Scorers Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Ellis D          10/10

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scorers is absolutely brilliant! it made me and ma pal louise's holiday! evelyn's vodka slushes r the s**t and dj glen plays such a good mix of indie, dance & cheese - loved it!!!

staff & pr's r great, which totally makes the bar! scotland cocktail is also s**thot!
so get ur a**e down 2 scorers :)!
sorry for not comin in on our last night, ended up wrecked - totally gutted
see ya's next year !!!! big love from glasgow xxxx

Edelweiss Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Ellis D

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Edelweiss is DEFINETELY one of the best bars in Kavos - do not miss it!! The guys behind the bar loved me and ma four pals man - free shots and cocktails all round haha! The PR's r also the best, we had some banter with them and many drunken chats! The DJ is pretty deaf haha, or maybe he cudnt understand our Scottish accents!

The 2 young bar guys r sexxxxyyy lol and 1 of them does an amazin bottle trick :) !
They set the bar on fire and the drinks r minted, Liquid Cocaines & Cheeky Vimto's #1 :)
Be Back Next Year!!!!

Koulouris Beach Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Ellis D

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just back from kavos yesterday (9th july 2007)

completely and utterly downered!! want to go back!!
we'd read loadsa s**t reviews on these apartments, but they were actually really good. mary is so decent and makes u feel so welcome :)! luciana is so sweet and nikos is clearly the best !!
you'll defo need the air conditioning though, its f**king boiling!! the pool is good, dead big and stuff and its also good cause its right on the beach, had many steamin walks home along there lol!
the main strip is class, the best places bein edelwiess and scorers :) must go on the crazy speed boat - it rules lol :)!
the boat trip wiv the champagne diving etc is a bit s**t, not really worth the money.
everyone in kavos is amazin and i'm defo goin back next year!

Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Ellis D          4/10

this boat trip really isn't worth the money atall. me and my four pals paid 28 or 30 and totally didn't think it was worth it. our boat was a quiet one which was actually not bad cause i was meatily hungover, but we didn't get told anything about the scenery or anything and when we got to the beach, it was really overcrowded and boring - we could've sunbathed on the normal beach and not paid the money.


i wouldn't really class it as a bbq, cause all u get is a bit of chicken and some salad - bad if your starving. after a boring period on the beach, we headed back and were meant to do champagne diving and go to the blue lagoon, of which we done neither! we were told the sea was too choppy for the blue lagoon and there was one bottle of cheap s**t champagne passed around the boat deck. they dropped us off an hour early, 4 o'clock instead of 5.

not terrible, but definetely not worth the money. crazy speed boat is a million times better.
kavos ruled though - be back next year  xxx

Memphis Bar - (Bars in Kavos)

Ellis D          8/10

Good for cheap drinks :)

looove the pina coladas, Edelwiess #1 tho xx