Mistral Bar

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Sophie Y          10/10

click to enlargeI worked at Mistral bar this year (07) and, although I'm biased, I will say it is a fantastic place to go. We had loads of great feedback over the summer and myself and Kristos (the owner) really enjoyed the company of all the holiday makers! I hope to be back there next year!

Chris C           

 August 2006, Mistral Bar under new ownership of Kristos, one of the two brothers who own and have ran for years the other Paleo hot spot, Moody Blue.  Mistrals offers more of the same but with a fantastic view of the bay and harbour, with live DJ, good deals on cocktails, a good mix of tourists and locals and of course a great host with great personality.   Great for alternate nights or close enough to hop between both Mistrals and Moody.  Cant wait to see you next year,  Maureen and Chris   

Denys M           

hi there angel... the mistral bar has recently been taken over by a lovely greek / english couple and therefor under new management. i work in paleo, and have been there a couple of times this summer. great music, brand new sw**ky toilets and the whole place was a clean and shiny as a new pin. paleo is kind of lacking in nightlife, but the mistral does a pub quiz and karaoke every week. it might not be for everyone, but at least it means there's more on offer for those who like a night out.

if you go along, you'll realise the place has a great atmosphere and an incredible view over the bay. enjoy yourselves!

Fallen A           

I haven't been to Paleo since the summer of 2000, so this review is possibly a bit dated.
This bar had breathtaking views and you could sit there slowly sipping a cocktail and watching the sun go down.  The range of cocktails was excellent, although the ice was crushed by the barman holding it in his hand and smashing it underneath the bar - very hygienic.  The occasional ant sometimes appeared during a cocktail's creation, and was swiftly rescued out with a spoon and served to the customer.
The owner of the bar was frequently seen shouting at the English girls who worked in the bar, although you would occasionally see him in a good mood.  He was also a bit of a sleaze and would turn on the charm when female customers appeared in the bar.  One thing I found very worrying was when the barmen gave out free shots to customers - nothing wrong with this you may think, but the rapid transformation in some of the customers from being sober or tipsy to being horrendously drunk did make me wonder if something other than alcohol had been put in some of them.
A beautiful bar to have a few drinks in, but I would advise customers to keep their wits about them and perhaps to discard free shots.

Hayley B           

Brilliant bar! We really enjoyed it here. Perfect views, friendly staff, brilliant!