Resorts on Corfu

Michelle S

Thanku, will look forward to trying it

Derek J

theres a bakers just before you get to the church in sidari in that little village.

Michelle S

is there a traditinal greek bakers in sidari. will be going in August for second time. Have been to jenis but wanted something more traditional.

Michelle S          8/10

Hi, love sidari,went last year and going back in August. can anyone tell me if there is a traditional greek bakers in sidari. We have had cakes from jenis, but wanted something more traditional.

John P          10/10

  Just heard some GREAT news about Sidari, MYTHOS opening across from original restaurant, Churchills re-opening being re-vamped now, a fish foot spa being opened early may, BOLEROS re-opening as a IRISH bar, brilliant news for SIDARI.

Sarah S          9/10

We stayed at Zafiris last year (self catering) and are going back again this year, in June (all inclusive), with our 2 daughters (5 & 8). They loved the kids club, and we loved the time to ourselves. The people that work there are really friendly. It's in a nice quiet area but it's only a 10/15 min walk to the main strip of Sidari, plenty of choice if you want to go out to eat, though this year we won't be doing that much as all inclusive.

Nat N

jo cowan We have never stayed at Zafiris but we know where it is and it looks lovely. It's in the Canal D'amour area which is perfect for what you are looking for. Quieter area but not a million miles to walk into the main resort area. The beaches are nicer here than the main resort too :)

Tina H

Hi We have been going to Sidari for the last 6 years, we stay in the Lagoon apartments just off the strip so the location is brillient, if you want it quiet in Sidari you can get it, its a lot quieter in Canal De'Mur area, loads of restaurants, bars and shops there, but a 5-10 min walk to the strip for a long strip of restaurants, bars, shops etc, it doesnt get rowdy at all, at 10.30pm the bars turn their music up, but its not a rowdy resort, more for families and couples, we love it there, my son is 10 years old and loves it, we meet loads of families who go back each year, meeting them all in august at the lagoon, hope this helps

Jo C

Hi, hoping for some advice - family of 2 adults & 4 kids, aged from 12 - 5 looking for a quiet holiday, not in the middle of nowhere but not in the middle of noisy discos bars etc either - has anyone stayed at Zafiris hotel in Sidari? would you recommend it?  thanks

Chris P          10/10

Hey had to tell all i could, we just booked for 9th aprill 2012, at Kanalli hotel,

you can now book direct for aprill and october and the rates are fantastic, we going for easter celebrations, and with cheap flights and accomadation everyone can do it, come on lets get corfu opened earlier.
hope to see you there

Tina S

We will be back in Sidari in 11 weeks, sooooooooooo looking forward to it, its been 5 years since we were there last. Hope its as good as I remember it. :-)

Michelle G

 I am jealous a whole month!!! you jammy so and so's.....

We are back in less than 140 days but only for 2 weeks but better than nothing.
I also can't wait xx

Helen V

185 days till we are back in sunny sidari for a month.cant wait.

Michelle G

Hi Tim, the Sellas Hotel is a great little hotel just situated up a dirt track of the main sidari road.  Mimosa Marios and George are lovely guys and will look after you well.

The rooms are typical greek ie basic but with everything you need ie bed, shower, kettle, fridge.
The pool area is nice too and they have a sheltered area during the day time for drinks and snacks.
The breakfast is served in the dining area indoors and consists of cereals, fruit, cheese ham and bread as well as juice, tea and coffee so enough to see you through till lunchtime.
All in all a great place to stay (have stayed there 3 times myself) and know you will enjoy your visit.
If you are a cake lover by the way, pop down the dirt track to Jenis, she has some delicious cakes and does lovely sandwiches, all fresh to order.  She will also make up airport treats for you as well.
Happy Holidays xx

Michelle G

First to Lisa and Corfu Panorama.  A large complex overlooking sidari.  Very popular with families because of the all inclusive so therefore you get more for your money.

There is a mini bus which will ferry you up and down to resort during the day time unless you fancy the walk which is about 10 minute stroll downhill.  At this time of year there will be things closing down but still plenty open for you to either shop, eat or drink.
The resort will probably be families with their children on half term as well as older couples looking for a mid winter break before the cold snow and rain sets in!!!!!
Weather wise I should imagine will be a little bit of a mixed bag, sunny days, cooler evenings with maybe the odd storm thrown in for good measure.
I am sure you will have a fantastic time xx

Tim S



Can anybody give me their feedback.??

We are going to the Corfu Panarama for halfterm week at the end of october. I have been on trip advisor, but can anyone give me any more info as to what the weather is likely to be like, walk into the town, food. You know the questions. Any info would be great.
Lisa x

Michelle G

Hi Kelly the Paradise are in a good location just off the main sidari strip at the back.  If you remember where McDonalds used to be on the corner then Paradise are about 100 yards on the left and there is a large restaurant on the corner.  The Paradise are opposite the large car/coach park and you can access Ice Niteclub from the car park.

Weather at this time of year is usually great too with warm sunny days and balmy evenings.
Hope this helps a little and have a great time I 'm sure you will x

Kelly M

Hello everyone

I've just booked a holiday for myself and my family to Sidari and we are staying at the Paradise apartments/hotel. I used to go to Sidari with my dad as a teenager but it's been a while and my geography of the place is a bit rusty, can anyone shed any light on it's location?
Also travelling at a different time of year to what I usually do, what can I expect the weather to be like last week of May/ first week of June?
Thanks everyone!

Michelle G

Hi Nia, I think Sidari in September would be ideal for you guys.  It is still relatively busy and plenty of nightlife to keep you happy until the wee early hours.

The Yiannis are in a lovely spot, about 10 minutes stroll from the strip so far enough to get a good night's sleep.  They are up a small concrete path where Beach Star Hotel is and you will pass Megali Luxuries and Stema II apartments on the way.  The Yiannis I, II and Kousaros apartments are in their own grounds with nice sized pool and sunbeds and covered bar area and consist of two apartment blocks facing each other with the pool separating them both.
As far as restaurants are concerned you will be spoiled for choice, sidari offers mexican, chinese, greek and english as well as indian food so caters for all tastes and even fussy eaters should find something to eat here.
Your spending money should be ample for a week's stay in sidari even if you intend to visit other villages or do a trip or tour.  If you do want to visit other places then visit one of the many travel shops which offer trips at a fraction of the cost of the Tour Operators.  Popular trips are Paleocastrisa beach BBQ, sunset cruises and visits to corfu town via coach or boat, Paxos and anti paxos or you could get a trip to the nearby island of Erikousa and the boat stops at the harbour which is about 5 minutes away from your apartments and offers the trip for less than 5 euros return.
Hope this helps and happy holidays xxx
Michelle x

Michelle G

No Problem Steve hope it has helped you.  But if you are worried and do end up getting to the wrong place then it's about a 5 - 10 minute stroll to each other - if that makes sense

Alfa taxis are tried and tested and are very reliable.  We have used them many times in the past if you visit and send an e mail I am sure Dimitra will reply with a quote which I think is around 54 euros one way this year.  Just a note though last year they were requesting that you pay the return leg upfront also as they had encountered problems with pre-booked taxis only to find people were letting them down.
So e-mail Dimitra and she will get back to you.
All in all though a thorough and reliable service and I recommend them.
If you need any further info just ask  and have a safe journey and a fab holiday.  I have 14 days before I return to my beloved second home

Steve S

Thank you soooo much Michelle!

My partner gets sick on coaches so we generally get taxis. Other forums have suggested pre-booking Alfa Taxis Corfu. Can you recommend or offer alternative?
Thanks again for all your help.

Michelle G

Hi Steve, there are two Marias in canal d amour.  Marias hotel and apartments which are run by First Choice and Maria apartments run by Sunset both are also on the beach!!!!

Marias and Maria are about 10 minutes walk from each other but Maria Apartments have a bar attached called "Shooters Bar"
So depending on who you have booked with ie; First Choice or Sunset then ask the Driver to take you to the one you have booked. 
You will see Marias aparthotel as you approach canal d amour as it is just over loxides (smelly) bridge to your right.
Maria Apartment and Studios are also after the bridge but you bear left and carry on up the canal d amour road and they are set back off the road.
Hope this helps but if you need any more info just ask x

Steve S

Hi guys. Hope you can help out. We've just booked Maria Studios and are due to arrive nextweek. Trouble is the tour operator can't give us any address other than Sidari and we hear there is a Marias as well as a Maria....? If you know, could you please let us know where we're likely to end up if we ask the taxi driver to take us to Maria Studios, Canal d'amour, Sidari? Are the two quite close/ walking distance? It'll be dark when we arrive. Any advice/guidance very, very much appreciated. Steve & family.

Caroline R          10/10

The Spiradoula Apartments are on the outskirts of Sidari. They are not in the centre. The complex is highly recommended from friends of ours who have stayed there but it if its the same one you are in for a fair walk to get to the main centre. I have a map which I created some time ago as we have been going to Sidari for 14 years and have seen a lot of changes. If you would like a copy I will be happy to email this to you. 


Ann C

Hi, I have booked a holiday at the Spyridoula apartments in Sidari in July (family of four, 2 kids - 11 and 13). I can't seem to find an address or location for these apartments anywhere. Is anyone able to help with either a location or their view on what these apartments are like?

Nia W

Hii, me and my boyfriend are looking for somewhere to go on our first holiday early September time. I had a look at Kavos, and it looks a bit mad! We want to go somewhere that is relatively quiet, yet with a bit of life too?! Does Sidari have a good nightlife?! Ive seen a bargain, staying in 'Yiannis apts', does anybody know what they are like?!
 And also, what excursions are there?! And lastly, but most importantly what are the prices like for food, drink etc?! We were planning on taking about 300 each for a week, would you say that was enough or too little?!
Pleeaasse help! Thank you!

Susan M          10/10

Smile  Hi we have been going to sidari for the last 4 years and i have booked again this year and cant wait to get back there, I have a 13year old son and he is very awkward with food but he eats there quiet happy and they is things for him to do to. We are staying in a different apartment this time but still cant wait and my family cant too as we are going in August. I hope this helps you. Smile

Michelle G

I totally agree..... August is a good time to visit Sidari as it will be the school holidays so I am sure your son will make plently of friends.  Sidari caters for all ages and all tastes whether you are 8 or 80...... There will be families holidaying in resort from different nationalities ie; Germany, Italy as well as plenty from the UK.

The resort has plenty to offer both young and old alike and I am sure both you and your son will enjoy your first visit to Sidari and Corfu.
Happy Holidays  


Hi Katrina, sidari caters for everybody, families, young & old, you have made a good choice in picking sidari as a place to stay.

Katrina A

i am looking to book a holiday in sidari for early august for me and my 13 year old this s place for families?

Susan M

Hi can someone who as just come back from sidari plz let me know what the exchange rate is there please as we go in august and its not that good here at home. I would be very greatful if someone could let me know.............Thank you

Kirsty D

Heading to Sidari on Monday 30th May, staying at Takis Apartments with Direct Holidays. Any info on location of apartments in relation to the main strip would be much appreciated. Was last in Sidari 7 years staying at the Lagoon Apartments which were in an ideal location for us with the kids. No kids this time just 2 couples in their 40's but don't want to be walking miles for all the action. Thanks

Susan M

Hi we stayed in sidari last year in august to sept and we found that it was cheap to eat out as me, my hubby and my 2 son's went to BED Bar at 7.00pm till about about 12.30am and it cost us about 50 euros. We are going back august this year and can't wait...  :)    I hope this helps you. :-)

Nicola F

hi i have been to sidari 3 time an have always found it really cheap but hoping to go bk in september could anyone please tell me what the prices for eating out ect are like now please as other family members have gone to other parts of greece an have said its really expensive thankyou nicola  

Susan M

Hi thank you its helped us alot, we cant wait to go again but we stayed in stema 2 last time and it sounds just like stema 2 cos they are really nice ppl there. Thanks again helen


Helen V

Hi Susan, Mary studios and apartments are at the east side of Sidari in a quiet and rural location. Completely opposite side to Canal D Amour.It is a pleasant twenty minute stroll into the centre.

My daughter and I got a last minute break there for a week last August, we liked it so much im taking my husband there for 2 weeks in July/August.(my daughter has since moved to Benidorm)
Although basic the Apartments are spotless and the staff are really helpfull. I cant wait to get back there.Hope this helps.

Susan M

Hello ppl can someone please tell me where in sidari is the Mary Studio & Apartments are as we stayed in Sidari for the last couple of years but we always stayed at Stema 2 but we thought we have a change and stay at this mary studios, i would be very greatful if someone can tell me where these are near and if u have stayed at these apartments. Thank you  

Trevor L


     Go into Google & put in Vlaseros travel & there is a page with all the trips & prices for the excursions that they operate - I can recommend them as they are prompt and inexpensive.

Katie M

Hiya, does anyone know where I could find a price list/list of excursions available from Sidari? I'd like to have a rough idea so I can budget for all the trips. Thanks

Caroline R

Hi Lauren

I think the apartments are probably near the Canal d'Amour area of Sidari. If you're with Thomson you should be okay. I have a map of some apartments in Sidari which you could take a look at and also general info on the resort itself. If you would like a copy please email at

Lauren H


 im looking to go to Sidari in August 2011 and was wondering where Spiros Apartments were and what they are near, does anyone know what the apartments are like? i know they are basic but thats all we're looking for!
is there any other basic but decent apartments in sidari? - i need to go with the tour operator thomson which is rather annoying as it puts BIG limits on the choices we will have on apartments
thanks, lauren


hi ann, just back from sidari, at most of the apartments you can swap books.

Ann M

Hi again - does anyone know if there are English books available to swap at Olgas apartments, Sidari or at any nearby hotel/apartments.  We get through SO many during our holiday!  Many thanks  :-)

Ann M

Hi everyone.  Can anyone help please?  We are staying at Olgas apartments in Sidari for two weeks in September and would like to know if there is anywhere nearby where we can hire an electric fan for the 2 weeks? I am used to sleeping with one on in the night and think the air con may be a bit chilly (and expensive for us)  When we stayed in Alikes in Zante we hired one from the local garage - do they hire them out in Sidari?  Many thanks.

Susan S

We're going to the Trivizas Apartments in Sidari in October, anyone got any info about them?  Also any recomendations for good restaurants there?

Marc U

hi going to paradise apt/hotel end of the week,can someone tell me if they have hairdryer in the apts,and how much air-con is.

thanks marc 

Susan M          10/10

Hi we stayed at The Stemma II apartments in 2008 and we are going back to the same apartments in august and they are a family run place and the staff are brilliant with ppl and children as i have 2 boys.  I hope can help anyone.

Sue T

Hi, we are going to Monika Apartments in August, can anyone please tell me the postcode? we are hiring a car from the airport and hopefully taking my satnav which has Europe on it, but I just wanted to check it covers Corfu. Many thanks for any help.

Jim R          10/10

christakis apartments sadari july 2010
spot on acom food drink great nice clean pool and rooms with aircon large screen in bar nikos the manager bends over backwards for everyone, night life great karioki and entertainment on every night in sadari town 5mins from christakis will defo do again soon

Ann_marie P          10/10

hi jo, you could try louverous appartments its just out of the town so its nice and quiet on an evening, its an olympic place so you could visit there website lol ive been there before twice i no the guy behind the bar hes ace and a very good friend of mine im going back there in less than 2 weeks lol.
i dont have kids but id say its quite a good place cause theres 2 supermarkets less that 2 mins away and like i say you dont get all the noise from the other bars so you and the child can sleep peacfully hope this helps,
oh i forgot to say its just 1 kilometre from the beach.
its Thompson who deal with the hotel your asking about

Jo C

Last visited Sidari 8 years ago (stayed at Potamus Apts each time) - does anyone know which/any travel agents who deal with this property?

Also can anyone suggest a nice hotel or apartments suitable to take a 1 year old? We're not the singletons we once were so won't be visiting the strip for drinks on an evening, but we're are looking for somewhere we can still be entertained on an evening.

Ann_marie P

it says 28 C, if you look on the homepage its there, the wether for the week lol, not sure where the hotell where your stayin is, lol  have fun, i no i will, c u soon leo XX

Shelley D

Yeah were staying at the Alkion hotel.  Do u know what the tepm is?

Ann_marie P

haya shelly do u no where your going yet (what hotel)? we might bump into each other lol 

Shelley D

Can anyone who is in Sidari just now tell me what the temperature is like just now? A friend has just came back from Rhodes and saying its 40 degrees?  

Kadie D

I've just come back from a holiday in Sidari and had an amazing time :)

I want to go back to work there over summer, as soon as possible, but want to secure a job (and possibly accommodation) before I go.

I have a lot of experience as a chef, waitress, kitchen porter and barmaid, and am a journalism student so confident when talking to people, so would be able to do PR too. I'm looking to stay for any length of time up until September.

Wages aren't important, as long as I have enough to afford rent and food (or it'd be great if it's included!).
I'd be grateful for any information on jobs, either on here or to my email:

Thanks :) xxx


if you are going to aqualand, book your trip through vlasseros travel on the main strip, it will work out a lot cheaper than through the travel reps

Susan M

Hi thank you for all the information. I just cant wait to go now with my family.

Simon E

Aqualand was 25 Euro for adulta and 17 for cildren 4- 12 years last week.

After 3 pm it drops in price, but the park cloases at 6pm. Great park though.
Its roughly in the middle of the island. Have a map with exact location. Will dig it out of suitcase and add with further reviews of our weeks holiday soon.

Ann_marie P

R.E Susan Muir.
hi there you couuld ask your rep about it but there will be other places to book trips the reps tend to be expensive up to the shops that u can find,
hope this helps lol

Susan M

Hi ppl we went to corfu in may 2008 and loved it, we stayed at the stemma apartments and we r staying there again when we go back at the end of August 2010 and we cant wait to go. Can anyone please tell me how we can get to the aqualand and how much it is,. Thank you.

Ann_marie P

re: shelley daly
they is lots of things to do you can go on boat trips, hire your own boat, 3 water parks 1 in sidari, and more info at its not that expensieve you can pay 1.50 to 3.00 for a pint, food will cost at the most about 6 a meal thats if you eat out they is loads of offers that the restaruts have anyway.

where are you staying. we are going on the 9 of july to Louvros Apartments to see are friend leo

Shelley D

Hi my family and i are coming to Sidari 5th july we have 2 small kids just wondering if there is lots for us to do first time to greece also is it Expensive now lots of people who have been in the past are saying it is Any feed back would be great. shelley

Jemma L          9/10

Hiya Everyone!

Visiting Sidari on 2nd August this year.. Does anyone think the Economy collapse will affect the islands in in what way??
Have visited various greek islands in the last 5yrs as we absolutly love the country and am soo excited but cant help feel slightly concerned.. Any one have any feedback or info?
Thanks xxxx

Darren G

Re: Can You Help.

We are going to Corfu/Sidari (again) in August 2010 (13th-27th). Don't worry about prices as we have been told they will be similar to last year & that was pretty inexpensive. With the Bars & Restaurants all wanting you valued business there will be plenty of offers to be had. We paid between 1.50 & 2.50 for a pint of Mythos last year & an average meal for 3 (starters, mains, sweets) with wine, beers & soft drinks was around 50 Euros. If this is your first time to Sidari you must visit Kelly's Ice House, The Orchard, Pizza Romanao, Mythos for some of the best food etc around. As I said we'll be there between 13th & 27th so if you need any more info let us know.
ps, your going on holiday, no matter what it should never put a dampner on it!!!

Ruby M

hi can any-one help there is quite a large group of us goin to sidari in august but have just been told off people returning that it is now very exspensive.does anyone know roughly what a beer or a meal costs,we are really looking forward to going but it puts a bit of a dampner on things if you cant afford to enjoy yourself once there.

Lizy H

click to enlarge

hi there,was looking to ask annmarie smith if she knows what the weather is like 3-11 may for 2010 in general ,and has she been to sidari at that time of year before ,i am staying at the angelinas apts 3-11 may in sidari and would love to know what to expect of a holiday in the first week of may and weather any excursions and waterparks are operational,please get back to me annmarie or anyone who may know the answers!  is my e mail  .thanks

Annmarie S

Hiiiii all i am going to sidari again on may 3rd i sooooo cart wait i have been befor but we didnt have kids then i am staying at lagoon studios can anyone direct me were it is coz it is driving me mad trying to think 

thanks Ann-marie x x x Smile

Tina H

hi kayleigh, try with first choice at the Lagoon Studios and Apartments, this will be my 3rd year on 24th august 2009, lovely place, lovely people, excellent of a night, pool gorgeous and bar, just off the strip by the go karts so no noise of a night from the main strip but 2 mins walk, well not even that, ideally central for all amenities.

Tina H

Sidari is brillient, you will love it, i think most of the restaurants cater for vegetarians anyway, best restaurants are, 3 Little Pigs, Memories, Paradise, Sea Breeze, Roof Top, Churchills, loads and loads more, all bars are brillient after 10pm all cater for all ages with music, its bar after bar, you will have a fab time, I go on the 24th August with my family, so I will look out for you with the red hair, mine is red as well lol, enjoy yourselves you will have a fab time!


    Hi my name is janice my friend and i are coming to Sidari on the 28 August for a weeks stay at the Sellas apartments, both my friend and i are escaping work and our children we cant wait. We are looking for places to eat out which cater for vegetairians although i am the meat eater. If any one could give us there suggestions we would be very gratful. We would also like to let our hair down as we are both single again and what the children dont see cant hurt them  bare in mind we are both slightly over 30. Any suggestions? Any way if any one out there fancies saying hi i am the curly red head and my mate carol is the dark straight one, keep in mind you probely wont miss us as we are coming to party lol see you all very soon hope to be meeting lots of new friends x Jan  

Kayleigh M

thankyou. will do


Sheila P


Hi  Kayleigh try the Garnavos or the Paridise with Thomas cook they are central and very pleasant,
I stayed there in May and have booked to go again in Oct

Kayleigh M

Can anyone help me? i am looking to stay in sidari in september, altho i am struggling to find somewhere to stay. can anyone recommend apartments, prefferably close to the main area and beach. Everywhere seems to be booked up. thanks