Corfu Town

Resorts on Corfu

Boro B          7/10

Me and my wife visit Corfu last year we stay in  north part of the island  a lovely beach  called sait
George   which it was absolutely   ideal for scuba diving we hire a car from royal car rental  which was brilliant and trip all around  Corfu is the perfect place for family's very good Greek food 

Steve C

Does anyone know of any pictures of The Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu Town ?.   The future Mrs Cox and myself are getting married in Sept and having our wedding blessed there two days later .

Chaz B           

Corfu town is excellent. There are many many shops and cafes and bars. Lots of photos to take.
It is best if you go on a coach which costs you 8 euros there and back. The coach picks you up at 10am (roda time) and takes you back at 4pm(on the dot). I would recommened the coach best because if you get the local bus there are only two that run each day. So if you miss the one coming back it will cost you alot in taxi fares.
And also you wouldnt like to go in a hire car or scooter (it is not safe) the traffic is just mad to watch. everyone just going anyway they have a policeman trying to control the traffic but all he gets is angry people shouting at him. And they like to bump each others cars so you are safer in a coach.

The harbour is wonderful with the view of the mountains(hills) and the big blue sea. The streets go everyway you can imagine in corfu town. There are shops and cafes in every street you walk down. Although it is best to walk up and down the streets as you may get lost turning all directions. But beaware that the odd scooter likes to charge through the narrow streets and the odd nutter in there car so if you have children keep an eye on them.

The prices are reasonable but if you shop around you may find that some shops are cheaper than others that sell exactly the same things. so you could be in for a bargain.
There is a fantastic bakery we found although i couldnt tell you where to find it again. It`s pasties are wonderful and cheap.

On the front (main road) you get pestered by the big resturants. So its best to keep walking (politeness does not work)

There is a park near the harbour which has a huge fountain and palm trees. So its a good place to sit when you are done shopping and to get a tan. Im not sure if there was a beach in corfu town i only saw a harbour.

corfu town gets a 10/10 from me and my mum. i would recommened this trip to anyone.

Craig S           

To anyone who does not like Corfu town i have to ask why?

Its a fantastic place, with loads of cafes on the liston to chill out in and people watch. so many places to visit, such as the Old and the new fortress. The restaurants are excellent and full of local charm.
So many shops to wander in and out of and buy souvenirs. If you miss the shops back home you can find a few high street names such as Marks and Spencer. Although why people only want to find british names and buy stuff there is beyond me.
I noticed someone complained about cobble streets!! Come on..... This again adds onto the charm. Also you mentioned lots of the shops were closed., Yes, some days there are restricted opening hours, but if you check with you rep in resort they can tell you the best times to go. I would suggest on Friday evening as the atmosphere is amazing, with all the locals out and about.
Its busy, as its the capital of Corfu. So dont complain that its too busy!!!

Angela N           

I hated this place. it is definatly not a good idea to come here for a day out if you have children. there was alot of tension in our family after we decided to go to corfu town for a trip. most of the shops were closed and the shops that were open were rubbish, we didnt buy a single thing and we were there all day. my parents enjoyed it though. im not saying its not for everyone but be warned that its cobbled streets an ur best not taking a pram, not only that but there are so many people aswell


used to come to corfu town once a fornight with my boyfriend. Used to havea drink at Liston and the rock/stone cafe (can't remember the right name). Sometimes though felt out of place and that i was the only english person around for miles. So i found it abit lonely esp if any of my b/f friends were there. but other than that i was all good. Once ended up here too when me and a couple of friends tried to get to Kassiopi

Rachel A           

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We both loved Corfu Town it made a change to get away from the beaches.   The town is huge with loads of shops including Marks and Spencers.  One thing that I didnt like was when I saw the locals roasting loads of goats right in the middle of the town.  At first I thought it was dogs but found out from the locals near us that it was goats.   I suppose we are just as bad we eat poor little lambs, pigs and cows etc.  All in all thought really enjoyed Corfu Town.  We went on the night trip by boat which was superb!!

Carl and Rachel

Wayne K           

This place is not that great, do not go to the eating place on the edge of the square nearer to the bus station, this place is not clean and i am sure this is where I caught one hell of a cold and spoiled the last two days.

Sue G           

Corfu Town is wonderful. Agreed it's not a place for the beach (although there is a beach at Mon Repos, you have to pay to get in and the year we went (2002) there was a lot of seaweed, but it is a beach if you're desperate!). We didn't try any of the clubs as it's not our 'thing' so can't comment. BUT if you want to shop, soak up the history, eat in authentic tavernas and get a glimpse of the Corfiot lifestyle, then it is the place for you. Visit on a feast day and you will see St Spiridon paraded through the streets preceeded by every band on Corfu! Highly recommended.

Philip C           

We stayed 2 nights in Corfu Town which was too much really (for 20 year olds anyway)- its a port town so the beaches aren't what you'd expect in Corfu, the nightlife was 2 nightclubs - Hypodrome (10Euros entry) + Apocolisis (8Euros if your English!) be warned that literally no-one goes til 1am + drinks are more expensive than in old Blighty!! People are still great as are the little gift shops.