)

Mike L           


YOU MUST VISIT COCONUT BAR... It is THE Place to be in Corfu !!!!

I Worked there as a DJ in the Nineties (Eeek, I feel old!). Costas and Perry are the nicest people around (yasoo Costa & Perry if you read this!). The atmosphere is great, the location is scenic, relaxing and breathtaking scenery !
If you stop by Coconut bar after reading this review, please give me a mention to Costas and Perry (just mention DJ MIKE !!!).
If you are going to Arillas, you will enjoy it 100% guaranteed. Be sure to visit the Coconut Bar !

Mike & Trudy (& Ryan)
Newcastle, England.