Olive Grove Apartments - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Mick D           

Our arrival at the Olive Grove was at the unearthly time of 4am.  The Olympic rep on the transfer coach obligingly showed us to our room (9), which on the face of it was basic yet comfortable.  This is pretty much the case of most of the rooms at the Olive Grove.  However, Room 9 seemed to have a rancid smell coming from the bathroom. Although we later bought some disinfectant from the nearby supermarket, the smell kept returning. We complained to the manager of Olive Grove and to his credit he moved us to another apartment.  We were assured that the drainage smell would be dealt with, but when we returned to Room 9 prior to our departure home we discovered that little or nothing had been done to resolve the smell.

Apart from this problem, there is little to criticise the Olive Grove about.  It is tucked away enough to avoid most of the noise created by the Kavos Strip - yet near enough to get there in minutes.  The rooms are kept spotlessly clean by the 2 Greek ladies and the lawns and gardens kept immaculate.  My only grumble was with the attitude regarding the use of the swimming pool and its environs. My partner was rather upset with the somewhat brusque manner of one of the bar staff when she occupied a sun bed.
The company we met at the Olive Grove were very good, and it was good to meet Sara and her friend (earlier post).  If you are reading this Sara, we were the couple you met at Santa Barbara beach ad moved into the room next to yours before we left for home.  We would both love to hear from you again.
Mick mickeydaub15@aol.com
   Yvonne yvonnebaps50@aol.com

St George Sth Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Mick D           

Excellent beach, although the local area does look somwhat like a building site.  Much to please the eye though.  Water sports at the Penguin Beach Club excellet - especially the hiring of the boat.  Was able to visit the 2 nearby islands and explore the coast down to Santa Barbara in the allotted 1 hour - and at the excellent price of 30 euro.  These beaches are apparently frequented by Greek sunseekers which may explain why these beaches seem better developed than nearby Kavos. 

Suzuki Jimny (4x4) - (Hire Cars on Corfu)

Mick D           

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Hired a bright red Suzuki Jimny from Astra (Barry Sheene) Rentals in Kavos.  Wonderful vehicle and sexy to drive too!  Handled better than the Vitara I hired in Cyprus last year.

     A tip to anyone.  Try to haggle for a good hire price - especially when business is slack. This may be better during the low season.  Also...try to be a good customer. Just watch the hire companies come up with the deals.
  Also hired a Citroen C3 during our stay. Excellent drive. Took it all over the island. Was offered rental for the same price as a basic car.

May - (Best Time to Visit)

Mick D           

Arrived in Kavos on May 23rd.  My first trip, but my partner's 11th!!!!!  Kavos in 2005 was nearly dead, but there was still some life in there.  The number of closed clubs was a touch depressing, but during my 2 weeks there at least 3 of the clubs opened up for the season.

    Why was Kavos so quiet?  In fact, much of Corfu was eerily quiet. Some say that it has been perhaps down to the negative publicity given by the broadcast media.  Much mention was made about Sky TVs "Greece Uncovered" and "Bar Wars".  Could either of these have been responsible for Kavos's quietness?  Who can be sure? All I know is that Sky are back in Kavos to film a sequel to Greece Uncovered this summer 

Lemon Grove Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Mike D           

    We spent the first couple of weeks in June staying at the Lemon Grove. At first it seemed that visiting Kavos was a bad thing as even in June the town seemed dead on its feet. However, things began to warm up by the second week - apart from the weather!  The Monday of week 2 was so cold and wet you could swear you were in Cleethorpes - not Kavos.  The weather got steadily better by the end of that week and reach the late 20s degs C by the time we had to leave.

On the face of it, the Lemon Grove is one of the better places to stay self-catering in Kavos. The complex is near to several "supermarkets" so buying food and drink is very convenient. Of course, the Kavos Strip is close enough that all the restaurants and bars are within easy reach. However, the Lemon Grove is far enough away for the Kavos "noise" to be just a hum.
   Having said all this, we would like to say that we enjoyed our stay at the Lemon Grove.  Sadly this was not the case. This was not the fault of the Lemon Grove though. Some thoughtless people had decided that late-night Kavos was not enough and begun playing their stereos at full blast with no thought for others staying at the complex.  It was reported that another urinated from his balcony.  Bearing in mind the strict behaviour code that the Lemon Grove and tour company claim, it was hoped that something would be done, but it seemed far too much bother. 
     Something else that spoiled our stay was the plumbing in the complex.   To get any hot water you had to turn the tap on for a full 5 minutes. Only then could you shower.  The flow of water from the washbasin and the kitchen basin was pitiful!  The management made no attempt to repair this fault.
Bearing in mind the Lemon Grove's idyllic position, I would like to say something positive, but this years experience ruined our stay.
Mick Daubney

Suzuki Jimny (4x4) - (Hire Cars on Corfu)

Michael D           

If you have just read the previous item (with the photos of the Citroen C3 and the Suzuki Jimny) you will probably find me being rather gushing with praise.  What a difference a year makes!

Last year (2005) I rented both vehicles from Barry Sheene "Astra" car rentals, and so I decided to return for my 2006 visit.  I was informed that virtually all their servicable cars were out on hire to several residents at the Attica Hotel in Lefkimmi. Nothing was immediately available, so I tried elsewhere. Down the road is another hire company - Sambas. This business is run and managed by locals and I personally found a significant amount of language difficulty. Eventually, I came away with a Fiat Punto.  However, this was no recent model. This car must have been almost 7 years old, although it served its purpose and on the whole was economic and reliable. After returning it, I was footbound in Kavos until deciding to hire another car. However, I returned to Barry Sheene. Against my better judgement I was persuaded to rent a TEN-year old Suzuki Swift. The car seemed like it had not seen a mechanics spanner in all that 10 years and in my personal opinion was extremely dangerous to drive.
I appreciate that this year my decision to hire cars in Kavos has been questionable in itself, but let me offer this advice to you.
Before hiring, ensure that you inspect the car and ensure it is in a roadworthy condition
Shop around. In Kavos there are at least 4 car rental firms. And if you choose to hire from Barry Sheene's, make sure you beat the Germans staying at the Attica!
Haggle!  If the must give you sub-standard cars, haggle for sub-standard prices!

Kavos Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Michael D           

The beaches around Kavos are on the whole very good. We visited most sections between Lefkimmi and Aspro Kavos.  The sections near the "Strip" are rather narrow, but are adequate. A previous poster in this forum made mention of the "hawkers" trading along the beach.  Even though these guys are alomost a part of the scenery, the local council is attempting to clamp down on these individuals.  I personally found the DVD/CD guys (mainly Africans) intensely annnoying. Not because of their race, but because they wouldn't take "NO!" for an answer!  The "Sexy Doughnut" man has been there for many years, and I found him quite OK as he did not pester you.  However, the price of 3 Euros for a soggy doughnut is rather extortionate.  It seems we Brits forget all proportion with our money over there.  Know how much 3 Euros is?  About 2!!!!

You could by a dozen doughnuts back home in Tescos, Morrisons and Asdas!

Thomas Cook - (Tour Operators on Corfu)

Michael D           

There seems to be a problem with the Thomas Cook reps this year, although our exprience was not as bad ad Lyndsey's.  I could not fault the transfers between Corfu and Kavos - and vice versa. In general our rep did visit the hotel quite a bit.  But was she good at her job?

I doubt it!  She seemed very inexperienced at her job. During our stay in Kavos she had been reprimanded by her superior about something involving a Kavos nightclub. As her "punishment" she had to work late and arrange some kind of poolside entertainment for the guest in our apartment complex. She spent much of that bleating her heart out and received a great deal of sympathy from some of the guests. However, came the next day she spent the whole day flirting around with a resident of the complex who was there for the season. Nothing was arranged, and those who had given her sympathy the previous night felt betrayed somewhat!
On the return flight home, I asked several other holidaymakers who had booked with Thomas Cook about their experience for this season. Many expressed dis-satisfaction with their reps for pretty much the same reason. Inexperience!

Chandris Apartments - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Michael D

Good luck and enjoy your stay, although I have heard that Kavos 2009 is very quiet. The poor to Euro exchange rate will probably hurt Kavos and many other resorts this year.

You have picked excellent accomodation in the Chandris. The rooms are fairly basic but serve their purpose. Try to avoid those facing the mini-strip. Whilst quieter than the main strip, you may get a rude awakening from the delivery vans, buses and the refuse collectors.  The Chandris has its own supermarket which makes buying your own food easy. However, even though you may have bought your food at the Chandris, you can only consume food or drink bought from the bar at poolside.

The beaches are reasonable, although certain sections get clogged up with washed up seaweed.

Just go and enjoy Kavos!