Jasmines - (Bars in Kassiopi)

Carol J

hey, its carol or camilla as best known lol, how do you add jasmines on facebook x great couple of noghts in there xxx

Kassiopi - (Resorts on Corfu)

Carol J          10/10

Hello people, just returned from Kassiopi, i went for my wedding anniversary. Why hasn't anyone mentioned DON'S BAR, great family atmoshere, food to die for, ask him in advance for Carols stuffed peppers, with rice n feta cheese they are to die for. We got it recommended by someone who spends alot of time in corfu and loved it. When you visit again go down side street past mak mak bar, past little shop and its on your right hand side. We also did all the other bars mentioned and had a brilliant time . Loved Kassiopi, very Greek lol