Retreat Bar

Bars in St George Sth

Charlie T          10/10

Seriously the best bar in the whole of st goerge. I spent most of my holiday here

Sasha E           

Great bar and the staff are great.

Paul H           

only one comment needed best bar in st george.

Steve T

do you know a hayley travers who worked at OH LA LA if so could you get her to contact her parents as they have not heard from her and would like to know if she is OK or needs anything.

thank's.Mr.& Mrs

Jon P           

hello mark,macky,george,spiros and dina. we were there the first week in june.( jon and rach). hows it going out there? thinkin of coming back in september and maybe working the season in next year.

Rachael P           

Retreat Bar is such a laugh. The staff, George, (with his sexy belly) Spiros, (who likes to have a dance) and Dina make you feel so welcome and ensure that you have a right giggle. Maccie the DJ and his cheesy tunes, he loves Eminem and Afroman, and Marc, well he just does wot he wants and walks round chattin and tryin his luck with the girls. This is the place to be if you want a bit of music, karioke and decent drinks. Oh yeah and it opens til the last customer goes home!!