Helena Apartments

Accommodation in St George Sth

Ross L           

Just got back from the Helena Apartments in St George. We booked through Golden Ticket Travel and we were a bit worried because the holiday was so cheap.
We didn't need to worry.
Excellent flights / transfers etc.
The apartment was great.
We have already booked to go back in June next year

Rebecca S           

hello!!! stayed at the helena apartments, got there on monday supposed to be staying till monday, but i'm back!!! said enough... if you are thinking of staying in these apartments DONT PLEASE... they were worse than poor and i have just had the worse three days of my life.. i wish i could post my photos onto computor to show all you excited holiday makers!!! these apatments are the pits they really are DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY... Toilet black and the smell of excrement filled the room, mosquito's all over hanging from the walls. other occupants had left lovely bogie's all over the walls, no cold water, toilet kept breaking, ripped sheets!! dirty bedlinen full stop! and dont get me started on the bathroom floor, just stay away from the grate on floor thats all i can say.... now i must sound awful, but i have stayed in greece twice before and the apartments are well known for being BASIC, but this wasn,t even bearable!!! would have asked to be moved but two couples had already asked and they were'nt going anywhere.. my holiday was already spoilt and so 350 and two flights later i am home and so bloody angry... i am writing this because i don,t want anyone to go through what i have been through, HONESTLY... i am going to claim all costs back, don't you worry.. what i don't understand is why do the travel companies still keep this place in the brochure if they are reguarly checked for regulations etc.... if you want to see some pictures e-mail me personally and i will see if i can post them on website.. yours truly and totally pissed off

Tracy D           

Basic apartments that were not comfortable. Rooms were entered to be cleaned every 2-3 days but this was only to empty bins and sweep the dirt from the floor under the beds! Doors were left unlocked after entered by cleaner. Bar owner was horrible, unsociable and not very well informed. Had to pay 2 euros for a sunbed or buy food/drinks at the pool bar. Walk to the beach and town was 20 minutes therefore location was quiet. Golden Sun rep was awful. Information was conflicting and most was incorrect. Will not book with Golden Sun again. 15/09/03 - 29/09/03

Beckie J           

VERY VERY basic apartments. Rooms occasionaly cleaned by the bar owners wife, bar owner slow and unsociable. 2 euros for a sunbed or buy drinks at the pool bar. Pool murky, very deep and brown on bottom!
Would suggest you take advantage of the other pools nearby or the beach. No towels in the room even after numerous requests, Golden Sun reps awful, no info on way to resort and didn't see another one all holiday. Spent as little time as possible in the rooms no safety deposit boxes. 22/09/03 - 29/09/03

John H           

had to pay 2euro to use sun beds by pool. owner not very nice you cannot bring drinks to the pool had to use pool bar.

Lee A


John H

staying here on the 1st aug 2003 what are the apartments like as enyone been here?