Cocoon Bar

Bars in Ipsos

Alexandra M          10/10

Had such an amazing time here and eric was amazing... Got TWENTY THREE free shots one night! I'm sure some were watered down but stil.. Saved a few euros! looking for work here for a bit next summer - email me if anyone knows how to get work here/want to offer me a job!

James R          10/10

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hello ppl  i got my scanner working

at last here r some pics from c0c00n
that was the best night and this one
pic the rest r on disk from james aka nofears
wkd 2 weeks ever

Nicole M          10/10

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hey cocoon!!!nicole here!!was in corfu for 2 weeks in july 2008 and loved this place!!

i was just wondering does anyone know how to apply for a job here because i am dying to come back for the summer of 2009!! my email is i already have accomadtion so all i need is a job!yey!!
love this place!!!!!
p.s. theres a lil pic of us all in cocoon itself!! amy me sue and niamh!!!

Flavia D          10/10

I've just been come back from ipsos... i'm so sad!!! Cocoon will always have a place in my heart!!! Tim is the most amazing guy I've ever seen in my life... I LOVE COCOON!!!

Ema           10/10

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Sara W          10/10

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big up to the 2 sexiest bar men in ipsos!!!! 3 brummy girls here that will defo be comin back to see you boys! mwah x

Claudia S          10/10

lovely can i forget it, with sexy josh standin outside with his hunky looks...but dont you get too lose...he has a girlfriend and makes that perfectly clear everytime you hug him lol...lucky girl!!!

luvin ya josh...ya ace xxx

Lorna M          10/10

alreeeet :d

jus thote id say cocoon made our holiday :d
had a wkd time :d cheers tim n eric **high five**
btw thanx 4 the boat trip nd the day out :p hope ur foots ok tim ;)
haha miss you guys!! (and steph n josh)
cocoon is blatanly the best bar on the strip :p
love lorna and collette... the best geordies out there :p haha

Stefanie V          10/10

Hi there,

Just came back today from my holiday in Ipsos and had an absolute blast there. Cocoon made my holiday absolutely crazy!!!!!
A Big thanks for the 2 lovely guys behind te bar: Erick and Tim
Sexy time.....I Like.....high five!!!!!!!
Gonna go back there for sure!!!!!

Emma G           

Hey peeps,its emma g 4m northern ireland....I workd n cocoon n the summer of 2005 it is a crackin bar n I loved it!!!jus wanted d say HHHHEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOO 2 my wrk buddies,rick,billy,costas,gaz,sum italian dude whos name I cnt member and not 4gettin r lovely boss george every1 wrker on d strip was lik family n i miss dem so if ne of u's r readin dis leave a comment on dis page:) u no who u r!!!! lots of love and kisses emma ggggggg

Shauna M           

click to enlarge click to enlargeohh here is one with Tim in it lol and one of the girlies and tony together incase u forgot us - but i kno u havnt haha!!xx

Shauna M           

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeheyhey Tim and Christian!!just thought we'd say hello!its the mad belfast girls here Shauna and Fiona!!hope all is well and Christian got good results and that Tim's hand is all better...high 5!!here is some pics we pestered yas with the camera we kno - some of Christians friends as well lol!!! xx

Tim L           

Tim & Christian here!

 Well what a summer hey! Just wanted to say hi to everyone we met had a really good time!
Gonna miss George and Eric soooo much....mmm


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Just wanna say me and my friends think Christian is sooooo good lookin!!!!!

Love Joanne, Michaela and Gemma
(aka the Essex Girls)




Hi!!! I stay in Ipsos last week with my friends... We love Cocoon. Enrico and Tim are very good barmen (they are beautiful!!!!). Enrico remenber you Angela (your love)??But the most beautiful thing that I remenber is Cristian .. good dancer and most beautiful man in Ipsos.. DANCE WITH US!!!

ps: sorry for my bad english!

Emma G           

hey rach wats happenin??u over in corfu??im nt c*min 2 wrk bt im goin c*m over 4 bout 2-3wks....cud u hook me up sum were 2 stay if nt il ave 2 jus stay in a hotel really want2 go over 2 wrk bt im goin gt my drivin test 1st...hello pol my sxi english dreamboat haha hope 2 ear 4 u soon doll!!!!

Paul A           

 hey guys irish rach ere worked in cocoon few months last yr if ne u drunk heads rember me.. il be in nellies this yr if ne of use want to c a friendly face if not im sure il c ur drunken ass round the strip sum time.. lots of luv rach xxx

Chelsea S           

hey gaz, hows you?  what u been up to? same to you lil john! x

Bettina K           

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Hey there We love it in corfu we''re still missing the cocooncrew especially billy an rick we aren't going back this year sorry we're going to crete maybe next year lots of love Bettina from holland

Cathy M           

 HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TIFF!!!hope you had a good one!so laura are you going bk to ipsos or stayin in athens?my friend is over there livin at the mo too,u mite remember her she stayed with me for a week in the summer!do u like it?xxxooo

Paul(bubbles) A           

rachel BABYYYYY hows u hunny xxx tis essex paul from tiffs xx

Paul(bubbles) A           

happy new yr gazza u tart oi oi, im back hehe

Gaz E           

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A big yassoo to all workers, have a wicked xmas an NY!

Eva R           

I worked here in the summer of 2003, it was the best place on the strip without a doubt, all the staff were great n so was the music and i still think of what a fab time i had there, the whole strip is like a big family and its a special experience if you have done it and everyone should give it a try! Its so much more than just a holiday, the people who were there know what i mean!