Bars in Ipsos

Laura G           

Hey Craigy baby... its laura.  What a funny picture Nkki put on of  us!  How you doing?  Me, Tiff, Kate, Ben and our other friend Mary are all def coming for a holiday.  Can't wait to see you all.  x

Nicki L           

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A pic of Craig taken July 05. He was just uber-cool!!! And one of Laura (can't remember if it was Wee or Poo!) with Dirty Nellies Craig. Their a bit fuzzy coz I had to re-take them on my phone to load them on here.

Paul(bubbles) A   

Paul(bubbles) A           

oi oi oi oi ioioioioioi tis essex chav wassssssssssssuppppppppppppppp cheers is cool loved it craig,rox,big D n small D laura baby miss ya loads hunn c ya soon oi spiro yazoo malaka give ya a bell

Freda G           

Best Bar In Ipsos!

We had a great laugh, everyone is so friendly and laid back.
Can't wait to come back next year.


"Didnt like it... Full of Italians and the PR Laura wasnt very nice.... In fact she was a feckin witch!!!"

why was she?? she was awesome! 1 of the best pr's in ipsos IMO! great for when i had finished work further up the strip to come down and talk to or party with! shes great

Ali and shel            

hey to all in cheers

ali and shell here remember the sexiest ones out of the eighteen leavin cert irish girls who dominated ipsos's strip for two weeks. a good holiday was made better by the one night that cheers was actually busy during our entire two week holiday. but hey the good music, friendly barstaff, nice prs (wink wink) and not forgetting the poles which shel continuously fell off (ali didn't wuhoo) made cheers that bit better. ah no all in all it was good craic. and we'll see y'all next year. ali's looking for her promised job craig. and shel wants more free drinks.
the sexy ones (minus the times shel fell off the pole)

Sue L           

Dimitri,mein Schatz.Wie gehts?Ich habe aufwiedersehen nicht gesagt.

Du ist wonderbar.und süß.(und ich habe das Wort für 'cute' nicht gefunden)
Bis später,

Heather D           

Hey guys!

Dimitri 1 & 2, Craig, Laura, Spiros....... your all great! Thanx for keepin us entertained for 2 weeks!
Those green drinks were fantastic Craig I think you need a trademark on them!
I also never got my share of the money your 'family'  gave you when we were introduced to them!
Tell Sam I said hi, he's the most action I saw all holiday lol
Anyway thanx again!

Kim W           

great bar came in every night for the view !...thanks for that craig !! Helen says hello xx  take care 

Marie P           

hey cheers its maria thanks 4 making us feel welcome there gr8 atmosphere be back in september

Jenna N           

us agen!!!  hope u like sum ov da picis!!! luv yaz xxxx

Jenna N           

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pic of us just so you all don't forget us!!!! :p:p

love jenna n christine x

Jenna N           


thanks for a great hol!! best bar in ipsos!!! well going to miss you all!!

 dimitri is a sex god  love you babe (from jenna)

laura n james are just great!!!  

spiros is the best dj ever with the most sexyest hair!!!  

and craig is well what can we say.....stunnin!!!!!! 

were going to miss you all so much! thanks for everything!!! ... ( jenna because she said your great!!!!  xxx)

neways see you all sooooon!!!!!!

love from the wigan gurlos!!!

jenna (dark air :p) n christine (blonde air :p)



Richy R           

This was the best bar for us leeds lads.. ok music but great barmaids & fanny!!! Saving to go again next year....!! Hello to Katie my summer love.... make sure you send me those pictures.... you was brilliant, a right laugh!!  Bring on 2006!!!

Ben W           

Hey up again all who were regs in Cheers during the first week in July!

I BROKE A LIGHT! I got up on the bar and danced with a few girls we met, and my head smashed a light, i got told to get down but i was so drunk that i just danced even more and hit over some glasses, what a tool! We were there that night the girls were dancing on the car, but being friendsly Corfu i wasnt asked to leave or anything, they just told me to get down and that was that....Top!

Kat E           

top quality bar - massive shout out to laura wee, laura poo and not forgetting the "craigmeister"!!!! loves ya all xxx

p.s words will never describe how i feel bout this bar lol (the car, the bike, the staff, the bar............even the chairs.................just sooooooooooooo far out like totally bogus man!!!!!!)
big love xxxx

Emma W           

best bar in ipsos great ppl n great atomspere. lv the baR staff.

Carla E           



Alison T           

Great place, fantastic atmosphere, brilliant staff, wicked cocktails.

Anything goes!!!

Need I say more, see you all next year guys.

Kelly A           

this bar was great,craig the pr hes a sweetheart n he knows how to chram the ladies.but watch ya drinks they like puttin heeps of white powder they like 2 call(creatine)in ur drinks.all in all we loved our holiday there n we plan to go back nextyear. love the wigan gurls.kelly,lyndsey,shaz n kerry.

Marie P           

cheers was just the best the dj and chris was so nice they were all the best see yous all next year

Helen D           

hey ya guys. hope the rest of the summer was cool. cheers is the best bar for men, music, drinks, and more men. oh sorry n for havin the best holiday of your life. 2 months of it just wasnt enough. goin back nxt year. hey to everyone have a wicked winter n c u nxt year for some banggin nights!!
love helen xx

Christine P           

well what can i say went to cheers everynight for the 2 weeks we stayed there craig was a laugh done a strip with my best mate demitri is wicked had lots of fun with him and adam the barman BEWARE LADIES he was right up for it got what he wanted then he ignores you for the rest of your hols so dont let him get to you we were told almost every night that there would be offers on drinks but it never happened all in all its ok just dont let them take advantage and keep a note of how many drinks you have if there on offer

Laura A           

the pr craig has to be the ugliest thing we have ever seen... nasty too... he writes stuff about us on the walls because he is incredibly insecure about his looks. just because he prefers men, he seems to think that he has to prance about with his tight tank tops... oooh darling!!! only joking hun, we love you really. hope you're ok and looking after titich, greek adam (wot?) daddy keith and costaki! look after yourself b***h! x x love ur fellow essex workers x x x
oh, and dimitris your bar is great fun!