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Kathryn L          9/10


First week we had a heat wave 43dec, the second week was cooler, nice wind. High factor is a MUST!

Sylvia C

The weather in July is really beautiful, if you have the option of air conditioning take it, you will need it

Every thing is now open and Sidari is getting to be very busy. You can though still find 'quiet' places to enjoy. If you are interested in car hire or trips, then try Value plus. Situated as you come into Sidari high street on the right hand side of the road, just past the big supermarketo and also up near canal d'mour next to the southern fried chicken outlet. Value plus cars offer very good value for money and have fully comprehensive insurance (unlike some other operators) and the trips are good value and very much cheaper than booking through your tour rep

Claire B           


 I went to sidari, corfu this year in September/October with my mum and dad and have booked back up to go out in june next year with my mate and just wanted to ask a quick question. what will the nightlife be like at the end of june start of july, because when i went this year night life was great but wasnt buzzin. if you could either e-mail me or write a coment back then that would be great thanx alot.
Claire Bruce, Scotland

Lorraine N           

We arived back on the 3rd July 2006 after staying there for a fortnight.  Stayed in the Hotel Oasis, lovely hotel, very clean, and the staff are always on hand to help.
Some extra charges for air conditioning and fridge if you are bed and breakfast, or half board, 7 euros a day for the air con, and 5 euros a day for fridge.  The air con only comes on at 3 in the afternoon, and goes off at 8 in the morning and must be taken a week at a time.
Swimming pool in resort too small for the amount of rooms , but just a short walk away is the blue roda a free pool which is much larger, because it is out the way from the town itself not a lot of peolpe know about it so it stays pritty quite through the day.
Plenty of excersions but book through local agents not reps as they charge far too much.  all the place are lovely too eat, you must try maggies for fish, breakfasts and cheescake etc. I cant recommend the restaurants enough all briliant.
Not alot of activities for small children unless they stay in pool all day, but a lovely place to relax and read if this is what you want from a holiday, not fighting for beds around the pool and just enough entertainment on a evening in variuos pubs etc.
well enjoy your stay,willl be back there next June
ps. also the Venus hotel very nice you will need a torch for getting back on a evening as not well lit, and the apartments are not as modern as some others in the area but are still lovely and clean and pool is fantastic.
Lorraine and Tom from South Shields


I was there from 23/06/06-07-07-06, was quiet the first week but picked up the second.  Still the best time to go though


mad!!!!!! not too busy but not dead had a fan tas tic time !!!!!!!!!!the weather was absalutly gorgeous too hot at times tho was vvvery hot lil natz!!!!!!!

Laura N           

This is one of the best times to go, nice and warm not too hot so can stay out nearly all day.  Try going to Bolero Bar on the main street it staying in Sidari.  Let me know how you get on.  I'm going from 30th June to 15th July. Regards Laura x email: laura@needham1979.freeserve.co.uk.

Gary E           

God it was hot!!!!!!!! abou 105 they say

Claire M           

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Hi everyone

Just got back from Kavos.  It was great! Our apartment was lovely....we found some great places to eat/drink and loved every minute of it....didn't want to leave. 
Weather was  great....got eaten alive out there though
Men were very nice!  Would love to hear from anyone who met me out there especially those lovely Essex lads Mark, John and the gang aswel as Steve from Reading....the biggest flirt in Kavos  
Claire x (from Darlington)
or txt: 0785 124 6413

Rach A           

listen anyone who may be reading this i have just returned from a weeks hols in kavos stayed at the kaparis beach club and anyone who is worried bout if its going to be s**t or not let me tell you it has literally been the best week of my life. i went with my 2 friends and i cant even describe how ace it was!went with 18-30 and just cant complain obviously the studio was s**tish but honestly what do u expect! the barn is the best place cos of the barmen and spiros you know when you've seen spiros!i am so jealous of anyone going however the weather was hot or miss it literally poured downon the 1st day but just laugh about it now. word of warning if you are just going with one or two friends getting split up is easier then you think!and if you cant be good be careful! wink

Wesley H           

Went to st Georges in June The Weather was brilliant !!!!
superb !!! Couldnt of asked for better weather

Laura P           

to vikki ,because sidari rocks the fellas are fine the place is wicked restaurants,bars,clubs and the beach are the best eva everyone who has bin to sidari proberbly agrees? ther is nothing to complane about in sidari its the best place ive bin to the clubs are brill !!!!!!!!!!!!!! from laura x

Lesley D           

hey i got back from sidari and it was amazin!we arrived very early hours on the 5th of june!it had and was raining when we got there but it cleared up for the rest of the week and the sun was really hot!if ur thinkin bout goin to sidari u must go 2 these 2 bars, cheers + saxaphones bcus they r brill!!!the talent is also gr8!sidari is 4 all ages cus im 14 and i had the time of my life!i was in ibiza last yr and i was really wanting to go bc this yr but now i can't wait to go bc 2 sidari next june!oh ive u go into corfu town and go on the calypso glass bottom boat trip say a big hiya 2 andres from me 'n' emma and sorry tht we cudn't go bc to ur boat!!!see every1 in sidari hopefully very soon if ma mum is nice 2 me,if not the henderson crew will see you all in june!!!!luv ya's lots like jelly tots 'n' vodka shots luv lesley xxxxxx

Randall G           



I have just booked up for me and my friend to go to Sadari 18th June, does anyone know of any good excusions round and about. My friend is American and wanted to to go to Greece (limmossol etc) as she thinks everything is there!!! Anyone got any ideas on where to take her near/in Sadari. Whats the place like? If anyone is going away in the near future i hope yous all have a wonderful holiday :)

Sarah S           

we went between June 20-27th!the weather woz gorgeous and most of the bars were packed full of people havin an amazin time!

Jacqui M           

me and my friend have just come back from a week in kavos (9th june-16th june) and it was schorching (35 degrees) everyday! too hot infact, also all the super clubs were opening that week so it was busy but not packed!!! have it!!!!!!!!!

Charlene C           

Actually-WE LOVED IT!!! 10 gals n 8 lads all frm Fife, stayin between 17June 02 n 1 July, prob one ov the busiest fortnights... Defanitely recommend it.

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