B52s - (Bars in Ipsos)

Heather D           


Leigh your a fantastic DJ and an even better dancer  
Keep up the good work!
Heather x

Cheers - (Bars in Ipsos)

Heather D           

Hey guys!

Dimitri 1 & 2, Craig, Laura, Spiros....... your all great! Thanx for keepin us entertained for 2 weeks!
Those green drinks were fantastic Craig I think you need a trademark on them!
I also never got my share of the money your 'family'  gave you when we were introduced to them!
Tell Sam I said hi, he's the most action I saw all holiday lol
Anyway thanx again!

Hectors - (Bars in Ipsos)

Heather D           

Where to begin.......

Hector, Spiros, Yoza (Phil), Gary, Jon, Tiff, Ben, Danielaki, Dimitri.
Your all amazing!
You looked after us from our first night right up until 10 minutes before we left!
You've driven us around, wheelyed in the case of Spiros, introduced us to Gyros Pitta
the most amazing food to have for breakfast, made us do the limbo, horse racing, got us incredably
drunk at the beach BBQ, taught us naughty greek words ( <cough> Gary), and many more things!
Thanx for looking after us, you made our holiday what it was! Its a shame we couldn't stay longer,
maybe next year hey?
One last thing..........................  GET UP HORSE
Speak to ya soon
Heather x