The Temple Bar - (Bars in Ipsos)


we only eva came in bout 3 times!da first time abi went flyin!hu can 4get dat?wer missin ya!n richard u'v give me da rong email address!dats not nice!neway if ur readin dis mines
c ya all soon luv yas sam n abi xxx

Benitses - (Resorts on Corfu)


i found benitses 2 b very quiet and the hill we had 2 climb 2 get back 2 the studio was mad! was there 4 2weeks recently and ended up stayin somewer else for a few days. i would recomend this holiday to families and couples if u like quite times!

B52s - (Bars in Ipsos)


could anyone tell me the name of the DJ? think ive seen him before somewere! thanks

Queen Victoria - (Restaurants in Ipsos)


Queen Vic is class! u have 2 go just 4 the food! it is family based. we traveled 4 hours 2 go bk 2 this place! as we went 2 corfu last yr, and agian this yr! ne way the ppl there r so lovely! every1 is welcome here!
sam n abi xx