Marilyn Apartments - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Barrie J           

I have stayed at Marilyn Apartments twice (2001 and 2002). Both occasions i have been impressed although I believe that JMC no longer ioperate at this location so can not vouch to current operator and owners (if they have changed). Situated outside of the resort itself is ideal for those wanting a quieter lifestyle and since the pool is for residents only, it does not get as crowded as that of Sweethome (next door). Sweethome is excellent throughout the day and night for bar snacks and drinks with Costas,Billy and Co. keeping you company until the early hours of the morning. The apartments at Marylin (new block) are spacious, excellent facilities and cleaned thoroughly. The walk to the beach is no longer than 10 minutes down the back way and a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the streets in the town centre

ABC Sweet Home - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Barrie J           

I have no idea who does Sweethome or Marylin now and can't find details from searching the Net.
I could be wrong but I read elsewhere that Costa is no longer around due to fatal accident last year.
Hope you find out and you mite even let me know

Barrie xx