Angelos Bar - (Bars in Kassiopi)

Monty M          5/10

Reasonable location in centre of the town, good efficient service and some good music. 

A bar suitable for all age groups and the quiz nights are well run and worth a go, especially
60s, 70s and 80s nights (though general knowledge quiz night tends to be slow).   

TUI - (Tour Operators on Corfu)

Monty M          8/10

Thoroughly enjoyed 2 week holiday in Kassiopi with Thomson (returned 28 Sep 07).  Good flight

from Bristol, extra leg room sets well worth the money.  The service on board was fine and landed 30 minutes early. Reasonable in-flight entertainment though not over keen on outbound flight meal.  Airport rep was efficient insofar as we were directed to the correct coach, thereafter another rep gave incorrect transfer times and with no rep on the coach, driver had to give us directions to the hotel.  Note:  Kassiopi rep was Vicki, best ever on a holiday - always smart, on time, cheerful and well mannered. Nothing was too much trouble for her, she would offer suggestions on where to eat, what to do and see etc.  Happy to be guided or updated through others  experiences. ConsideringVivki had only been in Kassiopi this summer, we were really impressed.  Journey back to airport fine, usual airport chaos, but again the reps kept us up to date.  Flight delayed 40 mins but time made up on route.  Much improved catering choice on return. More than pleased with Thomson, happy to recommend them and will probably holiday with them again.  

Strofilia - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Monty M          10/10

One of the holiday highlights.  We purposely sought out tavernas we thought offered authenticity and ate there seven of the thirteen nights. Perfectly prepared food, be it fresh fish, pasta-based or traditional greek, all beautifully presented - without exception, or fuss.  This taverna is family run;  it shows, and has offered some of the finest food I have eaten either amongst the Greek islands or on the mainland.    

Janis Taverna - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Monty M          7/10

Taverna advertises itself with having romantic dinners at a  stunning location, overlooking the beach.

 View is not everything! Staff were efficient but over eager - always felt we were rushed from one course to the next.  Food was of a good quality and well presented but we left feeling we had not received full value for money.  

Old School Taverna - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Monty M          2/10

For one night only - never again.  Starter was absolute disgrace, cheapest packet ham shoved on a small slice of melon - no thought, no presentation.  Got worse, frozen fish with frozen vegetables, nothing on the plate did anything for the eyes or taste buds. 

Kassimi Hotel - (Accommodation in Kassiopi)

Monty M          7/10

Great location with balcony views overlooking Albania and the harbour.  Made to feel very welcome by Panis and the Team, nothing too much of a problem for them, or us.  Room standard basic greek, but clean and tidy with towel/linen changes twice a week. Breakfast very basic and little choice, got to us after three days and we preferred to walk to local bakery or market instead.  

September - (Best Time to Visit)

Monty M          9/10

Just returned from last two weeks of September in Corfu.  First 11 cloudless and warm (average 28 degrees), penultimate 2 sunshine and rain , and last day gloriously hot.  Must be a fab place to see in the spring, but green enough with lots of flora around.   Few kids (which is why we went) and a real nice mixture of teens / 20s & 30s / and retired couples, all of whom mixed well.   

Costas Bar - (Bars in Kassiopi)

Monty M          9/10

Super place of a night time, greek dancing every night in some style.  What kostas does in his dance routine with a table and chair needs to be seen to be believed.  Good disco sounds which covers all generations, you would not be disappointed to spend an evening here.

Ag Spiridon Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Monty M          8/10

Deserves to be included in the top 10 places to visit on Corfu.  Good beaches and great if you scuba or snorkel.  Some stunning backdrops from the mountains and cafes/tavernas seemed to be better than average. 

Sidari - (Resorts on Corfu)

Monty M          2/10

Sorry, just not our scene. Plenty of people in all age-groups there but;  McDonalds, chinese, mexican, indian curry houses and english bar after bar is not my idea of Greece, might just as well have been in England.  Great if your life consists of tattoos, chicken nuggets, wearing football shirts and ending up in a drunken heap.  Deserves more for the beaches (but you still can't get away from the life style even there) so sorry, not for us.

Boat trip to Erikoussa Island - (Corfu Excursions)

Monty M          5/10

Mixed feelings about this trip.  Took almost 2 hours to sail there, just over 3 hours on the island, then 2 hours back again.  Nice beach and good food and drink at the hotel but not worth 4 hours travel time.  However, take the trouble to walk up the hill to the church and helicopter pad for stunning views that probably made the trip worthwhile - just. 

Trip to Corfu Town - (Corfu Excursions)

Monty M          7/10

Worth a look.  Went there twice (once by boat and once with a car). Interesting walks and quite scenic, marked differences between old town and the newer area (esplanade etc).  Shops ok, but please could we have some differences - most shops sell the same touristy stuff with little originality.  I can't see the point in travelling to Corfu and seeing trinkets you could get anywhere in Britain, ie name pens, name key rings, sticks of rock, Buddas, named cups and mugs - stuff that has nothing remotely greek about it and almost everything made in China !!!!!! Wooden items worth a look, some original gift ideas there, but again, pretty much the same in every wood shop.  Be warned that designer label stuff is stupidly expensive.   

Kassiopi - (Exchange Rates on Corfu)

Monty M          8/10

Average exchange rate seemed to be 1.42 at the travel agencies.  Cosmic were very good and did not charge to exchange, but were happy to accept donations to their local animal cause.

Kassiopi - (Resorts on Corfu)

Monty M          8/10

Very much enjoyed Kassiopi.  Easy mixing of all age groups in the evening at clubs and bars.  Lovely fishing village atmosphere eary mornings. Leasurely eating during the day and the whole place comes alive of an evening.  Recommend searching out the more authentic greek places to eat, especially the family run taverna Strofilia.   Local beaches are ok but really recommend "sandy beach" at kalamaki ( 10 mins on the boat or 5 mins mini bus - both direct from Kassiopi).