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Nikolas K

Hello, I will like to ask you about the jobs in Kavos. I'm interested to come and work in Kavos. If you know something about just let me know please.It's very important for me so if anyone has any information about please contact me. Thank you.

Russell H

My son was attacked outside Buzz Bar last year on 18 th July 2011 at 5.00am (I know its a long time ago but I've had hardly any information from Corfu Police). 4 men attacked my son with a knife but a bar/restaurant owner tried to intervene. I'm still offering a 500 reward for information leading to the conviction of the attackers. Thanks to the receptionist at Corfu Sea Garden who helped him stem the flow of blood.

Becky H

Went to Kavos last year!! Buzz was one of the best bars but everytime the police drive past the music was turned off for about 10 mins!!!! But when the music is on it's a great night!!! xx

Sophie J

Sexiest DJ everrrr it has to be said aha.
Not bad music eitherrr (: and Mike the PR was bloody lovelyyyy, was even at our place at 9am in the morning we left to say bye, even though there were only 2 of us being picked up then ha.
If anyone was out there between 25th August and 8th September add meee


Salv M          10/10

Ooo Buzz was my fave club out there, it was always full and the people in there were so nice. I reccomend Buzz as its one of my faves there and will always be the most pacekd and they will get you the best deals on drinks there.

S V          10/10

Not my type of music but the bar was HEAVING every night i was in Kavos

James D          10/10

well wasnt that a week to remember,sorry,try to remember!buzz bar was the best,full of girl,which is a bonus,first nite in there was wasted and i have the scars to prove it.

go to buzz,u wont regret it!!!!!!

Danielle N

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omg got back on saturday, but im missing the man in the buzz bar adam the pr he nos who he is. if u dont im the one who saved u from getting knocked out with a huge piece of melon (jamie). hopefully see u at the reunion, 10th november wooooooooohooooooooo cant wait love me xxxxxembarrassed

Pepsie T

came home from kavos yesterday wish i had stayed had an awesome time will defo be back next year!!!!

Danielle P          10/10

Got back from Kavos on the 4th 9 of us went it was brilliant goin back with a friend to work next year as a PR!!! cant wait

Players Lounge= quality night if u like ur RnB Etc... Atlantis RnB Great but doesn't get goint till bout 1am
best holiday so far!!!!

Ediz H          10/10

 Only got back yesterday, feeling really depressed!!!

Buzz Bar was excellent! Everynight was a fantastic night! Snobs was mad, i loved it! Definatley gotta go back one day. Definatley would recommend 'The drunken Squid' restaurant, they're food was out of this world! Also liked 'The players lounge' if you like the more RnB stuff too!!
PS - The Blond PR girl outside Buzz Bar is Georgeous!!!!!!!

Kirsty, S          10/10


This bar was amazing! Us girls loved it!
We havnt that long been home got home 6th of july
Wish we were stil there
But we had an amzing time

Toni H          10/10

buzz bar is boss  plays all da best tunes not long c*m home frm kavos it was alrite ova der

Lucy B

Going home today from kavos and its been brilliant! Buzz bar is wkd, and its even better to have eye candy like giuseppe outside to look at (who i managed to pull b4 leaving)GET ON IT!!lol.

Great tunes and atmosphere-willhopefully b back soon!!

Sameha F

hi went 2 cavos june 2007 wid my mate it was wicked  buzz bar is wkd but best place is sex the foam party and atlantic actually dey r all gr8 love it and the song rock to the beat move your dancin feet is called toxic remix-rock with the beat i f**kin love it made dem play it in every club we went 2 haa!!! haaa love it i hav a question there was a song and it hgoes "huh wot u waitin for huh just a little more" and another bit goes "go down go donw go down go down" err no idea wot it called plz let me no if u no thnx lurvin club 18-30 whoop lurve kavos trabucos was da best hotel to stay in!!!!!

Lisa J          10/10

just got back from kavos it was great had a right gud time buz bar was great and so was snobs and cant wait to go back next year hopefully to stay for season!!! xx x x x

Dawn S          10/10

click to enlargeWent to Kavos last year there was seven of us and we had the best time ever! Buzz bar was amazin' everynight for the two weeks we were there we went to Buzz Bar! it is where all of the action is! X

Stephen A           

The song is called Toxic Riddem Britney Spears vs Cutback, email me if you want it.

I worked at Buzz all summer, i know the PRs n you can get in touch with some of them through me.

"The best DJs, the biggest tunes, Kavos no1 for Dance, this is the Buzz Bar"

Kelly F           

Kavos is pure quality its the destination 4 partying 1 of the bst clubs by far is the BUZZ BAR.Smile Cheap drinks gr8 music and gorgeous bar mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Tongue Advised u 2 go here. hope 2 get bk there nxt year . fae the bellshill burdz. x x x WinkTongue


Stephanie G           

omg by far the best bar in music, best drink, best atmosphere n best of all pr mr giuseppe!!! was amazin id advise anyone to go i hate when i see bad reports coz its was f**kin beezer!!!! cnt wait to go bck next year n work!!! miss the welshies xx

the scotty girlies room 302 trabukos
anyone who in the midle of june goin to the reunion???

Glitter G           

i wz in buzz evry nyt!!! its by far th best bar kavos has to offer!! i total fell 4 alex, th bar man!! the shy alex no th loud 1 lol!! he wz muh wee holiday romance hehe!!  best bar gon lv ya XxX

Bristol B           

fantastic every night, the only downer was the mornings with the hang over. fit bar man in buzz and sexy p.r aswell. the best bars in kavos is blatenly buzz, atlantis, & snobs!!!!

we'll be back!!!
bristol babes

Dolly F           

The music in this bar was really good, spent a lot of our drunken moments in here, staggering around, we got that deal ,drink as much as u like for 10 euro for a hour but we kinda extended it for like 3 hours but they didnt clue on lol then we got this lad to down a drink reaL FAST and smashed the glass up the wall lol dnt no what was going threw our heads ye but it was wkd in here all goodddddddddddddddddddddddddddd WE MISS KAVOS :(

Stacey E           

 This was our favourite bar in Kavos. We went there almost every night.

Music was BRILL     Drinks were cheap, atmosphere was out of this world.
I loved swinging round the poles and dancing by the smoke machiene.
We met this PR Rep/Doorman named Cookie he was ace bought me n my fella drinks and had a rite laff!
Would reccomend this bar espically if you like ya dance tunes!


The first night we were there we met a gorgeous p.r called Josepi!!!!.

The following night my friend Carley met the barmen called Alex and fell in love with him....
Snobs and Buzz are probably the best bars in Kavos.Guarnteed a good night.
Bristol Babes Chem and Carley
P.S will be back to do some unfinished
september 2006
2months on.