Resorts on Corfu

Dolly F           


we had a brillant time at kavos 21st-28th,stayed at lefikimi right in the middle of the action easy to get home we was called brummy birds all hol,met sum gr8 prs from sxy bstards bar.tango bar,players bar, every1 was soooooo friendly, the lad frm alantus bar was gorg really friendly,we went on the blue lagoon that was a really good boat trip jumped off n won champagne got a mint tan that day :) all good i really miss the place and the people xxxxx

Neil S           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeloved kavos, had a quality 2 weeks wit the ladz from runcorn, was there from the 7th till the 21st, we didn't stop for whole time, if any1 was der at the same time, we were responsible for bananaman and the old woman with baby on back fancy dress, loved every minute of it, and im sure im on alot of your photgraphs. best place to eat was at pennys, an american restaurant - not that it seemed it, v friendly waiters. gd food. corfu town was good for shopping but just as expensive as at home, so dont go if your looking for cheap stuff as its a long bus ride away. if your on your way there take a visit to a bar called jc's where u'll find dj madf**ker, he's quality. other than that i'll leave ya to your own party island ways, kavos own shermin aka bananaman

Mr R           

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whats up people. kavos was the best this year. big up all the seaside tavarna crew. and big up freestyle ( woolfy, kerrie, janine, laurie ) and at the seaside ( julios, micky, helen, michael )

Tony N           

kavos is definately the place to be every summer without a doubt, the two weeks we spent out there was bangin, tim westwood, heartless crew n judge jules all within 2 weeks n only cost 60 euros, so get ur f**kin a**e there now, cya


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Kavos crew.....


click to enlargeWell Kavos was amazing!Me and 7 fellow Teesside lasses on tour!Kirsty,Teagan,Claire,Kelly,Shelly,Amy,Jodie and Coleen.Gutted we had to come homeAll the staff were spot on...especially Julias he was a propa ladies man...them eyesWell not as much a ladies man as the rep Darren...Woolfy was the pimp!First day met some Donny lads,never apart! who a can say we ve made friends for life.OWWWW...anyone there from 23rd June onwards will know the calling!Dont stay at the Seaside if you arnt willing to have less than 3 hours sleep a night cos its very noisy!And dont jump in the pool at night or you'l get labelled BAD BOY AFRICA hahaha.If you have a good taste in music Julias will put your cds on round the pool he loved a bit of retro!ha!When you get there the reps will try to encourage you to go on excursions...at first you l be pissed off but take the offer its well worth it!We did bar crawls,barbecues,foam parties and saw Judge Jules he is a legend!Most days we ate at the apartments as meals are a reasonable price and also tasty...i recommend mushroom stragnff or carbonara...sorts you out after a good night on the town!Dont hire quads out as apparently ours got 134 complaints by local people and the lads got fined.Go to club Trinity and 42nd street they have the best tunes!DJs wicked there!Only downside to kavos is the mosquitoes!Me and my mate got bit loads!Apart from that its mint!So have a magners and enjoy!p.s if your really friendly you wont have to pay for sunbeds round the pool we didnt once!

John D           

Jus got bak from Kavos, was gr8, yer it smells in sum places n that lol but at ad end of da day, the hol is wot u make it, n i reccomment it 4 ne1.

we stayed @ Olympion Village which wer sum of da best apartments i fink: up a hill, but v spacious n that, wit a nice pool area.


Hi, was in kavos for 2 weeks it was pretty good but not as wild as i was told it would be. Been to busier and more lively resorts ... wasnt too bad though.

Does anyone have a copy of the kavos 06 cd? i bought it over there but dont know wot ive done with it ..and it was pretty good.

Mike W           

click to enlargeyawrite kavos rocked. we stayed at the stavros apartments and it was amazing Taz, Jen, Babs, Dave all of the crew were amazing. night life rocked everyone was so friendly especialy when your a big drinker (wonder why that is) went to trinity on the wednesday where judge jules was playing dave managed to get us VIP passes and then went to vibe on the last night where they had a drink as much as you can in an hour for €10 i managed 18 Vodka red bulls quality, then off to sex for the foam party which was wicked we had such a good time were going back on 25th aug so anyone going out there the same time wanting a good time let us know cause the more the merrier see you all soon.

Neil B           

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Here's the rest of the pics

From left, Gus-18, Graeme-18, Neil-20 and Dave-20
Was a great holiday last year and it should be awsome agian this summer!!

Brian H           


well its that time of year again, were everyone is thinkin of where to go on holiday, well for the third time were goin back to kavos for a week, staying at the seaside taverna, a great place to chill during the day, kavos a great place to go on hol, the nightlife is great and the atmosphere is awesome.
Were flying out on the 8th of sept 2006 for a week, I would like to hear from people who are also gonna be out there at the same, please feel free to email me on bharris2003@o2.co.uk
can hopefully meet and go out for a night on the strip

Katie G           

Anyone who goes to Kavos should have a really fab time (if you're not snob - its not exactly the cleanest and prettiest place to holiday!) but its great if you like to have fun and enjoy drunken nights out!! There are bars to suit all as well as great people - everyone is really friendly and there's really good nightlife - you're sure to have fun!!! Did anyone stay with Thomson/Freestyle last summer? I worked as a rep there (aka Melons!) and had the best summer ever!!

Sexy B           

went to kavos august 19th, all the army lads. it was a proper laf and any1 who is thinking of going should go, we stayed in kavos plaza n there wasnt really a favourite bar but we always went to rockys coz we liked the prs their. holly davies i rekon u were 1 of those pr's wasnt u. dont u remember me i bought u a cheeky vimto!

Brian H           

Me and my friend both went to kavos from june the 10 to the 17th, we had a great time there, i have been before and it was just as good as the first time, i would suggest goin to kavos to anyone who asks me for a good resort with loads of bars and clubs, would love to hear from anyone who went this year and tell me what you thought of the place, as last time the beach was full of seaweed, but otherwise it was great

we are planning on goin back next year again in june so if anyone is goin in that month please get in contact with me.

Keri K           

We just got back from Kavos on 10/10/05 and had a great time. It was coming to the end of the season and alot of places were closing but still had a good time. Fire bar was the best. So many free drinks and we became friends with the owner Timos!! If ur looking for somewhere good to eat in the evenings Penny's Kitchen is great. 3 courses for 9.50 and it was the nicest food. Ate there 3 times the week we were there and the staff always welcomed us. They were really friendly. The beach isnt as bad as everyone says. There is a funny smell in Kavos but that is only bcos Greece doesnt have a very good sewage system. Its not there all the time just every now and then u might smell it but u get used to it as it isnt too bad. The only bad thing is the ppl trying to get u to go into their resturants and bars. They wont take no for an answer. So we decided each night where to eat before we went out so when we walked past them we would just tell them we had already eaten or we werent drinking that night and that made them leave us alone!! I know its there job but it is so annoying!! We stayed in Olympion Village apartments which were th newst apartments this season and they were so nice. All the staff were friendly, The rooms were really nice and the food was nice. They have a huge pool and a snack bar and cocktail bar by the pool. If ur thinking of going to Kavos this is where u should stay!!

Layla D           

We just got back from Kavos on Monday and I really didn't want to come home!! The beach is crap and the hygiene is crap but everything else makes up for it! Would def recommend to all the clubbers out there!!!

Jazmine .           

Hi me and my boyfriend booked a holiday yesturday As we are already getin bored of the winter suddenly creeping in........

Sooo.. anyway we booked kavos For june next year.... we are a young couple and are looking for a fun packed holiday with lots of water sports... lots of sun ... lots of BEERRSS!! (and a place to recover from the beers) we want somewhere jam packed with excursions and things to do ... so we are never bored!
This is our first holiday so we want it to be fab! We will be staying at the morfeas appartments and we arrive on the 24th of june!
I would jus like a lil bit of advise ... have we chosen the rite place? is the weather nice at the end of june?
Possibly sum info from another young couple how they found it etc......
Any feed back would be much appreciated
Jazmine & Daniel

Shareena M           

Bonnie and Shareena here, ladies from the South West (Torquay) We went to Kavos W.C 26th  September for one week, we stayed in the Olympion Village, which let us add are spot on, immaculate apartments as they are brand new! Everything is in walking distance, so yep, we were proper pleased! We had a wicked time!


Night life is a right giggle, we found Snobs to be one of the best pubs going, big shout out too the PR’s. All the staff were really friendly too, we had a good few comedy drunken nights dancing around, doing the running man in flip flops etc… HA! Great fun!!
 So If anyone is off to Kavos have a great time!


Jacquie T           

The resort we stayed in was called Aphrodite and it was very nice, the room was fairly small but was enough for us. The owner and everybody who worked there was very friendly and we are all missing it already!

Elise B           

 Im so gutted to be home. Got back from kavos just under a week ago and i loved it. the people were fab and i miss them the most! Great nightlife! Can anyone help me....im wanting to work there as a PR next summer but don't know how to go about it? Can anyone suggest a website for it or something? thanks a lot. Elise x x x

Keith L           

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The Kilts in Kavos are just back from Kavos on the 14th Aug 2005 after two weeks and it was some experience. Everything is practically on your doorstep. All the girls were dropping it like its hot and the Aphrodite Staff and PR girls and everyone we met were all really cool!

Recommendations: Rockys,Buzz Bar, Empire, Futures, Atlantis
    If you wanna get blootered on holiday stick to the Sambukas and Jack Daniels,
    if you dont then stick to the soft s**t.
    For food try: The Golden Fleece, Tex Mex and Olympia and
    Bob's (Chips n Cheese) opposite Futures to soak up that alcohol at the end
    of the night.
Dissapointments:    The Beach and coming home
Cheers to all the sexy gals on the strip that signed Falcs T-shirt, his arms, his legs, his chest, his forehead and his back and his bum. HE WAS WELL CHUFFED!
May b hitting the Kavos strip again in July next year hopefully!
Email/MSN addys

Sam F           

i went to kavos in july last year and am on my way back there now! had the time of my life!

just eat sleep and drink drink drink! wat more can you ask for there are loadsa of palces to go...nitelife its great...and loadsa fit lads about 4 to every girl!Tongue
if you looking for a top holiday KAVOS is the place to go
enjoy your hols you wont look back! xx
youll be sad to leaveCry


Kavos is the best if you have never been ur love it if you have been your in love i might evan move there ;)


All i can say is Kavos Rocks! Oh and prepare for n sleep! It's def a must place be for a quality summer!

Simone Y           

went to kavos last year ad a wicked time!! goin back nxt july!! anyone planned that far ahead ha ha!

Becky N           

Going out on Oct 10th..the ONLY time i could get off work..hopefully it will still be buzzing..going with Escapades and staying in Aphrodite..with my crazy friend..we are going to have a wild time! boys watch out!!! xxx

Sarah L           

Ive just got back from Kavos and had a wicked time, one of the best places  to go I would say is Buzz bar of an evening.   The best place I went to was trinity on Wednesdy night,  it was mad, as those of you that went should know.

I will definatly be going back soon.

Carl S           

oreet daz   kavos was mint sea was excellent n music was awesome girls are easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey G           

hmmm na not u mate!!XX

Daz N           

Who, me? Nah, I said I loved it, part from the gypos!

Tracey G           

seems 2 me u had a unlucky holiday!! cz our holiday was the best ever!! wud go back now if i cud!!X

Daz N           

kavos is f**kin' mint! don't nobody slag it off.... apart the the prs that annoy the f**k out of ya, and the lil gypos selling ya hats, n beads, roses n stupid glowing wristbands, arrrgggghhhhh!!!!! other than that its ana ce holiday, just done 2 weeks n loved it! check out buzz n empire for tunes, snobs n venue (when teher r ppl in it!) for r&b, n take a trip down 2 jc's, rolling stone, rocky's or even beetle bar! (but only 4 the beetle juice mind)

Carl C           

Also i gota say best bars have gota be "beetle bar, Rockys, Buzz bar, and snobs. Best clubs i think is probably Venue and Trinity....i think.

Carl C           

bass in ya face!! alrite treacle , yea kavos has improved quite a bit compared to when i went in 99, theres plenty more women there now definately mae!!! came back on the 22nd july and i had to have 3days off work to recover from the 2weeks of non-stop drinkin n smokin!! it was definately a mad one, all 9 of us had a wicked time. i recommend that if you are goin for two weeks, dont drink alcohol in the daytime cuz itll just f**k your nght up n youll be goin back to the apartment early, and dont just go down the poo infested beach everyday or the pool....do something like go on the beach barbecue boat trip, aqualand or go-karting etc etc. it is well hot in kavos at the moment, the second week i could hardly be bothered to sunbathe anymore cuz it was like 32-33 everyday!!! gemma if you are readin this, you are really gorgeous sweetheart and im glad i met you and had those few days together. oh and thanks for sticking that hairbrush up my ass......

Joe W           

Never been before and looking forward to it, from most of the comments here it seems that if you are looking for a good drink and chilled out day it's all good!! So gib an I will be there at the end of this week for beer, beaches and babes. Lock up your daughters.


Debbie O           

Kavos was fantastic..... chaotic, busy, exciting and noisy!! Not for the faint heated but if you are a bit of a party animal or want to be one for your hols then this is definately the best place to go.

Make sure you go to 'Beetle' pub and drink 'Beetle Juice' with the lovely Spiros and Costas.
Also go to Rolling Stone and Sammy's Bar.
Try staying just outside of Kavos to get a bit of peace and quiet when you need it!
Fabulous holiday and will definately go back.
Kavos June 2005

Tracey G           

ahh man!! kavos is the best!! the clubs the sun are wicked as well !!missin it loads!! dnt 4get 2 check out so solid crew in snobs people!!X

Mark W           

The best bars include the Barn (to start the night off), Fire bar, Be Free, Buzz, Empire, Rockys, 42nd Street and one of the best is Crash with MC Simon Sez who follows up his set from 4 o clock at Heaven til 8 in the morning. (this is mainly hard core PR's)

Did anyone check out DAVE PEARCE (radio 1) on thursday night @ LimeLight? Or Artful Dodger on Sunday 24th?
Don't forget to get your CHECKY VINTOS in The Rolling Stone or most other places

Mark W           

Got back from Kavos yesterday evening. OH MY GOD what a happening and quality place, can't believe so many people slag it off (u need a life) The only bad things are the BITES, not just from the women. Suffered about 20 bites on my one foot that have become infected and swollen like a balloon, can't walk on it now. The only decent DAY trip is the boat ride out to mainland greece for the BBQ, then onto Blue lagoon, check out Madonna's apartment in the background (Trust me!) The trip ends at the largest caves in mainland greece. Don't pay more than 25 euros. We got our tickets from the beach boyz on the beach (surprisingly) for 25 but reps will charge up to 55 Euros (club 18-30).

The best clubs have got to be FuTuRe and Atlantis this is the same complex (Trinity on a wednesday night). when the lights come on at 4 o clock at Future head to Atlantis. Atlantis is more chilled out due to being right on the beach and music can't be loud. Atlantis is open til 7! (for all you hard corers)
Other decent clubs include Lime Light, The Venue, Sex club (good for foam parties) and The Rolling Stone is good for alternative music if your into Oasis, the Killers, feeder, blur etc etc. Don't request any other Oasis song apart from 'She's Electric' coz thats all the DJ has!


ain't got a clue yet what it like. goin 12th august to 26th august, staying in olympian hotel. anyone know if any gd? so far heard its decent 4 younger ppl but ave w8 til get there. email if u been where im goin and gimme me heads up if its s**t, ta

Tracey G           

YES defo!! empire snobs fire bar 42nd street and tango bar!! wicked places!! ders so many!!x


resort is dirty, bad smells in the day time, stale beer, sewage and PUKE!!!  shopping facilitis are good, beach is poor - not very clean at all. if you like RATS kavos is ideal for you. as my partner and i saw a few dead ones, and one even ran into the restaurant we were eating in ......TO ALL OF YOU WHO THINK KAVOS IS CLEAN....NOW TELL ME ITS A CLEAN PLACE. rats love dirt !!!!!!

Mark S           

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We had a great time in kavos!!!! There was 5 of us to start out with then there was 9!  We met a set of 4 great lads from wigan and the 1 from St Selens! We did the drinking, we did the karaoky and we did the birds!!! OH YES!! AV IT! EASY,EASY,EASY!!!!!! we stopped  in the kaparis beach club appartment room 115 and loved every min of it! we arrived on te 4th july 2005 and left on the 18th july 2005! I must say i met a really nice lass out there called Nikki from Liverpool so if your reading this Nikki i really do like you i just want you to know! Any way cya at the reunion guys!

MARK   Smile

Kieron D           

click to enlargeAny girls going biscoutsis apartments on the 25th July - 9th August, if ya r im on me tod coz of a mix up, can u look after me????   ; )    who knows wat ya get in return!

 (here is a picture of me drunk, look out for me, post a message bk)
b lucky

Kat G           

hey hey me n ma 3 friends goin 2 Kavos 29 july well excited kavos u aint seen notin yet!!!!!

Katy C

hi everyone. me and a friend are going to kavos for two weeks mid august, staying at the sailor apartments. anyone now what they are like or where they are? let me know any good bars/clubs or sights worth seeing thanks katy x

Amy S           

Hiya, me and a mate are flying out to Kavos on the 29th of July and are staying in the Penny apartments. Has anyone stayed there and whats Kavos like in general for the young and lively???

Danielle F           

4 girls aged 17 goin to kavos end of july 05, looking forward 2 meeting lots of lads, an having a great time

Aimee H           

hey everyone, im goin to corfu on the 16th july (the end of this week yey!!) have never been but looking foward to getting very drunk and having a laugh. me and my best mate are staying at the Kalypso apartments if anyone else is staying there...email me at hrm40175@port.ac.uk.

which are the best bars/clubs to go to?  anyways i cant wait watch out lads....

Big A           

Just returned from krapos and have to say.... what a disgusting place- nightlife was abosolutely dismal- couldnt get a drink after 3am and only 3 bars worth visiting. I've seen better looking woman in a plane crash and my room (Hotel Assollsliu) resembled a farmyard after a gang of pikeys with dioreah have stayed!! I was so fed up with northern teenagers with 3/4 length shorts, Reebok classics and white socks that i had to take the law into my own hands one night and give 3 chavs a slap and a headcrack! oh, and if you were that dirty little fat minger in the pink dress who was chanting "Finger me A*se" to the tune of Hey Jude at 5am outside my room.... I KNOW WHO YOU ARE

Daniel D           

hi every1, im off to Kavos at the end of july for 2 week with 2 of my friends. were all 17. Is there any girls going around the same time that are interested!!!!

Tom M           

Hi Peeps. Going to Kavos on 5th August 4 2 weeks. Went last year at same time and it was cracking. Staying at the Cavos Beach clubs anyone know what this place is like? Venue easily best place to go. C u all there. The Hull Lads are coming...

Claire M           

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KAVOS WAS GREAT!  Good lively holiday....weather was great...men were fit....accomodation was good...food was lovely....bars were fab....what more could a girl ask for?!

If anyone remembers us or wants advice (I'm the blond one) e-mail: claire.moody@durham.gov.uk
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jon P           

Hi girls . 4 lads from Birmingham are flying out on the 25th july to party in Kavos . If you fancy a chat before we go or would like to meet up when we are there give me a nudge .

I can be found online at jonprice314@hotmail.com  add me to msn messy or drop me a line

Trevor J           


Dorothy T           

click to enlargehello eny 1 been to kavos in october as its the first time for me and my family to go there this year wats it like and is there much for the youngs 1s to do there like water parks and stuff if so would be gratfull for your comments  my email addy ids dotuk@msn.com or is there eny other water stuff there during the day  for the  young 1s ages 9 and 12 thanks


Just got back from Seaside Tavernas in Kavos! Had an absolutely brilliant time! Michael, Mick, Helen and Julius - we love you!! To all reading the above names are the bar staff and They made our holiday! Really wish we were still there and will be back for the third time hopefully sometime soon! The room was great, the food was great, the cocktails were great and the people were even better! Definately recommended!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for everything DJ Lou and MC Ben

Saira .           

Me and 5 friends are flying out on monday 4th july 2005. so if theres any fit asian blokes going WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

were staying at Elli Studios so pop down whenever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian/ruben/the C           

Well i cocked that up didn`t a??  If anyone knows what the apts are like e-mail us iananna2002@yahoo.co.uk latters!!!!!!!!

Ian/ruben/the C           

Right its mint to see theres so many people heading for Kavos, so we joined the party! 3 geordie lads and their bouncing buddy are going out for the first time to Kavos to see what the fuss is about. Hoping for a mint time. Does anyone know what the Trabukos apts are like if so fill us in!!!! Pse! Woowh here come the SHOOTA`S!!

  Wink  Tongue       ian   ruben   tiggerjonny 3 balls 
Hope its a gud`un 

Ian/ruben/the C           

Right there`s 4 goodtime geordie lads heading to Kavos 18th July for a well deserved party!!! Its good to see theres plenty of females going to the party at the same time. Were stopping in the Trabukos apts (anyone know what there like???) so drop by and do a few shoota`s with us!!!

  TongueWink    See ya`s there!!!  ConfusedPissed 
ian   ruben    tigger   jonny 3 balls   

Danny S           

went for 6 weeks got back end of june 05.

and loved every day.went to kavos  


Hell Yeah Kavos here we come today 1st July!!!

For 2 weeks! See y'all there!

Michael A           

Hi Everyone out there

8 Lads from Southampton, Hitting Kavos on 01 Aug 05. Anyone else out there at that time. Let us know.

Kevin R           

goin kavos 1st july with two other fellas. have never been b4 and have heard loads of s**t comments but dont really care as i reckon i already know wot to expect. cant wait, stayin at the trabukos apartments. as long as there is sun, booze, wicked bars i dont really care, oh and loads of girls! if u will be in kavos at the same time then e-mail me at kevinross1983@msn.com if u think u could better my boozy holiday!

Rach and marie            

All booked and ready to go!  Fly out 18th July for 2weeks, staying at Trabukos appartments.  All set to drink and party until we drop and looking out for the gorgeous guys - so see you out there boy's! X X X X

Daz N           

Hey! yer, 2 wigan lads on way 2 kavos 18th July, stayin in Lefkimi s'gonna b ace

Tracey G           

Hey ..... 3 weeks 2 days 2 go til we are in Kavos!! 15th July til 22nd July!! cant wait!! ne one stayin in lefkimi Hotel ? or chandris appartments give me a shout! :) xxxbye 4 now xx

Gordon B           

Me, ma girlfriend and ma eight friends are going to Kavos on the 8th July 2005. Can't wait to go hopefully the weather is fab and the pubs are good.  

Will D           

headin out to kavos this friday the 24th June and theres gonna be mayhem, me n a couple of mates from Liverpool are headin over and a laff is intended, so all u girls watch out ur gonna get some lovin and it will be all night, haha anyway we got another mate flyin over for a week with us n he can drive so hes gonna get a beamer n well be strollin down the beach lookin for the gals.

if ur fit and out at the same time as me n me mates add us wdicko@hotmail.com and well get talkin n see wat happens in bit laterz xWiLLx

Carl S           

  2 Lads from wigan goin lefkimi on 18th cant wait ...can anybody tell us wot the offers on drinks are plz ....cya there Stocksy & Daz



Jayne T           

Hiya peeps! ! !

4 of Oxford's most finest hunnys goin out 2 kavos 4th July! You better believe it!
Can't wait 2 get out der n let down our hair! Maybe let down some other stuff aswell, hehe x
cyas all soon, Jaz x x x x x

Karl B           

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hey all to yorkshire lads here. me an my bro went to kavos in may an had the best time every we were stayin at the trabukos apartments it was well good bein with the 18-30s an it took all of a week b4 we booked to go back on july the 8th for a week so if any of u r going then hope to c u there. if u r planning to go u have to do it 18-30s its the best. if u wud like to contact me my email address is karlburton@hotmail.co.uk

Jenni R           

jenni x

Chris M           



Gonna have a "BANGIN" time in kavos on the 4th of july.......i think were gonna bring new meaning to the "independence" day.........

So.....any gorgeous ladies who actually find this website and are going to kavos or will be in kavos on the 4th of july.......look out for "oxfords finest" lol

Have a pleasant holiday people!!! goodbye!!