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Tanja           10/10

hi everybody...
well, i see that u all like vento very much..

how could it be different???

all the guys are so totally cool and nice..
we spend every evening in vento,
and i hope to see them again next year...

if anyone wants to contact,
u´re welcome!!!

Gabriella G

we were in vento 3 years was exciting!!we met a lot of people!!someone knows danny??it's important!!thank u!!!mary e gabry!!


Hello all!

I really miss the Vento and Scarabeo, the music there and of course all the people there. I had an amazing time in Acharavi (like every year), I stayed there from 19th july till 2nd august with my sister and her fiancer! Greetings to every one.... Also many greetings to the nice sisters from Finnland, it was nice to meet you all!
I would be delighted if someone also staying there will write an email to me:
Kisses to everyone!!!

Gemma W           

Spiros from Vento is the biggest fox ever! Does anybody know if he is still about? Does he have a girlfriend? Married? Does anybody have pictures of him? Sorry I know I sound obsessed but I have known him for a few years and always fancied him since I was young!

Anděl N           

Jo a Dano a Terezo, Mustafa a většina z nich co píšete jsou Albánci, takže pokud nechcete něco chytnout, tak se jim raději vyhýbejte. Radím Vám dobře, pracovala jsem tam, takže jsem viděla jak každej turnus mají jiné a jiné.....i když u některých Řeků to bylo taky docela normální......Jenže oni na to aspoň mají:-))) Tak hezké léto

Anděl N           

Ahoj Terezo a všechny češky! Ani se Vám nedivím, že jste z těch chlapů tak mimo, já tam za němi jezdím už 5 let a první roky jsem taky byla. Má největší láska byla Stamatis, i v posteli byl dobrej, jen namyšlenej. Kluci z Venta taky paráda, takoví hodně povolní:-) Můj oblíbený klub byl Scarabeo a letos se tam zase uvidíme:-) Takže ahoj v Acharavfi:-)


Hi are you????  will be somebody from you in acharavi this summer?? please...write to me...thanks! Tereza


hi everybody,I miss for all from acharavi and special from VENTO and SCARABEO!!! I love it!!! I forward to see all from Aharavi....
Stafis:o)Thanasis,marios,Dimitry,Wasilis,Agilos,my love Wissi,Tim,
Andrew,Spiros,Juliana,Gianis,Costas,Mustafa,Ben,Tonny.Mike and Mark THIS SUMMER 2005 IT WILL BE THE BEST :o)) !!!!!!!!!!!!!.........kiss


Hello Thereza!

I understand you! I also miss all the nice people from the Vento! If you want to you can write an Email to me: ! Then we can talk a little bit about everyone we know!

Greetings from Germany,


Hello all ..... please...I want some information about Stafis, Thanasis, Stamatis, Kostas and Marios and Julianna from Vento!! i was with them and this people are very very GOOD!!! I LOVE VENTO and i want to be there like this, last and.......year!!! with BIG LOVE......

Tereza S

Hallo everybody...I want to be in Corfu and I want to be with Stafis, Stamatis and Thanasis this holiday...!!!! VENTO is the BEST Bar on the world !!!!!!!! I want to see all boys from Vento and Acharavi!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!:o))


Hello everybody!

I need your help. Do someone know how i can get in contact with the boss of the Vento and the Scarabeo?

Greetings to all the nice guys of the Vento and the Scarabeo, our evenings in Acharavi were so amazing. I miss you all!

Greetings from Germany, also from my sister!



just found the right page...hemhem. i wanted to know if its possible to hand my email adress to marius or julianna (dont know how to write her name); hope u know who im talking about... but they seem to be in vento quite often ;)


so...were just leaving corfu and soooo sad :( what we will miss most is, of course, the vento cafe ;) maybe u remember us: one coke, one smirnoff ice *fg*
if this is possible could u hand the email adress to marius & julianna (dont know how to write her name); hope u know who i am talking about...
sincerely yours,
theresa (& linda)

Vera V           

I was at Corfu for two years ago...and honoustly...I only went to Vento!It was the best holiday ever...and I just wanted to ask if somebody kwows if Iannis is still working at...tha place to be!
Lots of love and filakia from Vera

Nicole V           

Very lovely, say hello to Stiros, Stimaties and Status!!! Love you all and had such a bril time like never before!!!

See ya

Mary M           

As a local for six months my best friend noleen and I never left Vento we totally fell in love with ALL the guys they're cool, friendly and always eager to take care of they're adopted sisters!!!
We miss all our BAD BOYs SEE YOU SOON THOUGH XOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura backhouse & frances            

Very good atmosphere. Not for families with children especially at night. Very lively with alot of local people in. Good service and good music. Great for male and female. Theres mostly men during the day though.