Bonkers Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Anneka G          10/10

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Best bar ever !!! went nearly everynight love the tunes! DJ was awesome and just out there to get everyone leglesss and usually  (sick), Jen did the sambuca challenge 17 shots in 20 secs! beat all the lads!!! whoop whoop def would go back to kavos purely for this bar only!!  

Atlantis Club - (Bars in Kavos)

Anneka G

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well this place was amazing!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR THE JUDGE!!! bloody brilliant he was! the best night had got to be the Hed Kandi night tho they were so good i danced for 2 and a half hours none stop! . Be sure you dont miss the after party bar on the beach! didnt go there till the last night, I was so pleased we went but sooo gutted we left it till the last day. after a mad night just go behind the club to the chilled out session on the beach sit around the bonfire and tuck into some BBQ definately the best place to go! MISS IT AND MISS OUT!!