Lemon Grove Restaurant - (Restaurants in Kavos)

Sami P           

went to lemon grove mid holiday compared to everywhere else this was well nice. right next to the beach, surprisingly not alot of flies and our waiter was so friendly! the pr woman, didn't catch her name, but she was so friendly and welcoming, not like most of the other pr's! Was quite expensive but what u did get was really nice and tasted great! so this place would be good if ur going out jus for a meal, not with full on  bar crawl after, trust me dont work!

Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon - (Corfu Excursions)


this boat trip was fantastic, there was jus enough ppl on ur boat and the host was flippin crazy! if u fell asleep u would soon know bout it coz u'd be drenched with freezin sea water! dunno what his name was but he made the 45min to the beach and back again seem so much quicker and enjoyable, one thing i will say is if ur a veggie let them know coz the bbq is quite boring but they do provide u with a veggie option if u need it. only letting u know coz one girl bless her, had a full arguement with one of the other host and he made her look stupid. wasnt impressed! when ur at the beach theres loads of water sports so take ur euros with u! the blue lagoon is also amazing! looks shallow but very miss leadin!  well worth going on this trip, gets u out of kavos for the day for 30 euros bargin!