South Coast Apartments - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Chris M           

Going to Kavos with 3 children is daunting. But South Coast is in Aspro Kavos which is a good walk from Bar Street. Just returned last night and thought I would add comments. the family who run the appartments are great, friendly and helpful. Yes the drinks are dear but no dearer than Kavos at night !!!!!!!!. The local beach is "yuk" as the kids commented, but if you hire a car / scooter /quad there is a lovely beach 25 mins away (St Georges South)Kavos is a loud place but no louder than any city at night. The groups of guy's and girls having it "large" were good company through the day if a bit hung over. The 24 hour bar at the hotel is a great idea as any the family is there to keep order in the event of someone becoming too loud late at night. Alex and Mary "Yasso" reguards Chris, Emma and Boys
P.S don't do the beach BBQ, the beach you go to is again "Yuk" as the kids commented "dad is that poo in the water" whilst they dug up old chicken bones and plastic forks from the "sand", the value chicken BBQ with added black bits were great Nuff said !!!!!!!!!!!! hire a car instead and have a good day at St Georges South beach much better value and better day out. Hope this helps. Chris

Kavos Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Chris M           

Kavos beach is the worst I have seen in Greece, car tyres, rubbish,broken glass and used condoms from the night before. Seaweed piled up on the beach. Best thing is to get a car and go to some of the nice clean beaches the west coast has to offer.

St George Sth Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Chris M           

best beach we found in corfu, well organised plenty of room, kept clean. only one caution we went the day after a massive overnight thunderstorm, changed the current and depth so careful with the kids. sexy v****a doughnuts v nice 1 euro. other doughnut man does not wear a t-shirt and its kinda hot did not buy from him as who knows what could have dripped in to his doughnut basket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice beach spent many happy days swimming in the ionian sea.


Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Chris M           

Went through First Choice rep from Kavos. Trip out to the "beutiful" beach on the mainland was OK rest of boat sleeping last nights hangover off. When we landed at the beach very let down. Water was not clean, the kids dug up old chicken bones and plastic forks from the "sand" BBQ very much value chicken. Had to pay extra 3e for sun loungers. Trip back made up a bit with stop off at Blue Lagoon jump off boat etc. Not good value for money, better off hiring car and exploring for yourself, or doing the Blue Lagoon trip.