Mythos Bar

Bars in Acharavi

Danny, jean& rachel O           

We had some great nights in the mythos bar,we have been going to acharavi for seven years and love it!
Vagelis owns and runs the mythos and he is a realy nice person.
He makes the best cocktails in Acharavi, and we've tried a few!
Vagelis and his mum and dad are great, and will do anything to help.
He even delivered breakfast to my daughter when she was poorly!
(she would'nt eat for us but she would for Vagelis!)
His bar is spotless so if you want to wind him up, move things on his bar and he goes ape! But all in good fun.

Matthew F           

I have been going to acharavi for many years, vangelis is by far the best barman in acharavi. His bar is immaculate and his home made cocktails are probably the finest on the island. Vangelis is very maticulous about cleaning and presentation so what ever you do don't rearrange his bar or mess with his nuts. All the fun aside its probably the most welcoming place in acharavi or otherwise i wouldn't return. Enjoy yourself tell him Debbie Matt Charlie & Sue from Walsall said hello.

Mark b           

This is easily the best bar in Acharavi!!! Vagelis who owns the bar is a right laugh and a master of cocktails and soon will become great friends with anyone who gets to know him. Been going there 4 years now and would'nt drink anywhere else!