Resorts on Corfu

Coral B           

 Hey Ya!

Hey Mat there are loads of nice placeses to  go at night, the  harbor bar serves really nice + strong cocktails. The solaris bar/pool has some really nice food as well as drink and a variety of entretainment theres a guy that works there called yannis. He is bare jokes and is often up for a laugh as long as it impresses the ladies. The wave bar's quite nice for scenery as well as cheap Drink. However jasmines is the best, theres nice drink, food (sometimes), music, quiz, karioke and a brilliant DJ!click to enlarge
 the spaghetti vegitarien is very nice in the three brothers, in the strofillos taverna spagetti napoli and the penne 4 cheese is also very nice and they also do a nice baileys ice cream. there are loads more that you and your german mate can do!
 The local beer is called mythos and that i've heard tastes better than heinikan.
I hope u have a goood time!! I  wish that i was in corfu now!
See ya's around
from Coral.

Nerys W           

It was our 2nd visit to Kassiopi (May 16th - 23rd 2005), and will not be our last!!  It is a charming resort on the North East coast.  The village comprises of a Harbour, village sqaure and the remains of an old fortress.  Its charm remains because it is still a working village it even has its own primary school just off the square and the local fishermen set out from the harbour daily with their small boats.  The choice of tavernas is excellent ranging from traditional Greek to Italian, Mexican to Chinese.  There is a good choice of bars for you to choose from. 

The views across the sea to Albania are just breathtaking. 

David E           

John Carson.....  I think it may be a bit bold of you to state that Kassipoi is "the only resort where locals do not hassle you".  I am sure from all of the posts I have read (I am going myself to Kassiopi in July) that it is a great place.  I just fail to see how you can compare it with other places when you have not been anywhere else since 1990.   I have visited both Zante and Kefalonia over the past 2 years and found that there was no hassle whatsoever from locals trying to get you into there shops and bars and believe me, if you are looking for dramatic scenery etc. then Kefalonia will take some beating

John C           

you cannot get any better than kassiopi we as afamily have been going since 1990 and we will continue to go back until we win the lotto and then we will live there forever .

This place has some of the most beutifull scenery you could ever come across and the only holiday resort that the locals dont hassle you to go into there shops, restaurants and bars you want to go in them any way.
Well kassiopi we are back to see you in July and we cant wait
John, Lynn & Natalie.
See you soon

Jenny B           

yes, there are always taxis! a taxi to kassiopi will be 40-50 euros mine was once 30 but i think i was very lucky! every other time its been about 45 euros.

Jenny B           

Kassiopi, greatest place ever! am going for the 6th time this year for 2 months in july and august, anyone going same time??

Les T           


Mike R           

A great place for couples or those with families. Good selection of shops, tavernas & bars & people are mega friendly. Not an expensive place either.

Beaches are pebbly or stony but quite quiet & peaceful.

Good range of food available, although we prefer to stay 'native' you can easily get chinese, indian, english food but the greek stuff is tops and the italian food is also superb.

Only down side is the gut churning bus trip to/from the airport if, like me, you're a crap bus passenger. Put us off going to Albania (port of Saranda visible a couple of miles away) as you have to go to Corfu town to catch the boat to sail about 20 miles back to Saranda!

Helen K           

Sue from what other people have told me the best thing is to just turn up at the end of april or beginning of may. You will find that if you try to arrange it now and the people dont know you they are unlikly to say that will hold a job for you due to the fact that many people have been let down in the past.
If you go at the time i mentioned you should have no problem in finding a job best thing to do is probally book as a holiday for a week first then you have somewhere to stay when you get there, Most jobs get offered with accommodation these are the better jobs as you get paid a bit less but your apartment is sorted whereas if you dont get on you only get a little bit extra money for working but then you have to pay for you accommodation which works out you would have less money
Hope this helps you
I too am going out next summer for 6 months or maybe longer

Kerry D           

We just got back from Kassiopi 1week ago. We spent 2 weeks at this beautiful resort and we stayed at the Ariti 1 apartments in a 2 bedroom apartment for 4 people. This time we did not book with a British tour operator and we are so pleased about that! We booked with The Travel Corner, a local tour operator who offers the best accommodation in Kassiopi, they arranged the flights for us and also the taxi transfers from the airport. It all worked out perfectly, better than ever before! We are now planning our next year's holidays and it will be Ariti again!

Robin S           

Hi Kate and Gill
We went with libra to Zante two years ago with Libra, flying with Transjet airlines. The airline was a complete disaster, with a sixteen hour delay, including a nine hour stopover in kefalonia on the way out and a five hour flight delay coming home. the reps at the airport were a complete waste of time in the respect that they disappeared and lost interest.
The acomodation was clean, small but adequate. if you have the name of the apartments or hotel check out http://www.holidaysuncovered.com/to find out what other people have said about them. We vowed never to use Libra again but in fairnes it was mainly trouble with the airline.
Best wishes Robin and Pauline Spencer

Nicola W           

Kassiopi is a beautiful resort, lovely restaurants ......however the Olive Grove is basic, very basic and not very clean, in fact we tipped the cleaner with bleach and Cif. The pool area was nice and plenty of beds. we had baby Starlings nesting in the corner of our patio which was very cute, unlike the Starlings parents who s... all over patio. Olympic holidays should be ashamed to send people to a place like this, we were a party of ten and all 3 apartments were awful, we complained to rep who didnt think there was a problem but we did get a new kettle but not a new kitchen or bathroom.

Sue C           

just got back from 3rd visit to kassiopi - overall great as usual. However allocated rotten apartment at Angeliki, and as you're not told when you book which apartment you're allocated, I shan't be going back there. The rep. recommended Andreas Apartments - comments anyone? Best restaurants were Janis and Petrino's - don't bother with the Kassiopi Star unless you've got an hour or so free while you wait for the bill. Illusions Bar is still the best, Ackie was still doing his Greek Basil Fawlty bit and Jimmy and Panos as gorgeous as ever...

Laura K           

hey helen....when i go in october it will b my 5th time.i cant wait to go back.i can't get hold of hayley so my email addy is pie4all@msn.com i had a letter off ollie yesturday!how lonh av u an leo been 2geva?

Robin S           

Thanks Laura

That's really helpful. i'm sure we will love the olive grove and kassiopi

Helen K           

Laura very much so looking forward to seeing leo

Yer me and aimee are sort of going together different flight and apartments but will probally be together most of the time
I just cant wait to be back there only been back nearly 3 months and it seams alot longer than that
So which one are you on the pics that hayley sent me
If you dont want to tell on hear get my e mail addy off Hayley dont really want to post it on hear
Have you been to kassiopi alot??
I have been after this visit 14 times in the past 6 years

Laura K           

robin,I've stayed at the olive grove and its really nice. The family who own it are lovely.The appartments themselves are clean an they do have cooking facilities.The appartments are about a 10-15 minute walk from the centre of kassiopi,i would avoid walkin back to the appartments at the hottest point of the day as its uphill and can take a lot longer!

hope i was of some help,and enjoy your holiday

Laura K           

helen,yeah i know hayley thats who i go to kassiopi with! she told me shes been spkin 2 u on here,i also talk 2 aimee on here who your goin 2 kassiopi with on monday.......u lookin 4ward 2 seein leo?

Helen K           

Robbin go to the kassiopi experience web site this is a site just for kassiopi you may find some more information there

Robin S           

Thanks helen

Looking forward to our first trip to corfu. we are beginning to think that most tour operators are poor when you want help, so we will wait to see what olympic are like, they can't be any worse than libra...can they?...lol

Thanks again. anyone with anymore info on olive grove would be appreciated

Helen K           

opps nearly forgot as for the rooms most of them come as standard with 2 ring cooker, microwave and kettle
Some people are lucky and get a ironing board but i have never heard of anyone having a iron

Helen K           

Robin I have heard some good reports about olive grove i have had bad experiences with olympic but i wont go into that the transfer can be anything from 40 minutes to over 2 hours

Helen K           

Laura yes i have been to kassiopi this year next week will be my third visit
do you happen to know Hayley ??

Robin S

My wife and i are staying at the olive grove appartments kassiopi in toward the end of september 2004. could anyone tell us: How long the transfer from the airport takes (we are travelling with olympic).

Do the rooms have cooking facilities, A hairdrier and an iron.Lastly is there a regular bus service to corfu town or do we have to book to go there as an excursion.

Many thanks

Laura K           

leo's great i met him this year while i was with ollie,have u been out 2 kassiopi this yr?im goin bk hopefully in october with my friend

Ronald T           

HI to all at michelangelo sorry cant go this year but will be back next year.hello to everyone Ronnie

Ged D           

Its a little unnerving to see 'Your Name' on a web site!Then, reading on, realise that someone else with the same name,from the U.K. is making negative comments about their 'obviously, unfortunate' expeirences in Kassiopi! Especially as certain comments were made about Corfu Divers and Angelo Kiros. I say unnerving! Because, by strange coincidence, myself, wife and children also visited Kassiopi and whilst attending an 'underwater wedding' there we were looked after by 'Corfu Divers', Angelo and all his helpers!
In complete contrast to (The other Ged Dunnes' comments) i would like to say!. . that we have nothing but fond and happy memories of our stay, visit and diving out there! As for Angelo and his helpers, Thank you guys, you looked after me and my kids very well whilst we were there and one day soon, we'll be back!
P.S.so it doesn't get confusing, I'll be Ged from Essex!

Helen K           

sue a taxi from the airport to kassiopi can range from 35 to 45 euros when you get the taxi ask them how much before you get in

Helen K           

Laura yes i know ollie i will say hello for you

My boyfriends name is Leo he is from albania he is good friends with aris and michos

Michael C           

just back from Kassi.Loved it!!Great place!Lovely friendly people!Very pretty harbour!Great resort for all ages!All restaurants very good!Especially liked Janis, Petrino and Bolero.8 of us and never had bad meal!Plenty of boat trips to go on.Lovely sandy beach to go to not far on boat.Cosmic very good and helpful for trips!First visit to Corfu and can't wait to return to Kassiopi!!!Cochrane family.

Laura K           

helen......i read ur message about u goin ova to see ur bf.if you know ollie an u see him can u tell him that i say hello ...........whos your bf if u dnt mind me askin is he greek or albanian?

Sue C           

Taxi fare from airport to kassiopi please anyone?

Vic *           

GREAT!!!!however i will be very envious that when i go back home, you have only just arrived. only 10 DAYS TO GO....very excited.anybody going to kassiopi i would definatley recommend Theos's boat trip...especially his beach bbq!i will recommend that anybody who has been on this trip would of been in histerics all through the day. 10 out of 10....very worth the money and time.

Aimee S           

hmmm...i had a banana split last time i was in jasmines!! haha!!

Helen K           

Vic i get there at night time not sure what time though

I am meeting a friend out there she is arriving on the 30th

I am going out on my own as i am stopping with my boyfriend

We will have to all meet up one night before you go back

Vic *           

At what time are you going to be in Kassiopi then Helen......coz also i have got 3 other mates going with me, so if your there i think great laughs are in order!!!!only 14 days to go................CANT WAIT.........!

Helen K           

Dont worrie Aimee i will have the drinks lined up for you you have a day to catch up with me LOL
I will take you into Jasmines too its great place to start off the night

Aimee S           

hi ya!! Really can't wait to get out there this year-staying at phillipos apts. how long is thw walk? Im going on 30th August-13th September. See you soon Helen!! Better get some drinks ready in Illusions! I'm gaspin!!! haha!

Helen K           

Vic i do not know that actual spell for it but i know it as "Yainnis" but dont hold me to that
Barney is a good laugh Barney worked it Passions nightclub last year if you were out there
But he is a good laugh
Lee is still there he is great we had some good laughs with him
will probally see you in jasmines

Vic *

when i go back to the jasmine bar, through reading comments one barmen called "yanni" works there. but there have been many different spellings for it. what is is actual name (we have always known it as "addy". Barney whos new-what is he like....also is lee still there?

Vic *           

Helen.......im in kassiopi from the 20th to the 4th september?


RE: Corfu Divers / Ged Dunne
Sorry you didn't enjoy your diving Ged, from your feedback it seems you didn't like much about Kassiopi all round :o(
I recommended Corfu Divers because my sons did their PADI OWD there last September and thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that they are back this year to do their Advanced.
I'm sure they are PADI accredited, how else could you have got qualified. You had the certificate through from PADI yet?

Helen K           

Anyone is Kassiopi from 29th August ????

Susa N           

hi Judith I was at the Phillipos appts 3 weeks ago and I am returning on 9th Aug also. The rooms are large & clean u even get a shower curtain lol which is rare in Corfu, lovely pool & has pool side bar.

When you get off the bus be ready for a hike with your case cos you have quite a walk to get to the appartments & you will be very hot n tired.

I loved the place could not fault appartments.

Judith R           

We are going to Kassiopi on 9th August. Has anyone any info on the Phillipos Studios and Apartments. Booked through Airtours as a "late deal" and they could only give us basic info.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Ged D           

Please be advised, that the dive school in Kassiopi, (CORFU DIVERS) is not an accredited school.If the owner Angelo Kiros is stating this, then he is very sadley mistaken. I have just returned from the Island, partaking in whatI can say is a fiasco PADI Open Water course, my so called confined water excersises where conducted in the open sea with a current that kept pussing me into the rocks then out to sea again.Correct me if I'm wrong, but "confined water" does this not mean "SAFE WATER"? I am in the process of writting to PADI about this. Although I Qualified as an Open water Diver, I will not be using the qualification gained by this school, & will be resitting my course @ a 5 star school in malta. (Maltaqua)
So people please be aware of this outfit.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this info.

Helen K           

Hayley in october the weather is pot luck really same as all season i have known it to be pouring down for most of october and i have seen it with the sun shining as much as the main summer
October towards the end is very quiet most place dont shut until the very end of october however this year as it is not as busy people may start to close earlier depending on how many tourists there are
I am sure there will still be a mixture of all ages


thanks vic!! now i ave anoter question does any1 know wot its like in oct? wn does the season finish? i dnt wanna go there and the place is deserted!! or full of old people ( no offence) i know it wont be as livley as july/august! also the weather? thanxs

Helen K           

Will do vic may see you at some point in jasmines

Vic *

Thanxs helen, if you hear anything please keep me posted! xxx

Helen K           

Hayley if you go to this site this is the site for Villa Perris they dont look to bad also you can see where the apartments are situated


Helen K           

Vic no matt does not stil work in jasmines well he didnt work there in may and from what people have said he is still not there

Vic *

we are going back to kassiopi on the 20th of august and are certainly gunna revisit our fabulous bar as usual everynight......JASMINES. was just curious in knowing if matt still works there if not can you let us now!!!!only 25 days to go.......CANT WAIT!!!!!!!


Can any1 tell me what the Villa Perris studios r like please i might be goin bk in october! if u stayed in an apartment nm i wld jst like 2 know if the place is in a reasobable condition cos it is cheap. thank you


Hi i been 2 kassiopi 3 times now and maybe returning this october. Has any1 ever stayed in Villa Perris? it is very cheap but i need 2 know if its in a reasonable condition. Please help thank you.

Jo S

Kassimi studios.

Im going back to kassiopi in october and this time staying in Kassimi down by harbour. i know exactly where the apartments are but never been in them. can anyone tell me more about them? can they provide a fridge and kettle? what are the rooms like etc. any comments greatly recieved.

Laura P           

In need of advice!
Has anybody been to the Philippos Studios in Kassiopi? i have been allocated them on a last minute hol but can not find out any info on them... Please, if any one has been there let me know as we are leaving on the 2 Aug 04 :)

June W

Has any one been to the Denise Apartment in Kasiopi?
ie. what is the accomodation like, do they have a pool/snack bar
Any infor would be much appricated


Re Scuba Diving in Kassiopi

There is a PADI accredited dive centre in Kassiopi:

Corfu Divers The Dive Shop, Kassioppi, Corfu Greece,49100
Tel: 0030 6630 29226 - 0030 0946 099185
Fax: 01376 349556
Owner: Angelo Kiros

Helen K           

The sunrise apartments are based by the harbour they are clean and have a great pool out the back

You may hear some noise from the pubs below but not too much

The apartments are basic wit as standard kettle, fridge, 2 ring cooker etc
I am sure you will have a great time

Shirley C           

My hubby and I are going to Kassiopi (Sunrise Apartments) on the 30th August 2004. Have combed the internet for details of these apartments but cannot find anyting - has anyone stayed there and what are they like??


Has anyone any info about scuba in Kassiopi or nearby.
We are visiting in August and are fairly inexperienced so would like to dive with a reputable company.

Alyson H           

Just returned after second visit to kassiopi, went last year as well!
Illusions is the best bar there, unfortunately ross has departed but ian is there who was in visions last year. Go in and see panos jimmy akis nicko and akis senior and sophie michelle and the gang for a fantastic time, you won't be disappointed!!!
You cannot beat Kassiopi for a fantastic holiday i will never go anywhere else!!! See you next year lol x


I went to kassiopi, corfu in july 2004 it was really good i loved the way the locals and the holidaymakers all stay in the same place. i stayed at bella vista apartments and i loved it. the weather was gorgeous, sandy beach was really nice and the blokes are pretty fit 2!!if u want 2 go clubbin go to passion at about 2am thats when it starts to get goodunless its the foam party and then go at about 12 the foam partys are amazing u have 2 go!!

Laura K           

Im going to Corfu on the 9th July for about 5 weeks. Ive been going most years now for nearly 18 years! Kassiopi is so much fun!! the nightlife is great. The Harbour bar, Illusions, Llarmarnees and Passions are a laugh!! Look out for Mike, Barney, and Ross, their good fun. I heard Ross left!!! He better be back Kareoke isnt the same with out him!! What ever age you are there is always something to do in Kassiopi!!!

Mark K           

Going to Kassiopi for the 4th year in a row in August and it just gets better and better every year.We feel as though we are going home now.Everything about the place is what holidays are made of.If you go to Kassiopi and don't enjoy your holiday then there is something seriously wrong with you.There is only one thing wrong with the place-that is leaving for the airport on your way home.To ebveryone going there this summer-have a great time.

Gurd P



Helen K           

buying cigs it is better to get them out there as they are only between 24 and 28 euros for 200 plus on the way out you can not get them on the plane

Elaine A

We could not buy ciggies on the plane. But they are very cheap on the Island anyway.

Claire O           

hey gemma
There are 2 night clubs in kassiopi, theres the passions which is down by the harbour.... its quite small but great. They have foam parties and all sorts. Theres also visions club, which is at the back of visions bar. Both open quite early but your better off leavin it till bout 10pm coz thats when theres a few more people about. you can get T- Shirts and passions also has drinks offer such as get a free drink before 12pm etc. With regards to your accommodation i dont know ehere they are sorry


i agree with you mandy Kassiopi is my second home too (soon to be my home full stop) roll on next year

Even after visiting in the winter i still love the place i cant wait to get back there 10 weeks to go (3rd time this year already)

I to would challenge anyone that has a bad word to say about kassiopi

Mandy B           

Kassiopi my second home! I challenge anyone to go there and dislike it. Once you have been you will want to go again and again! Brilliant bars, fantastic restaurants, beautiful harbour and friendly people - what more can you ask for?!

Randall G           


Kate T           

I went stayed in the Amalia on the 4th June 04 for one week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the place was wonderful and the people so friendly. i would recommend Kassiopi in fact i am booking to go back next year !!!!!!

Natasha M           

every nite me and my m8 would go into jasmines sit up by the bar and have a laugh and try to win a quiz .barnry is a well gd dancer and makes good cocktailsand.they made our holiday great didnt want to leave and missin jasmines loads.still playing the jasmine cd 4 gd memories. hope to c barney yanni and lee the dj nxt year.
essex birds
x x x x