Drunken Sailor

Bars in Roda

Liam S          10/10

Best holiday I've ever had ! , Drunken sailor is the best bar in roda thats what I personally think , its got the best music and really friendly bar staff , and this wasn't even in the peak of the season I know ill definately be back !!

Michelle G          9/10

Hi to all the guys at Drunken Sailor,I had many a drunken night in there during my working holiday. I miss Roda can't wait to come back. Im coming back in May so see you all then love Michellle xxx


Two days ago I came back from my holiday in Roda. We went many nights to the nightclub 'Drunken Sailor'.  Every time we came there, we heared the same playlist. The place is nice for local people, also for the tourists, but the party starts at 1.00 AM. This is the only nice and busy bar in Roda. Rating for the music: 5.0 The rest is good: 7.0

Chris G

Hey i just come back from roda this morning.

Spent alot of time in the drunken sailor. Alex i dont know if you remember me, but i was talking to Tracy from behind the bar quite a bit. I was just wondering if you could get in touch with me so i could as you somethin. Email me.. chrisguare@gmail.com

I qud recomend everyone go to the drunken sailor, if you want to chill theres the outside but if you want to party theres the inside :)
Comfyest seats in roda aswell :)

Anyways. Should be back next year :D Cant wait.

Alex L

hi everybody this is alex from the drunken sailor in about a month the season will be starting here in roda and so we have started getting the drunken sailor ready.i have put this post up so who ever would like to give me some advice on what you would like to be changed or anything that you think that would make the drunken sailor better please email me.so please dont hesatate to give any critisism as we are here to make sure everybody enjoys roda and the drunken sailor ofcourse. thankyou alex.   my email is alex6969818@hotmail.com

Shelley G          10/10

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I worked at the drunken sailor from April to september 07 and i had such a good time i met so many great people that worked there and thos on holiday.
It is such a fun place good music good drinks and great staff ofcourse.
Go there you will have a fab time


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hello, yeah im still in touch wi ste n danny, im goin down to sheffield in a couple of week when i get me car on the road! nearly chopped me thumb off at work when i got home lol had surgery on it!! cut thru me tendons n that!! my flight home wa 'poo' lol! how ya all doin anyways? xxxx

Amanda C          10/10

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hey there richie rich, we still have the picture of u, lol. got 1 of steven in a yellow dress as well, how r u anyway? do u still keep in touch with steven and danny, we do .  had the best laughs in the drunken sailor lol. booked up for next already  we're back on the 11th august can't wait it will be great.  did u have a good flight home.  keep in touch luv all the scottish girls lol. xx

Richard           10/10

click to enlargeAhh look its them scottish gals...... sam. you still got that photo of me dressed in ya mates skirt n bikini??????? 

Jess and india C          10/10

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was amazing
first night there was a wedding party, so much fun, hostest guys everrrrrr! must dance on the stage and the pole!lol massive drinks tbh cant rly remember lol great music kelly roland all the way!!!!we bumbed like'dis!  loved it!!!!cute and fun. perfect place to let your hair down a little cheesey but we love it
thanks spiros from the tassos we love you!
by the way mat and lee we were only 15!!!!!
if yuo go try the pirate bar first .kareoke....cheesey but great fun!
miss it soooo much
coming back soon baby!
love india and jess xx

Bianca X          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeWhen I say Drunken Sailor I remember lots of things....I just came from Roda and I have(obviously) already plans for next year.I went there with my best friends and we had a LOT LOT LOT of fun:) We made a lot of friends.Everybody is very kind!I love Roda!I love Corfu!..and I love also the people from there...At the same time I entered this site to see some things about Drunken Sailor.Before I go there I was looking for some information about Roda but everywhere I was reading I was reading that is a bad resort and we won't have fun just if we go to Sidari.So...I was preparing for the worst holiday ever after...but..here I am...crying for that days and waiting this year to pass faster to go there again.In Drunken Sailor u'll listen good music.There is a great Dj-Tom who is also the boss of that club.Me personally I love the barman-Tzery:X:X:XX It's a lovely guy.I had a lot of fun with 'im:)

if you have some mails of the people from there: bianca.bucur@hotmail.com/yahoo.com is my address.

Heather C

  hiyaa jus gt bk frm coru a week 2day.luvd it!this is my 2nd year n im goin agen nxt year!hopefulli to work at the drunken sailor! luv this bar ad sum funni memories here!miss evri 1 n hopefulli c u agen nxt year!xxxx

Anisha E          10/10

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 i just came back from roda, corfu on the 21 of july, i been there for a week with my mum and i have fell in love with roda, it  such a lovely place and the people are so friendly.
 my favorite place have to be the drunken sailor, the music is awsome and alex made sure of that.
the staff are so lovely and jerry is so sweet , he's a good entertainer. also Milena is so lovely , me and my mum had a wicked time and we love to go back again.
if anybody here have a contact detail of the drunken sailor i would be greatful if you can tell me.
  was so sad to leave but then we knew that we had a good time there
 xxx love anisha
 here's my e-mail in case anyone got the contact detail for the drunken sailor

Rachel A          8/10

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Hi all xx

I've got to admitt the Drunken Sailor was awesome i only worked there for 7wks in July/sept 04 but it was a good Laugh.  I hope Jimmy's ok???  I've tried emailing you but the message wont send.  Anyone who remembers me can email me on rja305@yahoo.co.uk. I miss living with you Steph both me and terri do. Loads of love Rachel xx

Aimee M           

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OMG! Best Evr 2 weeks of the year....Angie.....I Was In That Taxi With The Rest Of The Crew.....Wota Nite Eh!!! I Have SOOOOO Many Memories, Which Still Crop Up With My Best M8.


Laura X           

Hey Everyone!

Been back from Roda for bout a week now after working in Drunken Sailor for 3 months! Im hating being back, cant wait till I can go back when the Summer starts again!
Hi to Angie! Nice pics, I can remember that night, gutted I couldnt go but some of us had to work! by the way hows your ear? LOL!
Also Hi to Jimmy from Summer 2004? I remember ya, although you prob dont remember me!
By the sounds of it I am gona be seeing a lot of you next summer!
Love ya
Laura x x 

Jojo S           

drunken sailor is by far the best club! we love it the music is wiked and alex ur the best dj!!!:):):). maxine n georgia we love u loads as u alreadi no lol!! c u guys next yr have a gr8 winter hol lov ya xxx

Ola M           

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I spent the best holidays of my life there. The super club, the music and unique people:)

Sam D           

Hahahaha Never Ment So Submit That Pic Below (What You Doing In That Amanda???) Here Yoo Go Emma Since Yoo Moan Theres No Pic Of Yoo  x xclick to enlarge


Sam D           

how good is it here?!?!?! omg here every night without a doubt but yoo gotta be there after 3 for the real party! wear a helmet on saturdays - greek party night = glasses thrown at head pmsl!! if yoor trying to get rid of p**vy men dont hit them in the head with stilletos - tried and tested - doesn't work haha! always a great night here! staff are excellent, they turn into yoor friends!   (hellooo every1 especially maxine!) then next door at night for a late night munch!! (beware of the glass doors, i should know, i sorta broke my noes walking into 1!! haha) me + my girls had the time of our lives!! see yoos all next year! were booking up again at the end of the month!!

sam x x
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Emma C           

hey every1 just got home on monday missing every1 all ready hiya maxine miss you 2 hiya 2 alex as well every1 in the drunken sailor is great the music is great aswell defo c*min back nxt year but maybe 4 a job this time miss yous all loads xx  i wanna c*m back

Naomi T           

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 the drunken sailor!!!!!!! dis club wer top!!!

a luved it allll dancin on da bar wiv all ma gurlz  n all them random men takin picz of us all on it  n the music was fab n all !!!!!!
cant wait 2 go back next yr wish a wer der nw with ma sexy crew lol amie riah becky ashley ben n rob !!!!!!!

Ben C           

the drunken sailor was mint as f**k. all o da music wer buzzin n so wer da gurls lol !! shout out t every1 hu wer there NAOMI ASH BECKY RIAH AMIE N ROB n every1 else we met there!!!!!!! weyy cnt wait till nxt year c u lot soon!!!!!!!!! wish i wer there now!!!!!!!1

Jo` S           

was just readin a few comments on here n it is clear that the drunken sailor is the best place 2 go! and i was wonderin theres 2 piks on 1 ov the comments is that georgie

i canr realli tel if it is shes fukin wiked and has ne 1 gt contact numb 4 ne 1 at drunken sailor ass me jo1388@hotmail.co.uk  fanx xxxx