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Damien C          10/10

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Hello everyone, I am Damo the DJ from Temple Bar,Ipsos summer 2009!!

I will always remember the summer I had over here. It completely changed my life for the better and I would reccommend it to anyone who gets the chance to work over here to go for it. If Ross is running the pub again, I could not reccomend it enough, the man is a legend and would do anything for you. A nicer guy I did not meet this summer. As for Panos and Kiki, their hospitality was top notch also, no problem whatsoever!!
I miss the Karaoke nights even when that weirdo rep would sing... hehe... and the silly dance routines.
Miss all the staff aswell:
Ross, Panos, Geraldine, Aisling, Steph, D2, Sean, Shane "im not drinkin anymore" Walshe, Gareth "MJ", Keogh, Amy-Jane, Micheala, and . . . . . .of course the LOVELY Claire "sexybum" O' Byrne!!!  
Thanks to everyone for visiting The Temple Bar, Ipsos the last 5 months and for making my summer the best one I have ever had!!!  

Piero T

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hello to all ... What can I say?  the temple bar is a great bar of fantastic Corfu ... certainly one of the best ... for those who never had the opportunity to get the pattern and take a good drink .... great people ... dj fantastic ... leaders who can do what they should do ... I was more than a few evenings I in this room and I fell in love more and more of the fantastic way they are conducted in the evening between karaoke and dancing group ... I hope to return soon in that paradise called Corfu and one of its most beautiful bar ... the temple bar ...

Lorraine O          10/10

hi its loly here frm temple bar 2003,just like to say miss ye loads ah

Nicole M          10/10

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love temple bar!!!best irish pub on the strip...with crzy andy as the dj...although we did his head in requesting westlife all the time....i know he secretly loved us!
miss this place soo much and corfu is just pure amazing!!although i must say temple bar did add the fantasticness to it!!!
rele hoping to return this summer to work as im soo determined i already have my accomadtion sorted!! just need a job now to top it all off and what a place temple bar would be to work in!!
my email is
cant wait to see's you's all next year!!
heres a few pic!!im the girl in the white top!

Susan N          10/10

hey all at temple bar!!:)
jus wanna this place!!!!!
the most freindliest staff and savage music!!! great craic altogether!!! best irish pub on the strip by far!!
love it loveit loveit!! we wer the valentio girls who always requested westlife!!ha ha ha
hope to see ya next year!!
sue and nicole!

Kimberley W          10/10


just arrived home back to rainy old manchester after a fantastic week in ipsos!!! would recomend the temple bar to anybody!! fantastic cocktails, dodgyfruit juice shots and unique attempts at the kareoke!!! (minus roxy who can clearly sing!!!)
would like to say a big thank you to all the staff (feel so sorry for u all living up that evil hill!!)...holly...tash....erin....louise....simon!!! (gareth... dee....ruth ...even tho they didnt work in temple bar!!! lol) fantastic people and we will be back next year possibly to work rather than for a holiday! cant wait!
see u all in a year guys!! cant wait!!
kim, stef, sarah
(manchester/ derbyshire(with the sheep! )lol)
oh and i want my bracelet back next time im over simon!!!!!

Ruth E

 hey peeps, been back from corfu 2 weeks now!! me and my friend sam had a great time in ipsos, mostly down to those pesky boys in the temple bar (thanks to the tequila we dont remember our 1st night).

just wana say anyone going out to ipsos soon have a great time, the nightlife is brill so dont expect any sleep. and do expect more than a few the hangovers the cocktails are lethal.
wish we were stil there dancing on the bar to the pure cheese andy used to play for us.

Claudia S          10/10

hey there...went to ipsos in the first week of july for a week and loved every minute of it. anyone going to ipsos has to go into the great bars such as temple bar at the very end of the strip and work their way down past cocoon...(but only go in if sexy josh is workin lol) then into shooters with stud irish men gareth and nigel and make ya ay into Hectors...the best night club down that strip cos is always full of great ppl and all the bar staff make their way in after bar closing time...its an amazing experience and im sure i'll go back...just lovin the nightlife...i slept for about 5hrs in the whole week lol. if anyone was there the same time as me check out my myspace and if you remember me, pls add me

Grace M          10/10

Hi all,

Just back from a week in corfu... Loved 'The Temple Bar' best craic ever... Grace n sarah.. 'here comes trouble' we will be sure to be back to ya nxt summer n lookin for jobs with you crazy lot lol thanks for a great time xxx Clap 
By the way hope you keepin my 'toy' safe now!

Mick C          10/10

 just back from ipsos corfu had a f**king ball all d staff were friendly helpful lively

in d temple couldnt fault anything had a gud nite everytime we went  i was mick off d team slug
tell all that i said hi n r free to email back whoopa up d dubs

Joanne           10/10

Hey Everyone

Just a quick comment to say this is the BEST Irish pub I've ever been to and I was just wondering if any members of staff are goin to be working here again this yr?

Love Joanne (one of the Essex Girls).xx

Lorna M           

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well thanks to wes i have some lovely "whip" marks on my legs and arms. cheers it was much appreciated. i hope you have loads of pinch marks all over you. its all u deserve!!!! and my foot still hurts too which is also your fault!! oh and hahahaha i told you i would get that dress home with me. and i have some sexy pics of u in it wes!!! its never good when you wake up next to a bloke in a dress!!!!! we have all the pics up and they are deadly.

andy your a legend dj.......lovin how u played everythin we wanted even the dreaded take that!!!! except for not having the 2 songs i wanted in your stupid list of songs!!!! oh and thanks for the lift home!!!
hey amie, hope you finished that book and that your not still bringing it to nightclubs with you!!loved are many weird chats, we can keep them up if you send me the correct bebo address....enjoy your last month in corfu and tell that w**ker in tweety pies to take a hike!!i'll text ya when you get back on to home soil!!
anyway if your lucky we might see ya's all next year.
loadsa love,
lorna and kyna (the tallaght/artane girls!!!!!)

Nikki B           


 Hello guys, just thought id drop ya a quick ello ! Amiie,,,,, ive got some pics for ya ;-) send me ya email addy again hun ;-) ( mailed ya last week when we got back but it came back to me for some reason ???? )Well as y ll hav gathered we re back home in not so sunny England ;-( its bloody freezin here & we all really miss Ipsos ;-( Not to worry tho cos we re comin back next yr last week July 1st week in August yippeeeee !
Ray ,,,,,,, Mark sends his love hehehehehehe ;-)Oh yeah & theres a grt vid of ya that he says hes gonna post on the web hehehehehehehe ( karaoke ring any bells ?ha ha oh the shame of it ;-)  )
Oh yeah & Amiie,,,,,,,, Chloe misses ya , talks bout u lot all the time !
Wesley,,,,,,, thought id better say sorry AGAIN for crackin ya out wiv me shoe that nite ha ha  i was well hammered !
Thanks for a grt holiday , it wouldnt hav been the same wivout ya all !
Luv Nikki XXX

Andrea K           

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hey hows everyone in the Temple doin. its Andrea here the one who hogged the mic for two weeks in july yea u remember me ha ha had a great holiday in Corfu dancing on the stairs evry night and singing the the best song in the world  "WANNABE " and doin our own version of coyote ugly with amy.

had a ball for two weeks talk to ya soon  LOVE ANDREA XXXXXX

Adele L           

had a wicked holiday in corfu thanks to amiee wesley  melissa andy ray and all da gang, if chloe, dominic jackie or rachel are hanging around who we met in hectors hope you got back ok see you next summer

lots of love from the sexy lasses adele claire & emma xxxx

The S           

Went to Corfu in Aug this year...had a brill time..the temple bar was d best..all the staff were great..just want 2 say thanks to them all..up d cats!!!


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Although John doesn't work @ the Temple Bar anymore, we think he deserves a mention on here!!!
He was the first 1 to chat 2us on our first nite and was so sweet!!!

B4 he left the Temple Bar he asked me 2take a pic of his bum 2put on here, so although i didn't get the real thing, ive put a pic on here of the next best thing (the 3rd pic)

It was a guarantee that every other nite(or should I say morning) John would come and wake us up so in the end we just left our back door open!!

Oh and John we all LOVED and r missing  ur free-style dancing.

Keep practicing!!! 


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Now Andys turn!!!

Wot should I say about Andy!!!! He did tell me 2b nice, but im gonna tell the truth!!!!

U should always b nice to him coz remember hes the 1 wiv the microphone but that doesn't mean hes gonna b nice 2u!!!
He throw 2handfuls of hot stones over me when I was tryin 2 sunbathe on the beach. He also covered me in suntan lotion twice, first on the beach, then when I was asleep in bed. Every time he got me I was topless so couldn't get up 2 defend myself!!!
But then he was nice enough to give me a lift home on his mo ped when i was too p****d 2walk!!! But even then he found something to laugh about and tell the whole of the Temple Bar the next nite. For every1 who wasnt there that nite, i was so p****d i couldn't put the key in the key hole

P.S. Andy wots the first pic of??? coz thats the pic u took on my digital camera


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Here r some pics of Melissa!!

Again just like Amiee, Melissa was so lovely and could also get us all up on the dance floor wiv her routines, which unlike Wes, we got the hang of!!!

We all felt abit sorry for Melissa as most of the time she was stuck behind the bar until Panos let her out to do her dancing

Also we think her and Berty made a cute couple!! U should get it 2gether!!!


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Oh I almost forgot to mention about u dressin up in Gemmas clothes and walkin down the strip @ around mid day still wearin them


Never thought it would b so hard to get a mini shirt bak from a guy

U looked so sexy!!!


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Here r some pics of Wesley (aka Wench 4!!!) 
 Wesley was always takin the p**s out of us, especially Michaela (just as Wesley would say her wide load a**e and her Shetland pony legs). But then we saw how sexy Wesley was when we woke him up in the early hrs of the morning wiv Amiee


Hope u have learnt how to dance by now Wes or @least got the hang of the dance routines to those cheesy songs

Remember we got GSCE's u know!!!!


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Heres the pics i said id add!! Here r a few pics of the lovely Amiee!!!! 
Amiee was always up 4a laugh even when we were only just gettin in @ 6am . She could always get all three of us up on the dance floor!! She even tried 2teach us irish dancing, which we all failed miserably.
Ive told her already but if ur readin this Amiee i'll tell u again, if ur ever in Essex, just give me a txt and u can stay wiv me coz ive got 2 spare rooms!! (thats the same for all the Temple Bar staff, yes even you Wesley!!)

Clare C           

Hey's d mad 12 Irish guys and gals ere!were just home...totally fecked after all those drinks we had in your place!tanx for putting up with all our pole and bar dancing!hope u are all keeping well!
Talk to you soon!x


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Heres just a few of the many pics I took whilst in Ipsos last month. My friends and I had a fantastic time and really did enjoyed stayin with the staff;  even though we did get woken up a few times (usually around 7am) by them

Sarah H           

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