Drunken Sailor - (Bars in Roda)

Angie W           

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Just got back from Roda last night.  A big hello to those 11 party people who went in a taxi convoy to Sidari for the foam party on Thursday 24/08/06.  If you have any piccies from either the Sailor or Ceasars send them to me at bareteddy@hotmail.com or if you just want to chat and try and cheer yourself up drop me a line.

The Drunken Sailor is great, Max and Georgie are beautiful and I love 'em, another hello to Laura and Emma, only a few more weeks 'til you get home and sleep for England, and the boys LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I will be back sooner than you think......
I also need some help with the music in the Drunken Sailor: -

Explosion - Who is this by?  This song is usually followed by an R'n'B track (which is clearly impossible for me to hum on here).

There is also another tune called Sokolata by Sarbel which is also followed by another Greek song which I believe (or so I was told) is called "Sex" and it is quite naughty for a greek single.

Someone pleeeeeeeeeeese let me know what they are called.


Spiros Apartments - (Accommodation in Roda)

Angie W           

I went to Spiros No 1 last year on three diffrent occasions, this year I stayed in Sidari and the centre of Roda (on my own), but on each occasion I made sure I visited the boys (Thomas and Philip) and Spiros for my pint of Mythos.

I love them and I love the apartments, throughly recommended and I will always pick them as my first choice when I stay in Roda.
Love you all Spiros No 1, you are "bloody good Greeks"

Cactus Jacks - (Restaurants in Sidari)

Angie W  (August 31, 2006)         

Loved Cactus Jacks.  Had a couple of meals there and had a great service from Laura.  Hopefully we will chat soon.

Thoroughly recommended.

Roda - (Resorts on Corfu)

Angie W           

I must like Roda as I have just come back for a fifth time there,  Absolutely loved it, between the Drunken Sailor and Spiros No1 what more could you ask for.......

If you are thinking about going....do it... you can always visit the other nearby towns/villages like Acharavi and Sidari, there is something for everyone no matter what your age.

Mint Dance Club - (Bars in Sidari)

Angie W           

I love "Ice".  It is great and even better than last year when it was Mint.  Throughly recommendedand seems to always be heaving after 1am.

Maggies Place - (Restaurants in Roda)

Angie W  (September 10, 2006)         

I love Maggies Place, the food there is lovely and the portions are quite large for what you are paying for.  It is a lovely place to laze around in the mid to late afternoon, with a nice pint of Mythos to cool you down.

In the evening, next door (which is now called Benny's) they have live acts most nights, Darren being my favourite singer.  This place is well worth a visit and not just on one occasion either!!! 

Summertime Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Angie W           

We stayed at the Summertime Apartments between 22/05/06 - 29/05/06, which are located opposite the Kalhua apartments and a 10 minute walk from the main strip. It was quite empty due to the fact it was early in the season, but Leo and his wife could not make you feel more welcome. Mario and Lemmy are great members of staff and willing to assist you whether it was locating pubs, clubs, local interests, or serving up a large glass of Mythos! The apartments were cleaned everyday and fresh towels left every other day. Everything was how you should expect apartments to be on holiday. Loved it!!!