Eleni Complex - (Accommodation in Ipsos)


Just come back from a week in these studio's and although they are clean enough and your general Greek style studio the showers are crap - you get a dribble of water at the best of times - if you want a shower between 17.00 and 21.00 don't bother especially if you've got long hair. The sunbeds are charged at 2e a day - which was stated in the brochure but I still think is cheeky. The bar was shut by 10pm each night - We didn't spend much time/money here cos the whole place makes you feel that they want to get as much money as they can out of you, obviously they do but here they are blatant about it. The fridge in our room was really really loud all night, otherwise the complex is quiet and away from any street noises/hens etc. I defo wouldn't go back there just for the fact that you can't have a shower when you want and you can't go back from the beach and chill near the pool without getting charged 2e for the pleasure (unless you sit on the concrete). I've been to loads of places in Greece and expect places to be basic but this is probably the worst place I've ever had to spend a week in.

Ipsos Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)


Ipsos beach is really quite nice. It's on the main road so it's bustly, you've always got access to shops/restaurants/toilets - it's not gonna be paradise but for a town beach it is nice. There's boat trips/water taxi's from the jetty which can take you to a quieter beaches round up the coast; Barbati, Kassiopi - but generally all beaches in this area of Corfu are pebbly. The water is very clear and nice to swim in - I didn't see any sewage near the beach - but then all sewage does end up in the sea eventually - the only turd I've ever seen floating in the sea was at Whitehaven beach - a tropical island in Australia so you could run into one in any part of the ocean!

Boat trip to Parga (mainland Greece) - (Corfu Excursions)


This trip was ok - the ship is massive and looks like the sort of thing you cross the channel on - the seats are just wooden, no sun beds and it was packed full. You sail for 4/5 hours all in all so it's not very tranquil or quaint travelling. It has got a bar/toilets etc but really not my cup of tea - no pulling up, stopping and jumping off into the sea!

Parga is gorgeous and made the whole trip worth while - it's got really nice bars with sea terraces, the taverna's looked nice surrounding the harbour. Pargais is a really really pretty place - gorgeous beaches with clear sea. I'd defo go here on holiday.

Paxos - which you visit after is a bit of a disappointment - you stop at each for 2 hours. What they don't tell you is when you pull into Paxos shipping harbour you can either spend 40 minutes of this time walking to and fro to the village harbour or spending 2e to get a bus - I thought it was cheeky they didn't include this in the cost of the trip. There's not much going on in Paxos and unless your loaded I couldn't imagine why you'd go there. It's nice to see the posh yachts in the harbour, there'a tiny beach if you fancy a swim and some quaint little art/craft and jewellery shops - which were priced way out of my league - but it's nice to see how the other half live!

I wouldn't recommend this trip but I would definately recommend Parga as a place to holiday!