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Louise B          9/10

I've just come back from Sidari and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We are definitely going back next year. The only problem was, there was actually no people...ANYWHERE! In some large restaurants, us and one other couple were the only ones there, and you felt so bad that you kind of had to go back again another night. We even got lured in by free ice cream one night - I don't think they wanted us to go! They just wanted us to stay and make the place a bit more livlier. In some ways this was good - there were only five rooms taken up in our apartments and some days we had the pool to ourselves. You just felt a bit awkward when you were the only people in a restaurant! I reccomend going in May if you want a quieter, cheaper holiday and still get exactly the same tan as you would in the summer time. However, with there being little atmosphere, some may not like it. Yet as shown below - you do get all the men to yourself!! ;)

Rob A

 Hi Rob here just wanted to say hello.
hope you enjoyed the photos etc
Should have been June

Sylvia C

May can be a truly magical time, with warm days, cooler evenings and fire flies visible on all the green areas Such a wonderful sight. However in early May it can still be cold in the day. Last year May was wonderful, but a couple of years ago I was there and it was sooooooo cold, rainy and only 2 nice days. However this year, in March I had a week there and it was fantastic. So You never know for certain what the weather will bring. However it is such a beautiful place there is so much to enjoy so dont get hung up on the weather just have a great time.

Emma B           

We went here the middle of may this year and was great! The weather was gorgeous (around 35 c everyday!), didn't have 1 spot of rain, and the nights are cool enough to sleep! And you get to see the fire flies! Oh and the runway mented coz it was so hot lol  Sidari was busy but not so busy you couldn't move and everything was open. The see was fairly warm too.  

Trish W           

may is beautifull on corfu and the only time you see the fire flies at night lighting up every field

Mick D           

Arrived in Kavos on May 23rd.  My first trip, but my partner's 11th!!!!!  Kavos in 2005 was nearly dead, but there was still some life in there.  The number of closed clubs was a touch depressing, but during my 2 weeks there at least 3 of the clubs opened up for the season.

    Why was Kavos so quiet?  In fact, much of Corfu was eerily quiet. Some say that it has been perhaps down to the negative publicity given by the broadcast media.  Much mention was made about Sky TVs "Greece Uncovered" and "Bar Wars".  Could either of these have been responsible for Kavos's quietness?  Who can be sure? All I know is that Sky are back in Kavos to film a sequel to Greece Uncovered this summer 

Cassie K           

Got back from Ipsos last week the place is dead, on the Monday night out the 6 of us were the only people on the strip after midnight, its not young and lively in May its dead as a dodo!

Steve H           

Just got back from Elena Apartments near to Sidari 30/05/2005 weather was fantasic as was holiday and apartments.Jenny George and Van at the elena were so friendly. Ideal place for children would recomend it to anyone.

Karen J           

Got back last night - didn't have fantastic weather this time! Wed 4th to Sat 7th was cloudy or raining, Tues 10th and Wed 11th cloudy but rest of the time ok. It did get quite chilly in the evenings - you do need some sort of cover up.

Vikki R           

i went ot corfu on May 31st this year and came bk june 14th...i went to Roda its not very busy at this time but its a true fact in the end ur the one who gets noticed by the greeks cos theres not many english around ;-) so i would go round that time...its very hot aswell! to hot to wear a bikini! ;-)


I like Corfu in May coz me and my mates are a bit greedy, as it's not that busy so you get all the men to urself and the dance floor mostly to urself so it's heaven, and the bars tend to treat u extra nice coz their all looking for customers. This May the weather was better than last year about 27 degrees for the whole week, the only bad thing was AA's in Ipsos wasn't open till our 2nd last night and thats the best bar there so I would go back a bit later in future. We flew out the 24th of May. I would recomend Corfu at anytime except the middle of August coz although the weather is fab the place is overloaded with Italians. We lurve Ipsos!!!

Helen K           

got back from kassiopi on friday and what can i say loved it the weather was great to us only had 2 days of rain but it didnt rain all day so that was even more of a bonus

Met soom great girls out there Emma and claire
and the people out ther3e are great too
Was a little quiet but started to pick up a little in the 2nd week

Natalie H           

Just came back from Sidari it was great we had 2 days of rain but the breeze was just great. got an excellent tan from a weeks holiday and bars just start to open so everyone was really friendly, definately great time of the year to go.
Luv Nat

Lou C           

Just come back from a week in kavos!! It was brilliant. A little quiet but that was to bne expected as it was the beginning of the season.
Out of the 7 days, 2 were rainy but the rest were around the 24 degrees mark. Not bad!! But a little cloudy.

Lou G

Andrea J           

Went to Kavos on the 7th May and had pissing down rain for three days. Apparently it had been raining there four days before we got there as well. The next three days were glorious, but then the rain started again in the mornings and then the weather improved at about 3.00pm.

Jodie T           

Kelly, dassia is a really nice place the beach is great, if your looking for night life though head to ipsos it's only down the road. Also if you want English food head to Shakes it's lovely. I'm going back this year because we liked it so much.

Helen K           

All of the bars are for all ages no matter which you go to you will find a wide range of age grops

Andrea C           

Could not ask for better weather! We went to Aspro Kavos on May 9th 2003 and the weather was amazing! Sunny, bright blue skies and a slight breeze. I love Corfu!

Dawn & lisa C           

Stayed in Roda May 2003 at Coral Beach Hotel. Too quiet. Old guy waited up for us coming in from night club at 4.45am in morning. Felt like we had taken 'our father' !!! But beautiful place. Must recommend Filoxenia Restaraunt on the beach front. Top Nosh and excellent service/price. Spent most of our week there. Say hello to Stamatis and Peter, for us. Although we enjoyed it that much, we travel back there in the morning !

Nerys W           

We went in May (9 - 16th) 2003 and returning again for the same time next year but for 2 weeks. The weather was brilliant but not too hot, the greenery was so Lush with fantastic smelling and looking flowers it was quite magical in some places. Also the season was/is just starting so it wasn't too crowded. I'd fully recommend it.

Anne & jacqui            

we go to kassiopi every year in may and if we can get away with it again in october. may is always lush and hot, october tends to rain but ay who cares he bars are always open so go for it.

Laura Y           

When you go around this time, you must remember that it is really the start of the season, so can be quiet, which is a benefit really, a good idea for people with children to go around this time, as I felt it very relaxing and not too crowded everywhere !!!!
The weather was good, really hot for the first few days, although we did have some rain on the last few days that we were there, but that did not matter, we english are use to a little rain !!!! It was still really warm when it rained, so no loss really, although, not a good idea to sit on the beach !!!! the bars had plenty to do during the day, so you could stay inside, they show films and many have pool tables and show sports on the television and what not !!!! Although I did really go away to get away from the football which was hard when some evenings, all the bars seemed to have it on !!!!

Jim W           

Stayed in Paleo from the 12th to 26th May, 2003.
For the second year running the temperature has been hotter than usual, reaching 34c during the day.
A lot of scent in the air as jasmine, roses and honeysuckle blooming.
There was the odd cloudy day, but still warm and great for walking about in.


just back from ipsos last week.went with my mate-wasnt expecting it to be too hot but it was roasting!a very nice 38 degrees.we had a ball-cant wait to go back!!!

Karen J           

Got back on Friday and the weather was brilliant although we were told that the day time temperatures were unusually hot for the time of year - it was more like the weather they get in July and August! It was a bit chilly in the evenings though - in fact one or two nights were very cold so we had to ask for extra blankets!

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