Cocoon Bar - (Bars in Ipsos)

Ben W           

Hey all who were regulars at Cocoon during 1st to 9th July 05....Me and my mates always hit Cocoon and got a load of shots free with our drinks so by the time we hit the bigger venues like monte cristo or Limelight in kavos we were WASTED! 

One other thing, the Irish girl at the front of the bar dragged me and the lads in every night, she was so frickin HOT! We basically went there for her every night, and she didnt fail to lure us in... If anyone was here the same time as us post up on ere, that irish bird was bang on. PLUS she was one of the nicest girls i ever met..
Waltz Ipsos 05'.

Cheers - (Bars in Ipsos)

Ben W           

Hey up again all who were regs in Cheers during the first week in July!

I BROKE A LIGHT! I got up on the bar and danced with a few girls we met, and my head smashed a light, i got told to get down but i was so drunk that i just danced even more and hit over some glasses, what a tool! We were there that night the girls were dancing on the car, but being friendsly Corfu i wasnt asked to leave or anything, they just told me to get down and that was that....Top!