Brouklis Taverna - (Restaurants in Arillas)

Dave G           

Stayed in Arillas for a week and this was the best place, if you are offered the

special for that night take it you wont be

disappointed or try the mousaka, its a great place to eat and make friends.


Manos - (Tour Operators on Corfu)

Dave G           


We have travelled with Manos many times and they have been OK, but this time, it could have really spoiled a good holiday, we got on the coach at Corfu airport and sat for about 20 minutes waiting on a rep, when he did come he said we would be travelling without a rep but we only had 3 drop offs Roda Sidari & Arillas, we went to Roda then Sidari the coach driver pulled in next to a garage then sat there for about 15 mins when we asked him what was wrong he said he did not know the drop offs and was waiting on another coach coming so he could follow it round, so we sat for another 15 mins then the other coach came and we folled it all around Sidari after about 9 drop offs he sat again this time he said he was waiting on a rep to take him to Arillas, we got to Arillas nearly 4 hours after we got on the bus. I will not tell you about our trip to Aqua land but our time spent in the coach was nearly 5 hours, they charge you 35 euros p.p. if you hire a car and go there its only 19 euros to get in.

Our return fight was at 1.45 pm on Monday, on the Friday we asked them what our pick up times were, they said they would let us know on Sunday night at a meeting, at the meeting they told us we would be getting pick up at 7.00am, itís the nearest I have ever seen to a riot, even people who were flying after us 2.30 3.00 pm we where all going at 7.00am.

Some of us hired a mini bus we left Arillas at 9.45am and where at the airport at 10.45am 3 hours before our flight some people had been there since 8.00am waiting on the same flight. I could go on and on, it would seem that Manos is the only one doing it this way.

The holiday was great as was Corfu we will go back, but not with Manos.