Eleni Complex

Accommodation in Ipsos

Jo S           

Balcony door didn't lock (ground floor too!), ants in wardrobe, you only get one loo roll for a week, bedding wasn't changed all week, neither were the towels, no air con, we had to go into the fuse box to get some hot water, smoke alarm masking taped to the light fitting!

Olympic reps were useless and didn't care - just wanted your money for trips. 
Didn't spend any time by the pool, cos you had to pay for the sunbeds so we went to the beach. 
Some Italians staying there too, they are noisy and intimidating.
Would go back to Ipsos, but would find somewhere else to stay!

Michael P           

A very well maintained, clean, basic place to stay in Ipsos. The main plus points are very freindly management, an exceptionally clean and well maintained pool and cocktail bar and good mountain views from the balcony. On the down side were slightly over-priced drinks at the pool bar (an instant coffee was 3 Euro for example), lack of regularity with which towels, bedding and toilet bin are changed/cleaned and above all certain Olympic reps (looking no more than 12 yrs old) acting as if they own the place and attempting to run your holiday for you (beware!!). Other than that though, fantastic - the Greek families who run these places are a joy to know. p.s. if you don't already know this tip its a good idea to take a pack of nappy sacks with you for lavatorial purposes (!!).

Matthew L

please can anyone tell me where abouts in pyrgi the eleni studios are ? thanks

Janet M           

Spent a week here last week. Had a great time. Good position, near bars, shops and beach but yet in quiet location with nice pool view from balcony and lovely views beyond of mountains. Accommodation basic, as you would expect in Greece, and YES, it would have been great to have towels and sheets changed during week, but didn't spoil our holiday. Everyone very friendly, pool and pool area very clean. Not sure what people expect for their money....for the prices you pay to go here you are not going to get four star accommodation!


Just come back from a week in these studio's and although they are clean enough and your general Greek style studio the showers are crap - you get a dribble of water at the best of times - if you want a shower between 17.00 and 21.00 don't bother especially if you've got long hair. The sunbeds are charged at 2e a day - which was stated in the brochure but I still think is cheeky. The bar was shut by 10pm each night - We didn't spend much time/money here cos the whole place makes you feel that they want to get as much money as they can out of you, obviously they do but here they are blatant about it. The fridge in our room was really really loud all night, otherwise the complex is quiet and away from any street noises/hens etc. I defo wouldn't go back there just for the fact that you can't have a shower when you want and you can't go back from the beach and chill near the pool without getting charged 2e for the pleasure (unless you sit on the concrete). I've been to loads of places in Greece and expect places to be basic but this is probably the worst place I've ever had to spend a week in.

Simon J           

rats can be seen around the pool area by night, noisy italians and idiots swimming in the pool bettween 3am and 6am most days, and a pool bar that overcharges for drinks (8 euros for a peach schnapps and lemonade, and a bacardi which tasted awful as they used local spirits in brand bottles). no reception area or security, this is located 10 mins away at a place called christopher travel and shuts at 10.30 pm. pluses are free deposit boxes located at christopher travel and the beds are good for people with back problems as they are so hard. additionally with my matress was a free accupuncture !!!

also i would never again book with olympic their reps are s**te and clueless and their trips are a rip off.

Paul F           

E20 Baby! We stayed here for two weeks in july! was a great laugh! Basic, nice, and clean apartments. The pool is nice and by far one of the best i seen, as so where the apartments!

If you where there between 4th and 19th, u will have known us!

Linda W           

This was the best place i have ever stayed. The staff are helpful and friendly. There is a pool bar which is realy cheap and stays open as long as u want.