Irish Knights

Bars in Gouvia

Kerry Bright

can anyone tell me when chris , nafty deano  and alan  went from irish knights .. were freinds with beer bucket and bongos .. the madest lot you will ever see .. they would get more smashed than the holiday makers .. they would end up dancin on the bar and tables like the rest of us .. thought i had a thing for the barman deano untill chris the hot boss came in ..great great nights .. 

Helen Gustav

yes irish knights was the biggest and best by a long way .. was in irish bar in 2003 and will always remember the 10 nights we were there .. nuts staff and owners .. first time me and my sister went away together and the 2 chris were the best .. deano was cool as well .. had a crush on chris but he was always busy and always with a diffrent girl come the end of the night .. in fact they all were ... 

Gina H

just visited gouvia .. oh my god .. its crap .. irish bar went 2006 i found out .. wanted to visit .. was there in 2004 ... remember the irish knights and there grazy staff .. was rocking in there .. nafty made us laugh all night ..  chris was mmmmm. charming and sexy .. anyone know if he went back to wales 

Lizzy W           

we loved irish nights they do the best cocktails in gouvia got us really drink especially the pink lady and the SLAMMER! 

Ti R           

Bar Staff = Brilliant
Gavin = Brilliant
Nafty = The Best
Dino = Brilliant
DJ = Brilliant
Chris (Glupos) = Mediocre. Poor. The weakest link and the missing link.


It was bloody brilliant recommend it to anyone barstaff were not only helpfull,polite and fun but gorgous as well it was fantastic?

Debbie M           

We visited the bar every evening the bar staff were excellent and so friendly this made our holiday to Gouvia.
The entertainment was brilliant especially the Elvis tribute and the staff even entertained the children even though there was no childrens facilities they did the karioke and had a lovely evening as well as ourselves.

Cazz F           

We spent most nights in there...the atmosphere was amazing and the staff were great!!!i def recommend it to anyone going out to gouvia!!!